The purpose of OT I was to crack up the cluster the being has been
living in for a long time, namely to loosen up all the beings stuck to
each other, put some small amount of distance between each cluster and
each other and the being.

     Sort of like a black bowling ball gets cracked up into many pieces
and they all kind of float a little free of each other with about a
thousandth of an inch between pieces.  And light shining out of the
cracks :)

     E/P was something like 'Oh whaddya know, I am me, and they are
they, my Lord!" Awareness of others.

     OT II was meant to run out the various implants in the BT's to wake
them up and make them more suspeptible to direct telepathic
communication, along with the pc.

     OT III was meant to handle the most recent
melder/joining/clustering incident on the whole track for a particular
small subset of the BT's commonly found attached to beings and bodies.
These BT's are in pretty good shape relative the the NOTS beings.

     OT IV and NOTs were meant to handle the rest of the BT grave yard,
beings too dead to other wise audit.  E/P was something on the order of
'No Mass or Solidity' to self.  If the wind were to blow it would just
blow me away.

     Most of the masses one feels in a body are not the body, but BT's
jammed into the shape of a body that then make mental mass as they push
against and fight each other.  They ain't quite aware they are doing
this though, its on automatic for them while they try to die in sleep.

     Feel your face.  That's not your face, you see?

     Biggest problem with BT's is they are closer than you know, so when
you wake one up, it's WAY too late to try to get away from it.  It's
already closer than you knew something could be that close to you.

     The solution is not to try to put separation between you and the
being, you can't, he has already invaded your perimeter, and you are
pulling him in.  The solution is to pull him in completely and become
them, then they go poof.

     How close can a being get to you?  The closer something is to you the
bigger it will look.  BT's can be as big as the sun going super nova, not
because they are BIG but because they are CLOSE.


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