>Now your turn. Define TRUE.

     There are two spheres of interest, the Actual Whatis that
consists of the Static and its potentials, and a subset of the Actual
Whatis which is the Virtual Whatis where postulated realities are
created, and the bridge between them called the Conscious Unit.

     Actual truth are all things that are true about the Actual
Whatis, about Static, its potentials, and the hows and whys involved
in the creation of the Virtual WhatIs via the conscious unit.

     Virtual truths are all created truths in the Virtual WhatIs,
these are created solely by postulates creating vanishing truths
called an as-isness, which can be made into persisting truths by
postulating an alter-is overlay of significance on the as-isness so
now it has meaning.

     The statement "All truths are postulated truths" asserts that
THAT truth is a postulated truth so could have been postulated
differently "All truths are not postulated truths."

     The correct statement is "Only postulated truths are postulated
truths and that is not a postulated truth but an Actual Whatis truth."

     Postulated truths are Virtual WhatIs truths.

     Not even God can create himself.

     God is the Actual WhatIs.  Inside of God there is an area for
postulated virtual realities, the Virtual WhatIs.
     The PURPOSE of the Actual WhatIs and all the mechanics underlying
it is to create postulated truths, create virtual realities in the
Virtual WhatIs.

     The conscious unit acts as the go between, between unmanifested
Source (Actual WhatIs) and Manifesting Virtual WhatIs.
     "Source sources only when Will Casts."

     Well the will wakes up from who knows what beck and call, but
once awake its approval and will govern everything that gets
     Multiple wills can get together but only if each will and approve



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