Heidrun Beer (hBeer@SGMT.AT) wrote:
>It goes into great detail, and in my opinion it is for real,
>as there are really 1000s of cases now who basically tell 
>the same things, WITHOUT having talked to each other, or 
>having read any books about it (the books have only been
>written AFTER their sessions).

     Most people have common implants on the subject.

     I suspect that re incarnation in linear time is highly unlikely,
one is more likely to skip around the whole track, or even entire

     Perhaps the GE goes from life to life in the same space time in a
linear fashion.  I seriously doubt the thetan does, but each is free to
do as they wish.

     I have WAY too many dreams of far distant futures that are much
more real and nostalgic to me to believe my last life was 1940's etc.

     Maybe these dreams are very old whole track, maybe LTA, last time
around this pit, dunno, but the sum total experiences of this life
including dream time indicate linear reincarnation to be highly


Wed Apr 11 02:15:18 EDT 2007