(ARC means Affinity, Reality, Communication and Understandings).

     I do not care that the body is playing gladiator to the stars.

     I do not care that the body game is guaranteed to be lost by
design, because no matter how good you are at survival, ALL bodies die
one day *NO MATTER WHAT*.

     I do not care that the paths of lovers cross in the line of duty
just to keep right on going.  
     I don't mind that first hellos and last goodbyes will crush anyone
to jello.

     I don't even care if coming back life after life to enhance
civilization results only in the end, that our sand castles are washed
away by the oceans of space and time.

     "Life treats love as the ocean treats sand castles in the sand." -

     All the above simply means this is a rough and tough game, a
terrible, ferocious game, that few can win for for a while, and no one
can win forever.

     At best, the length of your breathing while, is the measure of your

     Understood as such maybe it becomes a grand and glorious game.

     The ARC break lies not in the nature of the game, but in the utter
non recognition of my choice to partake in it.

     It is one thing to be here under the power of my own sovereign
desire, quite another to be born into it, only to discover by surprise
that one is on Death Row and expected to scamper full time to stay on

     What is missing is the moment of choice.

     But in order to understand this, we need to know well the Catechism
of Adore.

     All Adorian children know this by heart by the time they can speak.

     It protects them from the idiocy of the world around them.

     Here follows a partial rendition of the catechism, only that which
is necessary to the discussion above.


     ADORE stands for A Divine Operating Religion of Excellence.

     Desire is sovereign.

     Sovereignty means you want it you got it.

     Justice is that you get what you postulate.

     Adoration is operation.  If you adore something operate it.

     Adoration is operation of questions and answers with Majesty, Class
and Pride.

     Majesty is eternal good humor born of mastery of songs of sin and
hidden joy.

     Majesty is the sovereign desire that desire not be sovereign for a

     Power stems from operating Majesty.

     (The power to limit is the power to unlimit.)

     Sin-Song is to sing another source done wrong song.

     Sin-Song is not sin as long as it is just song.

     Majesty stands for Master of JEST.

     J.E.S.T stands for Jokes of Eternal Self Treason.

     J.E.S.T stands for Justice of Eternal Self Truth.

     In a world where someone must hurt, need is for justice of
excaliper kindship.

     Humor and clear laughter are the only kind justice there is and the
only kind justice you will ever need forever for real.  This thing ain't
called a religion for nothing.

     J.O.Y stands for Joke's On YOu.

     J.O.K.E stands for Justice Of Kindship Excaliper.

     Justice of Caliber is the Kind Ship Excaliper.

     Ship is the stately ship of your life.

     Caliber means worth via harmonies and kindship, sensitivity and
intelligence, star cap(tain)ability, and operating know how.

     Calipers measure caliber.

     The caliper of the caliber of souls is the questions they have
asked and the answers they have rejected.

     Ex Caliber means measure without worth.  Omni no class.

     Ex Caliper means worth without measure.  Omni out class.

     Excalibur is the two edged sword of Excaliber and Excaliper.

     They who can handle the spectrum, live.

     A wizard is anyone who is a wiz with the sword.

     The sword is stuck in the star rock of your mind by your own
present time operational wizardry.

     A King is anyone who can free and weild the sword of Excalibur for
himself and for others.

     King Arthur was able to pull the sword out of the rock because he
was willing to put it back in for others to try.
     The others were not so willing, so they couldn't pull it out at

     The Code of the Sacred Promise and the Foundation of Honor.

     The paths of lovers cross in the line of duty.

     For every duty there is a right.

     For every right there is a duty.

     Rights are fair chosen exchange for fair chosen duties.

     You CHOOSE and are responsible for both.

     You have a right to have duties, and you have a duty to have

     No one ever told it to you that way before.

     Justice is a fair chosen operating balance of duties and rights.

     The fundamental duty is honor.

     The fundamental right is dignity.

     Honor is the ability to make, keep and trade fair chosen promises.

     Dignity is being the sole operator of yourself.

     Basic promise is to adore operation.

     Promise is ALWAYS to adore operation.

     Reputation is for those who excel in this field.

     In Excelsis Deo.

     The Code of a Conscious Unit.

     There is only one condition of disgrace, no love.

     There is only one condition of sin, hating hating.

     That's because you can not love and hate hating at the same time.

     Class is an attitude, that ALL should live forever and be my

     This dream ends forever when the circle of friends are all holding
hands again.

     There is peace in the thought that one day all men will attain the
awakened state.

     The only thing that lasts forever is people and peace.

     Shames and shambles, Games and Gambles.

     This is for shame and shambles, my two best friends, who kept me
company in my darkest hour.

     They told you shame is sham in shambles.

     They left out, shame IS a sham, a sham of shambles.

     (Shambles of the heart and sigh, silly.)

     And now shame has become a shambles of sham.

     For shame!

     You forget that shame was second sham to excuse first sham in

     This sham of shame, you then shamed as sham for real.

     For shame!

     So harken high, hearld angels sing,

     Glory be to the new born King.


     Shame is the only shame.

     Shame is the celestial sham in shambles.

     So what to do about shame and shambles?

     Grant and call upon eternal omni amnesty.

     Get others to do so also.

     Grant means to give with appreciation.

     Call means to ask for with gratitude.

     Amnesty means amnesia for majesty.

     Amnesia is always for majesty.

     True Confessional Form

     Do it again (in your mind).

     Own up.

     Fix and repair.

     Suffer mercy and majesty of the high group.

     Accept all proper amnesties coming your way.

     Grant a few of your own if you can afford.

     Breathe easy.

     Thank you.


     There is only one group, the High US.

     The High Us forgives the High Us,

     So what to do with shame and shambles?

     Pride them, silly.

     They need gentle loving care, like little puppies.

     It's not their fault you are in trouble.

     The High Group is High Cool.

     The Lord's Name in Vain.

     To call upon the Lord's Name in vain, means to call upon the Lord's
Name for nought.

     The Lord's Name in vain is crucifixion on the cross of inability.

     Desire is sovereign, appreciation is for winners.

     A Poem To Remember the Name By.

     There is only one error: the Eternal Name is the terror.

     There is only one shame: you are to blame.

     There is one other error, Eternal Shame is the terror,

     There is only one blame: Eternal Shame is the game.

     There is one more terror, Eternal Shame is the error,

     There is only one blame: The Eternal Name is not Shame.

     Pride is intention towards operating craftsmanship of class.

     You are an Adorable Operating Pride Source.

     There is nothing higher or better than pride, except maybe Eternal
Omni Awesome Peace.

     The Only Sin of the Gods was Pride.

     They were proud of their power (ability).

     They took pride from their power.

     Why take pride from your power?

     Power doesn't cause pride.

     Pride causes power.

     NO pride causes NO power.

     ANTI pride causes ANTI power.

     The pride drawn from power is always less than the pride it took to
pride the power into existence in the first place.

     Pride is agent.

     Pride is source of majesty, intelligence and all ability.

     To pride power more than to pride pride is ridiculous, divinely
inspired rediculous.

     To pride power more than pride results in the dwindling spiral of
no power and anti pride.

     That is the only danger there is, and the only fall.

     Pride is vision of potential because pride is source of potential.

     They never told you that one.

     Pride comes first, product second.

     Finite operating pride is humiliation.

     Infinite operating pride is humility.

     A pride slide is a transition from infinite operating pride to
finite operating pride, from humility to humilitation.

     Pride slides are caused by not knowing only proud knowledge, by
knowing unproud knowledge.

     Do not take (call upon) the Lord's Name in Vain.

     In vain means for nought.

     There is no limit to pride, there is only a limit to conceit.

     Conceit is pride in the certainty that pride is finite.

     Arrogance is pride in the certainty that pride is useless.

     Vanity is infinite operating pride wasting a way in vain from
arrogance and conceit.

     The Craftsmanship of Divine Not Knowing.

     You can know anything by not knowing.

     You can not know anything by not knowing.

     But only if you pride not knowing, and pride knowing and not
knowing only proud knowledge.

     If you don't know this, then pride not knowing this, and you will
know this if you will.

     If you were proud you didn't know for real, you would be able to
know anything you wanted.

     You have betrayed yourself.

     In the proud space and time of not know, know arises at will.

     This is most amazing.

     Willingness, power and appreciation at this level are unimaginable.

     S.O.U.R.C.E means Sovereign Omnilord of Unanimous Regency and
Caliber Excaliper.

     Regency is universal acceptance by others outside of one's own
normal operating jurisdictions, by virture of needed wanted and
acknowledged superior operating know how.

     If you leave out the U from the word sourcer, you leave out the
unanimousness of his regency.

     You are a sourcer.

     Sourcers like to source sourcery.

     Usually on apprehentices.

     Apprehentices are apprehensive about apprehending sourcery.

     Sourcers source sourcery from source by casting pride before

     Source sources only when will casts.

     Doubt is self casting.

     Pride is for jokes too.

     The source of all suffering is the fair chosen adore-operation of
cool, class, halcyon, sin-song, thrill and romance, via living majestic
intelligence and proud fancy free faithlessness of grand and excalibur

     I need this to be true, and this I Adore.

     Artful Dodge.

     Thrill is always the effort to get lost.

     Romance is always the effort to get home.

     Halcyon is bemused relief on the verge (of time).

     Miracle is the undreamed dream come true.

     The Way to Hell Forever for Free.

     The only people who go to hell forever, are those who secret from
themselves their own personal desire that someone or something else go
to hell forever.

     Their hell is their secret hate, secret even unto themselves.

     There is no hell if there is no self secret hate.

     No self secret hate is eternal free mood.

     Secret hates tend to bubble to the surface if confronted with
majesty and excaliper compassion for astounding imperial stupidity.

     Hells last only as long as you continue to wish them off on others
or yourself, or even wonder if they exist.  
     Doubt is self casting.

     Idol and Worship

     Worship is work.

     Directed by one trying to bring order to chaos, better to worse,
and idol to mess.

     Worship is what a master does to a pig in a pen in the hopes that
one day the pig will be better than he.

     Any celestial anybody has this dream.

     Creatures idol their Creator.

     They worship their Creator's Creatures in order to bring about a
more idol (ideal) state in the Creator's Creatures.

     Worship is WORK SHIP, the ship of worthy work.

     Worship is operating kindness in concert of effort and concern.

     Idol is towards excaliper competency in operating kindship.

     Idol the creator and worship the creature.

     Do not worship the creator, nor idol the creature.

     Watch it, Medusa is the Devil's Harem.

     Idol your pride, asshole, and worship your MESS.

     MESS stands for Magnificent Examples of Shames and Shambles.

     The Way In is the Way Out.

     The creator can become the creature at will.

     The creature can become the creator at will.

     The way for the creature to become the creator is to BE the creator
becoming the creature.

     Practice becoming the creature, is practice being the creator.

     Basic Duty.

     You are an operating system of master and apprehentice.

     Spiritual majesty and energy arise from an operating balance of
idol and worship, alone and with everyone else.

     Basic duty is to worship others as your are worshipped.

     If no one has worshipped you, someone might want to get the ball

     Desire is Sovereign.

     Eternal Peace is Eternal Omni Sovereignty.

     Power, Freedom and Halcyon stem from the goal to adore operating

     Pegasus had wings of Pride.

     Eternal Omni Pride.

     She awaits her flyers.

     The Gods should ride their high horses again.

     Do it right.

     Wit's End.

     Wit is intelligence.

     Wit is laughter.

     Wit's end is the end of intelligent laughter.

     Beauty thrills me to death, and leaves me breathless with wonder.

     Pining is unsighable bitter noble melancholia.

     Usually on the subject of not operating divine operating religions.

     From ADORE.


     OK, so now that we have all the brainwash, er indoctrination, out
of the way, the following story may be of interest to you.

     There once was an adorable little baby sitting on the floor happy
as pig in mud, totally content in all directions forever for free.

     Then one day his father gets the idea that he should teach his son
about the facts of life and he says to the baby boy,

     "God made you.

     If you don't behave you are going to hell forever."

     The baby never even hears the second sentence.

     He's thinking "What do you mean God made me?!  I thought *I* made

     Suddenly he goes sailing up the tone scale, way in to the clouds,
higher than any one has ever been before, to see if everything is still
working right up there.

     He looks around and there they all are, adoration, operation,
majesty, class and pride, all working as always.

     He thinks 'Whatever is my father talking about, God made me
indeed!" and is about to burst out laughing.

     But then, out of the blue and for no reason he thinks,

     "What if my father is right?"

     "What if it really is true that God made me?"

     "What if it really is true that if I misbehave I will go to hell

     At that moment the being is overwhelemed by a feeling SO horrible
the being is just sure this is hell forever, and that he deserves to go
there for doubting it's existence.

     He thinks he deserves to go to this hell because he doubts it
exists (heresy), when in fact the hell exists only because he wonders if
it does.

     Doubt is self casting.  Doubt will ALWAYS show you more of what you
are worried about.

     Suddenly he starts a pride slide and comes crashing back down the
tone scale in a total tangled wreck of smoke and fire, saying "Right
dad, I will keep that in mind, thanks for filling me in." and spends the
rest of his life in shock.

     The pride slide is caused by knowing unproud knowledge.

     Pride is operating craftsmanship of class.

     There is no class in hell forever.

     Hell forever serves no purpose except for meanness.

     Thus considering hell forever is considering unproud knowledge.

     *PRIDE* is agent, not anti pride or shame.

     Thus who or what is making the world for him now?

     He considers certainly not him.

     Where did the gold light of his sovereignty and golden temper go?

     Where did the rose light of his majesty go?

     Where did the Christ Light of his "Adoration is Operation" go?

     He doesn't adore this any more.

     He doesn't want to OPERATE any more.

     Who or what is left operating?

     That is the ARC break and KRC break with Source.

     (KRC is Knowledge, Responsibility and Control.)

     His Affinity is gone, he HATES existence now.

     His Reality (agreement) is gone, *HE* would never have made the
world this way.

     His Communication is gone because he can't communicate with an
unconfrontability, no one can confront shame except in the healing
lights of majesty (humor) and pride (craftmanship of class).

     His Knowledge is wrong, as all unproud knowledge is.

     His Responsibility is gone, as his sovereignty is burning in the
hell fire of his majestic doubt.

     His Control is gone, because only pride is agent.

     In the majestic moment he considered that he didn't have control,
that he wasn't conceived from a point of total control, that he had been
wrong about being sovereign.

     And now he doesn't want control over what is left, to obey and
please the God (monster) that created him, lest he end up in a worse

     The moment of majesty is the moment of choice.

     Are you ready to audit the Imp Soul?

     Are you ready to audit *CHOICE*?


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