> We do need to aquire knowledge though in order to do this and to help
> others, should one choose to help others.

      OK, so there is the 'lesson' of unlearning lessons.

      But you see that is still a lesson.

      Why are you wanting so bad to 'help' people?  Still got a karma
group going?

      Your OT postulate that they need help and will die without you is

      How can you help someone by postulating with full power that they
need help?

      So best thing for you to do is go OT and disappear.  If you
postulate that people NEED help, they will, it will be worse you see?

      Go out and run Union Station on:

      "Spot a person.  Consider him perfect as he is, no further need of
change and no need of help."

      It may or may not change him, but it sure as hell will change you.

      Help is a games thing, we are going to help each other get the old
wind bag over the goal post.  That's team action.

      Now turning the process of as-ising games into a game creates
something like the Church of Slimetology, maybe you win, maybe you lose,
its like the postulate "I NEED to not need any more".

      That's not an asisness you see?

      Life persists because people are living it 180 degrees ass

      The theetie wheetie wants to 'help' all the poor little pygmies at
the bottom of the volcano to survive the next eruption.  That's
natural.  But it isn't OT.

      The OT paints the picture in the first place.  The OT can move
mountains so he can PUT THE VOLCANO THERE and the pygmies and all the do
gooders etc.  

     OT power comes from OT motivation, to create killer pits and throw
humans into it, watch them run around screaming, or become one of them
more likely.  But an OT is not beneath selling his paintings to others
so they can run around screaming too.

     To feel fear and anger and sorrow and upset etc.

     The POINT of life is death, how we handle death.  Death of our
loved ones, our detested ones, our pets, and ultimately our own death.

     Death is not an accidental unfortunate circumstance, it is WHY life
exists in the first place for the spirit.  How a being handles death day
after day during his life, determines what happens with him in the
between lives area.

     If he is all dead in the head from so much death, he won't be in
very good shape will he?

     "Oh death doesn't bother me, its natural for us to become fodder
for those that come after us."

     Meatballs are so full of it.  They die, there they are hanging out
in pity along a warm dead body asking directions to the nearest fodder
factory so they can get a new one.

     The person who absorbs death, puts death there, can say hello to
the dead when they die rather than goodbye, who can cry and savor sorrow
to the last drop like fine wine, until he finds the joy and humor at the
sheer enormity of his love at the bottom of his wine glass, is the one
who can remain in affinity with himself and the AllThatIs.

     Of course that's nuts, right?

     The human wants OT power to be better able to survive as a human,
but if he had really wanted that as an OT when he first designed the
game, he would have painted the game that way.

     Human power comes from human motivation, to win the game of
survival and never lose.

     Remember to a meatball, losing the game of survival even once,
causes him to lose all games forever more, as he only gets one chance to
play as one body.

     The MUST WIN on it drives it down tone where it can never win
because he isn't putting his most detested game there in the first

     Thus humans live in fear and below, or forgetfullness if they are
deceit addicts.

     Even the fear is carried on a carrier wave of sorrow and horror, no
wonder so many meatballs can't wait to find a cause that will allow them
to die and get to heaven anyhow.

     No human in his right mind would have created the game he is
playing.  Thus it never as-ises because the human will not take on the
view point of that which would create that game and jump into it on a

     To take serious ludicrosity of a horror show.

     Life and death are fine until you only get to live once and
that's it Bud!

     Any movement at all on the part of a human comes from desire, a
disatisfaction with the here-now and a promise of a better future

     So he is always moving away from here now to somewhere and somewhen
else in spacetime.

     But this very movement is an alter-is of the here now, why not just
vanish it, and put a new here now in place.  That is what the OT would

     But while the human is trying to BETTER things, make sure humans
win and bugs lose etc, the OT is trying to BALANCE things.  Human wants
to win, OT wants to play.  The OT will never let the human or the bugs
win.  If either wins, the OT will revert the game and redesign it to
continue to play.

     If the human instead moves as an OT, keeping awareness that HE
created the game and jumped into it, then he can play the game of desire
and motivation and bettering things with out the MUST WIN creating a
solid wake behind him that eventually sinks him.

     It is possible to move through space and time and not solidify into
stone, but you won't be quite human at that point.

     A true meatball human cares too much to survive forever.

     Thus look to your motivation for wishing power.  As Author you can
have all the power you wish to create grand and excalibur tapestries of
love and sorrow.

     As a character/creature in the story, the search for OT power in
order to protect your sorry ass and the ones you love from that Author
only ends in despair.

> I still think life is a fun adventure, and I think we have to learn things
> otherwise I might as well go down the pub, have a good laugh, spend my time
> talking about the weather, what was on the TV last night and all my

     Being serious about helping people will really stick you in the
temporal and fill your world with the sick dead and dying, and those
that need help.

     You get what you put your attention on.

     On the other hand help as team work is higher tone, but what are
you going to build?


Sat Jan 23 16:29:44 EST 2016