>You can't go it alone.  You've got to listen to others.  You've
>got to accept others ideas as well as your own.  We cover each
>other's weak spots.

>And the real game is to figure it all out and set ourselves
>free.  It is not a game of one-upmanship.  We shouldn't be
>competing for the staring role in "The Battle of the Service


      The game of being the first one to crack our case completely assumes 
that one HAS a case, and thus commits to that fact and thus makes one's 
case persist even harder.

      Once our case is cracked, there is no one home any more to
receive the admiration.  Scary isn't it?

     Trying to get admiration is a sure fire way to get stuck in tar.

     Giving admiration on the other hand, is FREE and free of consequences, 
(except maybe vanishment of all mechanical conditions of existence) as 
long as one isn't giving it BECAUSE...

     The second one connects the giving of admiration to some prior cause 
or reason why, oh boy...

     And that is probably the scariest thing I have ever said.


Sun Mar 15 17:55:02 EDT 2015