An ARCX is a sundering, lowering or break in affinity, reality
(agreement with) and communication with something or somebody, including
self, others, work, life, action, God and the entire Cosmic All.

      It is common practice when a pc doesn't respond to standard tech to
blame it on service facs.  (The facsimile memory he is using to service
himself by implementing the advantage of being disadvantaged.)

      But all one had to do is audit the service fac, so this is a false

      Service facs are not the end all or be all of case.

      Service facs are very specific computations related to GPM
structures, in particular the present time truncated GPM that the pc is
probably dramatizing.

      They give the justification for taking one side against the other,
and they give the justification for sashaying down the GPM structure
back and forth taking on opposites until they are at the bottom opposing
what they were at the top.

      Service facs also generally involve making OTHERS wrong.

      The ARCX with source may or may not a GPM phenomenon, and does not
involve other people, although it's inception may not be before
involvement with others.

      It has to do with the original break in sovereignty in which the
pc, who originally thought he was responsible through choice for his
condition, suddenly finds himself faced with something he feels he
didn't choose.

      Whether he chose this apparency or not is open to question, and is
the question that is most bothering the pc.

      He feels he is screwed either way.

      Since doubt is self casting, the more he wonders at the possibility
that sovereignty was an illusion all along, the more evidence he sees
for this position and the lower tone he will go.

      He knows he can't vanish what he didn't make, didn't, shouldn't,
wouldn't and couldn't make.

      This leaves him stuck with a persistence forever, which is a hell
forever.  Thus he becomes a Christian.

      Ask a Christian to list all the things he had nothing
to do with, and wouldn't agree to having them created if he could
have avoided it.

      Eventually he becomes a marble rolling around the drain to hell.

      Now lot's of people will tell you they are clear, they are OT, they
are in control of their destiny.

       Or they will tell you, it doesn't bother them that something else
is in control of their destiny.

      "Jesus, we gotta have some surprises around here you know!"

      Go word clear very carefully "Whistling past the graveyard."

      Your efforts to actually go OT and regain your absolute sovereignty
again disturbs their comfortably numb condition of forgetting that they
are a sinking ship.

      They may be sinking slowly, so it may take a million years, but
sinking they are.

      "How far into your future can you see?"

      "Is your future secure?"

      "Are you afraid of finding out?"

      "Are you afraid of not finding out?"

      "Spot how you feel about your choice in any matter".

      "Able to leave or not any game at will?"

      "NO Problem?"

        E/P ARC broken with self and source and knows it.

        No longer sweetness and light theetie wheetie.


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