((This posting uses the term immortality to mean eternality.

     Actual immortality means living forever inside of time and
is highly undesirable, always leading to apparent hells forever.

     Eternality means living forever above time, and engaging
in time for a while when moved to do so.

     This distinction between immortality and eternality had not
been made at the time of this writing.))

     Certainty means perfect certainty, it has no other meaning.

     Perfect certainties can not be wrong, because if they could be,
there could never be any certainty.

     If something turns out to be wrong, then it was never a perfect
certainty in the first place and the being could have known this at the
time merely by comparing their false item with a true perfect certainty.

     Perfect certainties are not hard to spot, in fact they are the
easiest thing there is to spot, anything you are conscious of.

     The proof says that perfect certainty across a distance is

     The reason for this is that distance between two objects implies
they are two different objects.

     Certainty between two different objects is impossible, because each
has to learn of the other by being an effect of the other, and being an
effect does not prove cause.

     The only way an object can learn with certainty about cause is if
it IS cause and is learning about ITSELF.  Then it can learn by looking
at cause, rather than by looking at effects.

     Thus anything that imposes difference between two objects renders
certainty impossible between them.

     Dimension of any kind imposes difference between two objects
separated in that dimension, thus also renders certainty impossible
between them.

     A dimension is merely a series of different points of the same

     For example, a space dimension is a line of many points of space,
but each a different point in space.  Each point is just like every
other point, EXCEPT they are different points.

     Same thing for dimensional time, all are moments of time, but all
are DIFFERENT moments of time.

     Thus two objects existing in different points in space or time must
be two DIFFERENT objects, thus certainty between them is rendered

     People seek perfect certainty of their own immortality, they want

     The joke is that the very existence of perfect certainty is itself
some of the greatest evidence there is.

     Because perfect certainty across a distance is impossible, perfect
certainty can only happen for a dimensionless, spaceless, timeless

     I AM, I PERCEIVE, I KNOW, I WANT and I DO are all perfect
certainties to any conscious being not playing dead.

     In the end, the only thing that can die for real are arrangements
of parts in space and time, not even the parts can die, unless they too
are arrangements of parts.

     All consciousness-of *IS* perfect certainty-of.

     All perfect certainty-of *IS* consciousness-of.

     Consciousness and perfect certainty are synonymous.

     Perfect certainty is what makes consciousness, consciousness.

     If you believe that consciousness and its various attendant perfect
certainties are merely an arrangement of parts in space time, well then
good bye to you.

     On the other hand, if you understand that perfect certainty can not
happen across a distance, then hello to you forever more.


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