I disagree.

     Good sucess stories include what was run, what the cog was, and
what the ability gained was, or some part of that.

     Hype is content free praise.

     I think this whole idea about hidden standards needs to be

     A hidden standard is a HIDDEN standard, it is a solidity or mass
that the pc is not talking about and which he carries with him up and
down the time strack as he audits, but the mass itself never as-ises.

     It is quite acceptable for a pc to want certain things from
auditing and to expect them to happen if offered.

     Concentration on one known item that is not changing is a sign of
PTSness that needs to be handled, EVERY session should lower or raise
danger conditions according to the preclear's desires.

     "We deliver what we promise" doesn't mean we promise nothing, nor
does it mean we promise only to deliever standard tech.  The grade chart
is VERY explicit about abilities gained and disabilities lost.  THESE
are the promises of auditing.
     The promise of better eye sight was a big one, and many have gotten
it, but its a much more OT phenomemon than mere clear, so it didn't come
so easy to many, and many who wanted it quickly didn't get it.  Worse
there are a LOT of bullshit clears in the world.

     Also preclears have forgotten what they REALLY want, and they
focus on substitutes which can't audit because the real desire is
not being handled.

     It is also quite acceptable for people to long after the kinds of
gains that others have gotten, auditing is not a 'you gets what you
gets, if the TA moves we don't care what you think of the results, we
earned our pay' kind of auditing.

     If there is a hidden standard, it is related to severe PTSness of
long duration and needs to be handled otherwise the pc is being ripped

     If the pc doesn't feel his survival is improving, THEN IT ISN'T
regardless of what the TA bean counters say.

     Most somatics and chronic conditions are apparently solutions or
incidental consequences to solutions, and sometimes it may take a pc a
while to realize that he has these things for a reason.  Many feel they
are suffering for no reason, through no fault of their own, and through
no hand of of their own.

     They are below numb and detachment, some down at disassociation.

     Thus they hope auditing, like a pill, will solve their problem for
them, but its an unknown solving an unknown.  They don't know why they
have the condition, and they don't know why it went away.

     Which of course it won't.  The pill never works but for a while.

     But barring really low reality pcs, which this group is not for,
good solid wins based on tech run, cogs gleaned, and abilities gained,
give others hope and continuing vision to keep on keeping on until they
too get such gains.

     It also helps to spot WHERE such gains will be had: Glasses come
off at OT V, at least for one.

     Homer wrote:
>On Aug 17, 9:12 am, bb  wrote:
>> TECH outside COS: Eyesight Improved
>>   Two wins for the price of one. The first is from
>> Pat and Ray Kreniks group in Washington state.
>>     bb
>> Just had my yearly eye exam and complained of a little blurred
>> vision.
>> After my exam the eye doctor told me my glasses
>> were too strong-
>> MY EYESIGHT HAD IMPROVED!...I am elated! I believe
>> my improved
>> eyesight is due to a well audited OTV and Pat's
>> spectacular C/Sing!
>> Thanks Pat!
>>  ML Sylvia
>> > Very well done. Nice is it not!
>> > Had much the same. Many moons ago I had bifocals,
>> > thick and with a Prism.
>> > Over the years of auditing got rid of those one at a
>> > time. Now just thin
>> > glassed eyeglasses and once again in need of change.
>> > Had one eye doc asked
>> > had i had surgery and it was unreral to him this
>> > could happen. Auditing and
>> > CSing done right...WORK!
>> > Cheers,
>> > FWD

>it's exactly this kind of bullshit that will get you in trouble,
>eventually, bb:


>Using success stories to sell your services is a BAD IDEA (tm).
>Really bad idea.  It's hype, it has no time, place, form and event, it
>contributes to misunderstanding, hidden standards, and bad PR.

>Why is this so hard to understand?

>Must you duplicate every single stupid action that the Church put into

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