This is a difficult posting as it was written early, quickly, and
with little review and basically its a mess.

     The differences between forever in time and forever above time have
been discussed extensively in TRIAD and later postings, so won't be
repeated here.


      In this posting the word 'forever' means 'forever in time',
not the eternal 'foreverness' of eternality above space and time.

>>      Something forever is hell forever.

JEANETTE ROGERS (HERE-I-YAM@email.msn.com) wrote:
>Something forever is just something forever.  The "hell" part is

     Adore claims that being stuck with ANYTHING forever in time is a
hell to the thetan because it violates his sovereignty on the matter, to
be able to have and not have at will, and be able to return to the
static and leave or enter any game at will.

     Thus one finds that heaven forever in time is offered to the thetan
as a trap to stick him in a detested hell forever in time.  Self determined
pleasure is a good thing, enforced pleasure FOREVER is not.

      Thus Adore says,

      "Eternal On  is Hell  Forever
       Eternal Off is Death Forever."

       ((At the time Adore was writtein 1985, the clear distinction
between eternal forevers, and temporal forevers had not been made.

     Since being OFF forever in time and eternally off above time are
not seemingly different from each other, things become more confused.

     Eternality allows for true OFFness above space and time but also
allows for true ONness in space and time for a while.

     Below that a being can get stuck in unconsciousness which is an
apparent but faux OFFness IN time.

     Once he fails to see that IN TIME is always only for a while, he
starts to conceive of being stuck in time FOREVER, and this ultimately
becomes a hell forever IN TIME.  The hell is broken by auditing out the
FOREVER IN TIME, and restoring awareness and choice about ETERNAL
FOREVER above time.

     We now call these two kinds of forever ETERNAL FOREVERS of which
there really is only one, and TEMPORAL FOREVERS of which there are an
infinite number of different ones, all of which are false apparencies
casted by doubt of the finiteness of any time while.

     Thus we have eternality above time (always good), faux immortality
in time (at first good then decaying into bad), and faux mortality in
time (always bad).))

     Adore stipulates that perhaps the reason thetans finally choose the
belief in mortality is to escape a detested immortality.

     That's a detested forever IN TIME.

     To run out the mortality then, the belief in forever OFF in time,
or death forever, one would run out the detested immortality or the
forever ON in time that came before.

>>      ENFORCED Nothing forever is death forever.

>Nothing forever is a static.  No?

      No, enforced nothing forever (death in time) is only a hideous
mimickry of the true eternal unmanifestation, sleep, or 'nothingness' of
the static.

      HAVING to be nothing forever in time without the option to manifest
and have something, is death forever.

      Thus thetans who get a glimpse of static, anhiliation etc, try to
hold on hard to being SOMETHING, because they don't want to be nothing
FOREVER.  It's a mistaken perception that the anhiliation is forever,
but its an easy mistake to make.

>This is an accurate enough description of aberration and "getting what one
>resists," but always remember we are dealing with thetans, thetans CAN
>CHANGE THEIR MINDS and needn't always be subservient to the mechanics of

     Of course, there ARE no actual forever in times, but the warp and
woof of aberration and games are put together with the idea that there

     "Nothing is (eternally) forever except people and peace." - Adore

     By people, Adore means static thetans.

     Adore claims that time is made in finite WHILES, complete with
beginning and end, they can be as long as the thetan wants, but they are
always finite.  Thus no created things can be forever, because all
created things are created inside a WHILE, and thus must end when the
WHILE does.

     Thus by auditing the false forever (in time) component, be it good
or bad especially wishing such a thing off on others, will find the core issues that keep the aberration in place.


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