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>     And that had nothing to do with problems!  And everything to do
>with validating who and what I am natively and the state I want to
>recover stably-- a powerful *operating* thetan who is responsible!!!!

     The real question then is what would you DO with that total
responsibility for all conditions and all viewpoints?

     What would motivate you to change any of it, if you could change
all of it?

     If you put it there in the first place, or are effectively putting
it all there now, why change it now?

     Operating responsibility is an oxymoron to a human.
     Humans MOVE because of UNWILLINGNESS for things to be, and thus
they go into a fight to change them.

     Humans are powered by *IRRESPONSIBILITY*, they fight what they
wouldn't, couldn't, shouldn't have put there in the first place.
     Responsibility to a human is doing something about what they had
nothing to do with.

     That's one step above responsibility means following orders, and a
very far cry down from responsibility means full knowing willing cause
across all dynamics for all efforts and other's efforts as one's own,
with full awareness of the consequences.

>     Getting (back) that willingness and ability is the only problem
>I care about, and the reason I am in scientology.

     So when everything everywhere is OK again, what will move you to
do anything?


>Mary W.



>  Below one may see a British TV program of
>scientology as its used.


>For those who are quite new to the subjects of
>Dianetics and Scientology, we have a forum where
>your questions can be answered, and their is a minimum
>of the quite extensive specialised terminology of
>these subjects. The forum website also has a couple of
>dictionaries of scientology terms.


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