When I was young I used to look at trees that had hearts carved in
them with initials.  I felt the pain of knowing that my initials would
never be up there on any tree.  And I knew that others would come after
me and feel the same way.  We just never seemed to be at the same tree
at the same time :)

     I wondered if I could say one thing to those that came after me
feeling the way I did, what would it be?

     I spent years thinking about what I could carve into a tree for the
next lonely person to come along.

     When I found Adore I had my answer.  It's the one thing I would say
to anybody if I could only say one thing.

     "The paths of lovers cross in the line of duty."

     Finding 'cross' to be a bit too sad, as duty has ripped lovers
apart as often as not, later Adore rewrote,

     "The paths of lovers cross and gather to, in the lines of fair
chosen glory."

     Duty is not imposed from the outside but is fair chosen from
the inside for maximum passion and action.

     The world seems to be a world impingement, a general statement of
our personal duty might be 'To impinge back'.

     Regret follows being AWOL or off duty for long.

     I think we are all mostly WAY off purpose.  So we wander alone
wondering why to breathe.

     If breathing is not sufficient reason to be, then something is out.

     If being with someone makes it harder to breathe, then we are
definitely with the wrong person.

     Better to be alone for a while, looking for the line of duty that
will lead us back to a reason to breathe.


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