All of auditing works because of directed application of not

      That's because there is no part of the time track that is covered
by anything else other than NOT LOOKING, and one can not as-is not
looking by LOOKING!

      Unless of course you are looking at not looking.

      The whole "Whatsit/Itsa" thing is therefore a bit screwy because it
is an effort to make the pc better via LOOKING.

      The pc ACTUALLY gets better because covertly he duplicates the not
looking in the process, but this is never validated in session.

      If you have covered something in blackness, no way is any amount of
looking into the blackness to see what was covered going to show it to

      Black is black!

      But if you duplicate the making of the blackness, the intent and
method of not looking, then the blackness as-ises and the underlying
incident arises on its own.

      No need to struggle to try to look, it will look you for you!
Remember it got buried under a moment of enforced looking anyhow, so
spring the blackness, and blammo the looking comes back on full force
all on it's own.

      Who's looking who around here?

      All this 'trying to look' is a joke.

      So the whole auditing process would go a lot faster if you got the
pc to NOT LOOK instead.

      "Spot NO   not looking".
       Spot SOME not looking."

      Oh OK, if you must,

      "Spot NO   looking".
      "Spot SOME looking".

      It's the endless looking, the endless search to find, that keeps
everything in restimulation in the first place because looking to know
is an alter-is of the not know which thus persists until Kingdom Come.

      So you are going to make him look more?

      It is looking at not looking that as-isess the not-isness on the

      The guy has been not looking at not looking for so long, you are
going to have to get him to look at that too!

      "Spot NO   not looking at not looking."
      "Spot SOME not looking at not looking."

      Once you have the whole track free and clear, who the hell cares
about as-ising it?

      Clear tracks have a high resale value on the open market.

      They weigh a ton, and are made of pure gold.


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