The idea that there is only ONE God lost something in the

     God is not a single being.

     God is a multi being, a multi I-AM being.

     And most of those I-AM's are us in carnation in dreamtime.

     All of the I-AM's that form God, form the High-US.

     As there is only one High-US, there is only one God.

     Perhaps the translation is clearer now.

     When people pray to God, they usually pray to a single being, and
thus the prayer fails.

     They need instead to pray to the High US.

     The problem with praying to the High-US, is your most hated
terminal comes forward.  And usually what you are doing to your most
hated terminal is praying to the rest of the High-US to help you do
that terminal in.

     Classless prayers go nowhere.

     Your prayer doesn't work because you have to include your most
hated terminal in the High-US.

     God is a jealous God.

     He doesn't like being left out of the prayer!

     Any part of Him.

     Only if you include your most hated terminal in your prayer to
the High-US can the prayer have any chance of working.

     Because then God is fully satisfied you are talking to HIM.

     God is not a single being looking after all of us.

     God is all of us looking after all of us.

     Thus a prayer to work must be to EVERYONE, for if you aren't
looking after your most hated terminal, then you can hardly expect
your most hated terminal to look after you.

     And without unanimous accord, nothing happens.

     For that is the Law.

     And those my friends are the major words of a major religion
aborning in present time.


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