Adore posits an expanding stack of accomplishment
in any sphere of endeavor.

    God    Master of Total Responsibility
    Man    Master of Offence
    Women  Master of Defense
    Child  Master of Total Irresponsibility

    The being starts in the child phase, and moves up through the woman
phase, man phase and God phase and eventually up into the next child phase
of the next higher bigger sphere of endeavor.

    Because man is suppressed, he tends to suppress his underlings namely
women, and because women are suppressed, they suppress their children,
especially their male sons who they 'know' will grow up to suppress them.

    So justice tends to travel in circles.

    The missing level is the God phase, and the child phase at the
next level up.

    Put those two back in again, and the whole stack straightens out
and people can evolve up it again in peace.


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