CB Willis ( wrote:
>>What are the function and purpose of the physical universe?

>What if it didn't have a purpose or function, would that necessarily be 

     Uh yes.

>The practical question for me is how to best use the physical universe,
>be a good steward of it, what to create and co-create, sustain, destroy.

     Why would you want to devote yourself to the guardianship of

     Your statement above is a grand dramatization of having no clue
where you came from, have no clue where you are, and have no clue
where you are going, or why.

     Lost on a raft in the middle of an endless sea, which no
rememberance of where you came or why or where you were going.

     So let's make the best out of a horrible necessity.

     This is resolved at ORIENTATION on the awareness characteristic

     Being knows where he is, how he got there, and where he is going.

     But sadly since desire is sovereign, only those who want it
eventually get it.

     The rest remain raftees 'until the sea shall free them'.


>Speaking of destroy, I've got some weeds I want to get rid of while the 
>ground is still soft.



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