Correct.  Choice operates in present time.

     But some of that choice is directed at not knowing past choices.

     However Adore says one does not need to know the past to resolve
the present or the future.  For example lack of direct certainty about
eternality of the soul, might have been created in the past, but would
recovering that memory undo the choice to not know?

     Some say yes, and it becomes tempting to ransack one's memory to
find the past original moment of not know.

     But there is also a choice to CONTINUE a choice in present time.

     Thus access to present time is probably more important than
access to the past.

     This tends to invalidate much of Dn auditing, and is probably why
so many people are so mad at Dn.

     They want to look into the now, someone keeps telling them to
look into the then.

     No wonder they are pissed off.


Pip ( wrote:
>A few years ago I met and spoke briefly with Mr. Newton and found him to 
>be very guarded and protective of his "technique".  He wouldn't share 
>with me anything about it that is not in his books.  His technique is of 
>course hypnosis with his own "secret" ingredient or guidance.  I used 
>hypnosis with some clients and was interested in anything new.  Now, 
>while the between lives area is interesting, I have no interest in 
>specifically looking more into it for myself. Maybe I've seen enough of 
>it. Parts of my own between lives experience came up naturally as part 
>of working on other things and I didn't have to be in a trance. But I 
>found no important choices made there.  Those choices were made just 
>after my previous death.  However, I aparently wasn't allowed to enter 
>this lifetime without going through "proper channels".  Probably why I 
>don't like crowds or lines.  But I had already decided "when, where, 
>how, and why".

>There are an infinite number of past experiences I could look into and I 
>used to do that when I subscribed to the idea of "chains" and "earlier 
>similar to basic" and mostly it was a waste of time. What is important 
>are the choices that are operating automatically right now, and these 
>could have been created anywhere and got activated and restimulated at 
>any time, perhaps in this life, and there's your case.  While looking 
>into a specific area suggested by someone else could reveal what one 
>needs to see to be free of some aspect of one's case, there is always a 
>thread of that garment present to tug on to unravel it.  You start where 
>you are.  I look into specific areas when I have interest or I'm 
>experimenting, but when I'm working on clearing myself, I start with the 
>threads that are already hanging out, or actually strangling me.  I call 
>them unwanted conditions, but sometimes they are so familiar you don't 
>see them as such unless you take a step back from yourself.  You think 
>they are you.


>> Heidrun Beer ( wrote:
>>>>>Homer, I repeat, there is a man called Michael Newton who
>>>>has specialized in a process that gets his clients to
>>>>re-experience their pre-incarnation life planning session.
>>>>It is forgotten at birth, but can be recovered in trance
>>>>with the proper guidance. His two books tell about 100 case
>>>>histories that reveal a typical pattern.
>>>>If you are serious about wanting to know about your moment
>>>>of choice, there is a chance for you to recover the memory
>>>>of it while still incarnated.

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