The existence of perfect certainty is a very big deal.

       Perfect certainty is a hitherto under reported phenomenon
considering the enormity of its ramifications.

       People will tell you they have decided to never be certain of
anything again because "I thought I was certain and later found out I
was wrong."

       But when you dig for what it was that turned out wrong, it wasn't
and *COULDN'T* have been a perfect certainty after all.

       Or you will find others who will tell you correctly that a space
time gizmo can't be certain of anything, and that they are one
(meatball), of this they are perfectly certain :)

       Thus we have a problem in personal integrity, knowing what you
know, and knowing what you don't know.

       It is quite alright to assign a high probability to something that
later turns out wrong, because it is ok to be wrong about things
that CAN be wrong.

       It is quite another thing to be wrong about something that CAN'T be

       Doubting a perfect certainty is a sin of magnitude, because once a
perfect certainty has been doubted, the door is open to accepting
falsities as certainties which aren't.

       These then end up wrong, thus continuing the spiral of 'I must
never be certain of anything lest I turn out wrong'.

       We call this mind broke.

       Certainty of doubt is the first perfect certainty.

       That is certainty of uncertainty.

       You can't be uncertain if you are uncertain.  Get that?

       Certainty of perception of two different colors is the

       Certainty that something therefore exists is the third.

       A nothing can not wonder if it is a nothing or a something.

       Certainty of self agency, and I AM, I WANT, I KNOW and I DO is
the fourth.


Wed May 23 14:05:46 EDT 2018