DUTY - From Adore

                    For every Duty there is a Right.
                    For every Right there is a Duty.

        Rights are Fair Chosen Exchange for Fair Chosen Duties.
                You CHOOSE and are Responsible for both.

                    You have a Right to have Duties,
                    You have a Duty to have Rights.
              No one ever told it to you that way before.

                                  is a
                     Fair Chosen Operating Balance
                           Duties and Rights.

                   The Fundamental Duty is Honor, and
                   The Fundamental Right is Dignity.

   Honor is the ability to make, keep and trade fair chosen promises.
                  Basic Promise is to Adore Operation.
                 Promise is ALWAYS to Adore Operation.

            Dignity is being the Sole Operator of your Self.

           Reputation is for those who Excel in this field.
                            In Excelsis Deo.

         From ADORE, A Divine Operating Religion of Excellence


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