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     "All aberration is waiting for an answer to a question" - LRH,
Dianetics 55!

     The basic aberration is trying to know, trying to find out.

     Trying to know.

     Trying to learn,

     Trying to find (out).

     Trying to discover.

     Trying to locate.

     Looking for.
     Searching for.


     Reaching for.

     This is question asking.

     Learning by looking, followed by learning by looking HARDER...

     *EFFORT* (force) you see?

     Then being afraid of what you will see and find out, and thus
getting into not learning by not looking.

     So the being comes down to trying to learn AND not learn at the
same time.
     Trying to know AND not know at the same time.

     He is doing this full time, and ends up 'trying to know' by not
looking.  You figure that one out.

     It would work if he would do it consciously, with aplomb, and not
pollute his not looking with still trying to sneak a peak, but he's
crazy about it by this time, so it just generates more charge.

     You see he is afraid of what he will see, so he is trying to see by
not seeing, but he is unsure its so bad, so maybe he looks a little, to
see if he can see anything that might indicate he had better not see at
all lest he burn up from the fear.

     Question asking about the space time physical universe is fine, but
question asking about his own sovereign being is not.

     He wants to know 'Am I immortal?' or more intelligently
"Am I Eternal?"

     Immortal means live forever inside of time.

     Eternal means live forever outside of time.

     How long will I live?  How long will mommy and daddy live?

     Will they still be alive after they die?  Where will they be?

     Do I have to cry?  Do I have to love?  Do I have to hate?

     How do I stop feeling sympathy and no-sympathy for mother at the
same time?

     How did I get here?  Where am I?  Where am I going?

     ARC = Affinity, Reality (Agreement) and Communication.

     ARC break = sudden sundering of ARC, major upset.

     The idea he is not immortal causes an infinite ARC break as now he
has not time enough for love.
     That's Death Forever.

     He asks, how can this be?  What can I DO about it?

     Can I cry enough to make it better, to heal the pain of death?

     The idea that he IS immortal causes another infinite ARC break, as
now he has not time enough to sleep.

     That's Hell Forever.

     He misses timeless eternality outside of time, and confuses
eternality, eternal peace, with immortality in time, a temporal hell

     He asks, how can this be?  What can I DO about it?

     Doubt is self casting.  Doubting the worst, will CREATE evidence
for the worst, particulary emotional evidence for the worst, which
is then taken as proof for the worst.

     If you can feel THAT BAD about it, it must be true!

     Unable to understand eternality, and thus caught in time between
death forever and hell forever, he can only see the worst.  This spirals
out of control and clamps him down into not thinking about anything.

     Ever run into someone who says "Oh I never think about death."?


     He searches for his group, those of his own like kind.

     Where are they?  What do they look like?  How can I find them?
What happened to them?  Why am I alone amongst billions?

     Am I guilty?  Do I deserve punishment?  Do others?

     He wants a purpose in life, what should I do with my time?

     Where the hell am I going and what they hell am I going to do when
I get there?

     There is nothing sadder than a being in search of a basic purpose.

     *TERRIFIED* of wasting time.

     As if time has some value, some innate fragility, uniqueness and
     Time to an eternal being is FREE, and useless.

     What should I invest in?  What should I sow and reap?

     Who am I?  What am I?  Where am I?  When am I?  Why am I?

     How many am I?
     How many are they?

     Beings are composite beings, even out of body.

     There may be a leader, the prime I-AM, but his functionality rests
on a structure made of trillions of others doing elemental work in his
     How many are we?

     How long we been doing this?

     How old are we?

     Always searching for, always trying to find, always looking for,
always trying to learn.

     First there is true not know, nothing created, but infinite
potential existing eternally.

     Then there is creation without significance.  This is an as-isness,
an as-isness will vanish when let go of.

     Then there is know about, significances added to what was created
that then create persistence in dreamtime.  Added significances are,
what it is, who made it, what it is used for, etc.

     Then there is the effort to not know about something already
created, using force, mass, not-isness, not thereness, invisibility,
blackness, and elsewhereness.

     That is the effort to vanish, to as-is, by not-ising, covering in
     There is a kind of black that looks like nothing there.

     It falls just short of being glow in the dark black, otherwise the
jig would be up and the being would have to admit something was there.

     Then there is the effort to know again what has been not known by
force and coverup.

     That's nuts squared.
     Let's sum that up.

     Native state    Not Know, total unmanifestation
     As-Is           Know, creation without added significance.
                     Vanishes when let go.  Vanishing truth.
     Alter-Is        Know about, adding significance results in
                     persisting truth.
     Is-ness         Persisting Truth.
     More Alter-Is   Adding opposite significances, results in
                     persisting lies.
     Not-Isness      Covering persisting lies in black giving the
                     apparency of vanishment.
     Truth seeking   Wondering what's up, question asking and
                     answer seeking.

     Finally he ends up auditing, 'What question am I dramatizing?"

     That's a question, you see.

     That's called *INTROVERSION*, the symptoms of being nuts are
driving him more nuts.  He thinks the symptoms are the problem, as he is
no longer in contact with the problem that caused the symptom.

     "If only I didn't have this suffocating feeling and migraine
headache, and lightning bolt up my spine, they are ruining my life!"

     No they aren't, they are indicators he still has some life left,
after the fact of ruining his own life by mis handling what came before,
that had nothing to do with suffocation or headaches.

     Get this and get it well.

     The symptoms the preclear is complaining about are SOLUTIONS, or
incidental consequences resulting from solutions, to earlier problems
WAY more intense than the symptoms, no matter how much the symptoms are
'killing' him.

     However if the symptom is 'killing him', chances are the
original problem had to do with killing.

     Probably enjoying it too.

     But later regretting it.

     He solved the problem by not-ising it.  His symptoms are the
kickback from the not-isness.
     The kickback starts when he starts to let go of his not-isness just
a bit.  The symptoms are recent, late on the chain.

     The original problem is BIG and OLD.

     Willingness to kill to the end of time on his basic purpose.

     His basic purpose wasn't to be a ballerina.

     So old he will feel freaked by the size and age of it, once he gets
near it.

     He feels that if this thing just rolls the tiniest bit, it might
wipe him out.

     Get honest, chill out running not know until the symptom is gone or
managable, THEN find out what the nutcake problem is that preceeded it,
by running more not know.

     The symptom takes his attention off the problem.  By chilling the
symptoms out through running not know and not-isness, the problem will
surface again as a big glow in the dark black mass :) More not know will
as-is the black not-isness, and the structure of the problem will begin
to re reveal itself.

     This will result in the kind of philosophical vertigo we call the

     Along with some serious fireworks, divinity dancing in blinding
white light and sparks of gorgeous colors from heaven and hell.

     Black V indeed.

     Forget drugs, medicine and alcohol, they hide both the symptom and
the problem forever.

     Until he stops doing them and dries out for a while.

     It takes as long as it takes and depends utterly on how well the
preclear can and is willing to run NOT KNOW until know arises at will.

     Underjudging the original problem and the FEELINGS SURROUNDING IT,
is the primary reason it takes longer than it should.  Until the problem
is spanned in its enormity, the original problem will seem forever not
there, and the symptoms will never go away.

     Since the symptoms are caused by letting go of the not-isness
without running it out, the more he pokes around to find the problem
with out finding it, the worse the sumptoms will become.  You don't run
out not-isness by LOOKING, you run not-isness out by NOT-LOOKING.

     The symtpoms are Pandora's Box opened just a crack.  You open it
fully by reclosing it again fully for a while under conscious control.

     Being able to *CONSCIOUSLY* recreate yourself as a 'What Pandora's
Box?" case, is the fastest way to find out.
     The box was originally slammed closed with infinite layers of
not-isness of not-isness layered upon the closing of it, with no intent
of ever opening it again.
     "Who me?  I didn't close nothing!"

     "There's nothing to close, nothing was closed, and I ain't here to
close it!"

     Infinite layers of not-isness is hard to keep around if you do it
consciously with the intent to ultimately as-is it all.

     You can't just let go of all the not-isness at once, as it slams
back in your face.  You have to hold it CLOSED, and let it open SLOWLY,
under control, letting the pressure off a bit at a time.

     The "Who me?" case will never make it.

     Your preclear feels ashamed of the original but still unknown
problem, he is afraid to find out how small he is, that such a thing
should have overwhelmed him, and 'ruined his life'.

     Oh no, that's not even in the right ball park.

     *HE* ruined his life to 'solve' the problem.

     Once he so much as gets near the right problem his *PRIDE* will
burst forth like a volcano blowing its lid.  and he will understand the
self ruining solution he chose including sliding his pride into the
ground to hide the enormity of the thing.

     The being is *BIG*, it takes something *BIG* to make him feel

     If you are worried about finding out what has been holding you down
lo all these long millenia, lest you never live it down, tear up your
tickets and get to the right ball game.

     You will feel better immediately and your pride will start coming
back, as will your respect for others, no matter how detested.

     Mortality is dying in one time stream forever.

     That is death forever.

     Immortality is living in one time stream forever.

     That is hell forever, no matter how good it is.
     It never stays 'good' for long.  The being sees to it that he makes
it bad, throwing a fit to get out of that time stream once he tires of
it or something goes wrong.  Remember, to an immortal stuck in a single
time stream, wrongs are forever, as are shames, blames, guilts and

     He ends up BURIED in negative laurels.
     Since he denies the operation of coming into the time stream, he
can't get out, as practice coming in, PUTS him out.
     The action of, and intent to come in, is the only way back out.
because it IS out.
     Once he is back out, through facility in coming in, he can change
his mind about coming in, and stay out.

     Eternality is living forever above time, mostly unimpingable sleep
and peace, interspersed with recurring riffs of laughter from wild ideas
about 'waking up' and engaging in dream time for a while.

     Trying to wake up a native state being and engage him in a dream
time game is almost impossible.


     How can you entice something that is the creator of enticement?

     He has to set up his own mouse trap before he can step in it and be
enticed to come play.

     How much more enormous is immortality than mortality?

     How much more enormous is eternality than immortality?

     How enormous then is the problem, the mis handling and denial of
which is causing all his symptoms?

     Never EVER run a question.  Run auditing as commands.

     Wanna send someone to the spin bin?


     "What questions are you asking?"

     Wanna get someone out of the spin bin?

     Run tone 40 (top of tone scale):
     'Spot a question".

     More formally

     "Spot NO   question asking."
     "Spot SOME question asking."

     All flows, all dynamics, all beings.

     The 8 dynamics are:

     1.) Self
     2.) Family
     3.) Groups
     4.) Mankind
     5.) Life (animal/plants)
     6.) MEST (physical universe, matter, energy, space, time and force)
     7.) Spirit (The High US)
     8.) The Infinite Unmanifest

     Using 'Spot NO/SOME" audit out all questions, all answers, trying
to know, trying to find, searching for, looking for, discovering,
trying to learn, seeking and trying to locate.

      Wonder is question asking, answer seeking.

      I wonder who...
      I wonder how...
      I wonder what...
      I wonder where...
      I wonder when...
      I wonder why...
      I wonder if...

     Those are the stair steps to spiritual death so far down the tone
scale, they dropped a stone at the beginning of time and it still hasn't
hit bottom.  Hey time is still going on eh?

     The good news is no one else has hit the bottom of the tone scale
yet either, all are salvagable and one day, so salvaged shall they be.

     Peace is not wonder.

     Wonder is not peace.

     Peace knows no wonder.

     Wonder knows no peace.

     Peace has no questions and peace has no answers.

     People seek knowledge to attain power.

     They seek power to attain peace, a moment's rest.

     To defend their little abode in time, from the rest of time, which
seems bent on eating them.

     Peace does not come from knowledge, knowledge is a yoke around the
neck sinking your preclear to the bottom of the sea, to be buried in
sediment for ever more.

     The ultimate in knowledge is "I am dead and can't do anything about

     Knowledge is CREATED by peace when it laughs itself awake.

     Knowledge is dreamtime, spacetime, kinetics, mechanics and *FORCE*.
     The awareness characteristic scale starts off with:

     Source, Existence and *CONDITIONS*

     Conditions are limitations on what he has to do, to get what he
wants, what he is chasing.

     Conditions are what is created, and are the total end and purpose
of knowledge to find out what they are.

     Without conditions, desire creates in the mere conception of
things.  No time between wanting and having.

     Desire constrained by conditions engages in chase through time
towards ultimate goals of attainment.

     Time which is created by conditions constraining desire, consists
     Desire -> Action -> Having (or not).

     Your preclear spends his entire sojourn in dreamtime trying to
learn those conditions, so he can get on with suriving.

     Knowledge does not create peace.

     Peace creates knowledge.

     Peace does not come from power either.

     Power does not create peace.

     Peace creates power.

     Peace IS power, in infinite potentia.

     Peace can create anything that can be created, in the mere
conception of it.

     Including limitations on that creation for a while, which Adore
calls Majesty.

     "Desire is Sovereign.

     "Sovereign means you want it, you got it."

     "Majesty is the sovereign desire that desire not be sovereign for a
while." - Adore

     Time is majesty in carnation.

     Can power or knowledge do that?

     Remember your preclear is inverted, he started off looking by
knowing, conceiving first, seeing second, and now he is knowing by
looking, seeing first, conceiving second.

     He started off creating answers first, and then creating not know
and questions second.

     Knowing (learning) by looking results in floating downwards.

     See first, conceive second is rowing down the river of hell towards
the falls.

     Looking by Knowing (creating) results in floating upwards.

     Conceive first, see second, well you can create rivers of hell
forever for free and turn yourself into a fool who is seeing first and
conceiving second, to float down them.

     Learning by looking about the physical universe is fine, it was set
up for that game, but learning about self is not.

     Learning-by-looking about the CREATED is fine, but
     Learning-by-looking about the CREATOR is not.

     The way to learn about the creator is to NOT KNOW, as not knowing
is what the creator is doing anyhow with its creations.

     Whether the creator is not knowing at the top in native state, or
not knowing at the bottom in a pretended enforced native state, the
creator's main action is NOT KNOW.

     The trying to find out is a detour.

     Duplicate the NOT-ISNESS, and the AS-ISNESS will follow whether
your preclear wants it to or not.

     You will never see what's on the other side of the blackness by
looking harder and harder into the blackness.  That will simply make you
feel small, weak and ineffectual.

     MAKE THE BLACKNESS, make the not-isness, create not-isness of
not-isness so you don't even know you are making not-isness any more,
and more stuff will open up to you than you ever knew was there.

     Not-ising not-ising is the basic flow of the Creator in turning
what it has created into the game of LOOK AND FIND OUT.

     The CREATOR ALREADY KNOWS, how much then must the creator not know
in order to believably play the game of look and find out?

     The preclear's bank consists of questions seeking answers.

     That's all there is keeping the mess stirred up.

     Every incident, every goal, every engram, every secondary, sorrow
or loss, every lock or moment of restimulation has a question seeking an
answer keeping it alive in present time.

     Questions are efforts that *COMMIT* the preclear to the postulate
that he doesn't just know the answer in the mere conception of it, and
couldn't recreate it from scratch if he wanted to.

     Thus by engaging in the ACTION to ask the question and seek the
answer he moves himself into the future, off the time point where the
original know -> not know was created, and thus as-isness of the not
know is no longer possible.
     Thus answer seeking takes him away from as-isness of not know and
thus finding out the answer to the question which was created BEFORE the

     Let's go over this again.

     First he creates an answer which is an as-isness, and then a not
know, which is a not-isness of the answer.

     At that point there is still no time, if he gets the as-isness of
the not-isness, the not-isness will disappear, and the as-isness will
reappear.  If he lets go of the as-isness, the answer will disappear too
as if never created.

     However if instead, he creates the effort (action) to ask the
question about the answer, that creates a time distance between him and
the moment of creation of the answer.  Action is chase through time.

     Thus he can no longer get the as-isness of the not-isness because
he is no longer sitting on the moment of time when it was created.  Thus
he is now committed to seeking the answer to the question through time
for the rest of time.

     He can change his mind however, its never too late, as all time is
now.  He can give up the effort to answer the question, return to the
moment of creation of the not-isness, let go of it, and recover the
as-isness which is the answer he was seeking all along.

     For many of these questions, the question IS the answer to "what's
wrong with him", the questioning itself is the problem as it continues
the persistence of not knowing the answer!

     For other questions, answers are the problem, particularly wrong

     Wisdom is the ability to know what questions to answer and not
answer, and what answers to question and not question.

     The ability to not know, not question, not answer, is lost, and the
being gets stuck in MUST question, MUST answer, MUST HURRY UP AND TRY
HARDER and trying to know forever more.  That's hell forever.

     Most of the questions he is asking ARE the problem, ARE the answer
to what is wrong with him, so he knows any other answer he might find to
those questions will HAVE to be a wrong indication.  So the very effort
to find the answer to such questions scares the hell out of him.  He
gets the idea it would be better to not know, because truth is horrible.

     He is right about it being better to not know, but he isn't doing
it right.  He is trying to answer the question, to solve the not know,
through effort and looking harder, rather than through duplicating the
original creative moment of NOT knowing and NOT looking.

     Thus when he finally gives up and tries to escape his fear
of knowing by not knowing, he is operating a tone level way below
the original creative moment of not knowing that hid the already
known answer in the first place.

     Create answer, not know it, ask question, question is the problem
as it continues the not know because it commits errort to the postulate
("I don't know and must find out!), any possible answer he comes up with
will be wrong, thus he starts to fear finding out, thus he tries to
forget the whole mess by not knowing the QUESTION by using MORE EFFORT,
to block it out, and he becomes a "What question, What answer?" case.

     "Who me?  I ain' got no questions, ain't got no answers..."

     The joke is it isn't the truth he fears to find that is horrible,
it is the persisting wrong answers that are horrible.

     And that's all there are, persisting wrong answers.

     There is no peace where there are questions and

     PEACE DOES NOT RESULT FROM A RIGHT ANSWER found by looking, and
effort directed at question asking.
     Peace results from ceasing the convulsive question asking.

     Questions the preclear doesn't even know he has any more.

     Which is why running "What questions am I asking" just sinks him,
it operates his ENTIRE BANK from the beginning of time well into the
future, and it stirrs the whole track of every question he ever had, and
not-ised, and so he just plummets like a stone down the tone scale.

     He is NOT-ISING all these questions and answers, so the only way to
get at them is to NOT-IS THEM MORE intentionally.

     Run not know, until he doesn't even know what he is running not
know about any more.

     Bang he will find a question, that he hasn't thought of in *AGES*,
and as he runs the pain and the efforts out, they flow like rivers of
heavy lava, peace will return in that area and he will see why his body
is all twisted up in knots.

     Running out a question does NOT mean answering it finally.

     It means running out the convulsive efforts to ask the question
until it is no more.  If there ever was an answer, it won't be important
any more, because the question will be gone.

     This is miraculous material, peace is miraculous.

     Peace just has no need to know because it can't be impinged upon,
unless it so chooses to suffer that fate.

     The only answer a being needs to know to find peace is to give up
the question asking through running them all out.

     Nothing sinks a being faster into a quagmire of bad feelings than a
wrong answer to a question, a wrong why, or wrong indication.

     *ANY* answer to a question which is its own answer, is thus a wrong
indication, and trying to answer such a question gives the being the
willies, a feeling of impending doom as he approaches the (wrong)
     He never finds the wrong answer, as the feeling of doom goes to
infinity the closer he gets and burns him out.  But he will settle for a
lesser wrong answer that he can enjoy suffering forever.  He will CHOOSE
it, so he can stop looking for the one that he thinks really has him

     Ever know someone who picks answers to questions that are bothering
them out of the blue?  That's what they are doing, ducking the one they
will never find because it would kill them if they did.

     Pity the 'Truth Seeker'.

     He is a walking dead man.

     He thinks he is going to find TRUTH by looking, seeking, searching,
finding and learning.
     All he will ever find is the spiritual grave yard looking back at
him at the end of time, worms and all.

     Peace and power do not come from something you KNOW or find out, or

     Things you know, learn and find out come from peace and are created
by peace.

     'From the Word came all things that came.'

     The Christians got that one right.
     Joke is the Word is the creative potential of the infinite

     Yeah I know, something was lost in the translation.

     Worse, since he is afraid to know the answer to these questions,
because down deep he knows damn well its going to be a wrong answer
anyhow, he gets into trying to know AND not know at the same time.

     *THAT* is the definition of insanity.

     Trying to run both sides of a dicom at the same time.

     The High Anti-Cool of ADORE.
     He is reaching with his elbow, trying to get up the courage to see
the truth, knowing it will kill him once he does.

     No being can stand up to a wrong indication.

     They never make it to the final wrong indication, THEY CAN'T as the
entire power of themselves is turned against themselves, every last soul
in existence chickens out before they get there by settling for a lesser
wrong answer.

     The intent of the SP (Suppressive Person) is to destroy facility in

     Intimacy is a sharing of vulnerability.

     Vulnerability is not know and feeling the need to know.

     But intentional not know is also eternal invulnerability.

     "Spot NO   humor of question asking."
     "Spot SOME humor of question asking."


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