The idea that the ability to make one's own empty space relieves
one of the need to audit self, or others or be audited in return is

      Conceivably if one could make one's own space entirely, one could
leave the shared space of other's who can't or won't make their own

      I doubt anyone is in any such condition, and in any case there
are clearly many who aren't.

      Thus we are left with auditing ourselves, and others, whether
incarnate or disincarnate in order to open up that ability to make our
own space and locate OUR objects and causes in it.

      Fully rehab Q1 that is: Theta has the ability to create space and
time, and postulate (locate) objects in them, and consider virtual
causes between them.

      Perhaps we can even call that the final E/P of auditing.

      Disincarnate beings are perhaps invisible to those who can only see
bodies, but in fact so too are the incarnate beings in those bodies!

      Invisibility of other beings is a major case condition, if you
can't see a being out of their body, you sure as hell can't see them in
their body either.

      Most people can't even see themselves except as a body.

      Anyhow, we audit disincarnate beings for exactly the same reason we
audit incarnate beings: they reach for help, it's something to do, and
if we don't audit them they can produce negative effects on the world,
or maybe its fair exchange for them auditing us.  Whatever.

      As there are MANY more disincarnate beings than incarnate beings,
by many many orders of magnitude, one would expect that in a day's worth
of auditing or even just chatty communication, one would comm, handle or
deal with just that many more disincarnate beings than incarnate beings.

      Thus I find Muldoon's contempt for my postings on the matter
returns to him.

      There is good and evil in the core of anyone's space that not even
Muldoon has handled.

      The withhold missed results in his contempt of my writings.

      Muldoon is himself probably very far away from being able to
create and maintain his own empty space, and if he thinks he can, he
probably has a whole coterie of hidden BT's making one for him, making
him think he is doing it on his own.

      Muldoon does not speak nor write from a clean fair chosen space.


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