The body is a car.

      Usually the being first enters the car after it is built and he
buys it.

      But imagine a world where cars are scarce and people buy and pay
for their cars before they are built.

      Ownership of the car takes place before it even exists.

      Now image a world where thuggery and fraud and use of criminal
force is so rampant that merely owning a car before it is built is no
guarantee you will actually get the car after it is built.

      So then people start to occupy their car when the first part of
its A frame is created, never to leave it.

      Sometimes more than one person will manage to get into the car
and they not only fight off everone else but also each other from
there on out.

      They arm themselves to the teeth against anyone who might want to
take the car from them, and they barricade themselves in while the car
is built around them so no one can pull them out, to the point where
they couldn't get out themselves anymore if they wanted to.

      Exactly zero desire to get out no matter what, you see?

      Often the guy who paid for the car, isn't the one who wins the
fight and gets the car.  And no he doens't get his money back.  So
pretty soon people are just TAKING cars, often the first one they see,
but in the fight, to the strongest go the spoils.

      At the end of the car's useful life, people go to the salvage yards
still in their car, right through the compressor and into the smelter.
Only once there is liquid metal running are they able to get out again
to go buy a new car.

      Or they already bought the new car before they leave the old car,
they just can't go defend it until they are free of the present one.
They pay others to defend it for them, but the thugs often get the car
in the end anyway.  Sometimes the defenders ARE the thugs, so it's rough
out there getting the car of your choice.

      That's pretty much how it is on Earth at this time with respect to

      We know what the attraction of cars is,

      But what is the attraction of bodies?

Thu Nov 22 15:18:35 EST 2018