A meatball is a spiritual being who thinks he is made of MEST,
matter, energy, space and time.

      Even though the mere fact of his conscious perfect certainty of his
own existence and experiences precludes the possibility of being made of
parts operating over a space time distance, the meatball will deny the
existence of perfect certainty, or its import.

      He is living the party line, perfect certainty is impossible,
unimportant, useless or dangerous.

      A party line is that fixed idea, pet theory, or other philosophical
vanity, that when confronted by evidence or reason that it is wrong,
over rules that evidence or reason.

      Run "Tell me about perfect certainty" until he can say something
positive about it, and finally comes to understand it makes up the core
of his being, and defines the nature of consciousness.

       A meatball is stuck in a classic beauty/ugly ladder.

       It starts at the top and quickly descends to the bottom.

       The beauty of being immortal
       The ugly   of being immortal
       The beauty of being mortal
       The ugly   of being mortal

      Which is more insane, a human that thinks it is a god, or a god
that thinks it is a human?

      Since the being is in fact an eternal (above time) being, as MEST
doesn't exist at all except as dreamtime in each being's own
consciousness, the being is engaging in a self deceit of magnitude,
which then makes everyone around him sick, except those playing the same
mutual out ethics.

      The reason it makes others who are more awake sick is because the
mortal meatball is continuously radiating the wrong indication that
others are insane for believing they are eternal dreamballs.


      They consider you out of contact with reality as it is, and thus
dangerous to yourself or to others.

      The joke is, it is the meatball who is dangerous.  They pass laws
against clearing, lock people up for being different, and if they are
religious, (God made me), watch out.

      A classic effort of the meatball is to claim that the person who
believes in eternality does so out of cowardice because he can't
confront death.

      No one can confront death forever or hell forever, and neither can
the meatball.  Fortunately neither death forever nor hell forever exists
except in their own fancy free faithlessness.

      Thus the meatball has mocked himself up as an unconfrontability,
but continues to pretend he can confront it, and most will claim they
like it that way.

      They will tell you they don't WANT to live forever, that would be
unbearable to them.  They would prefer to leave room for others to live
and die also.


      Meatballs are unfathomably shallow.

      Shallow as a dry river bed.

      Imagine being on death row your whole life.

      That's how a meatball feels at the core of his being.

      The meatball has desires and goals to last an eternity, but thinks
he has only 4 score to get it all done.

      So he gives up on his real goals, and settles into endless levels
of substitutes, eventually ending up at inverted help at the bottom of
the pre Have scale, helping by harming.

      He won't allow you to talk about anything but substitutes either.

      The truth is the meatball has confused living forever inside of
time (immortality), with living forever outside of time (eternality).
Thus he has sought the pretense of death forever in time to end his hell
forever in time.

      Mortality is a solution to a detested immortality.

      Only true eternality solves the pain of both.

      And there is in fact no courage at all in the meatball facing
death, the illusion of death forever is born of cowardice through fear
of hell forever.  He would be HAPPY to die, if only he could stay dead.

      And these detested hells are not the hells his parents talked
about, the hell he's been running away from forever.

      How many lives has this meatball been mortal?

      And when they get into a forum talking about clearing, understand
they have no understanding at all about what clearing is, what
postulates are, what responsibility for condition is, or what
sovereignty is.

      Nor what it means to vanish something by taking responsibility for
it, regardless of 'who made it'.

      They live nailed to an never ending cross of blame and guilt
(blaming self for blaming others wrongly).

      They have no clue what power, freedom, willingness and high
appreciation for ludicrous demise is about.

      They may laugh, but in truth their sense of humor is crucified in

      They merely want to control, to shut people up, to engage in method
without content, because real content gives them the willies.

      And they WILL stop anyone else from approaching these subjects or
OT, lest the meatball be responsible for helping others 'go insane'.

      The meatballs favorite piece of logic is if THEY have no evidence
for something, there IS no evidence for something, and therefore it must
be false.

      They also assert that the extraordinary claim is that the world is
a dream and therefor must be proven, (which has been done, but they
can't understand it,) when in fact it is the assertion that the physical
universe is actual and not a dream, that is the extraordinary claim and
which needs proof.

       There isn't any actually.

      They demand that the dreamballs present proof because the meatball
knows DAMN WELL he can't present proof of the meatball theory at all.

      You know I was talking to a young girl in a dream last night, sweet
disposition, and real nice tits, soft and healing to the touch.  And I
asked her if she was the Devil.

      She smiled like I had found something out, and said 'Yes', and
suddenly she disintegrated into the wildest waves of evil imaginable.

      Ever felt monster vibrations while doing acid or something similar?

      Well monster vibrations are merely the icing on the cake compared
to the evil too dark to contemplate that spawns them.

      Now a little chat with a sweet tartlet in a dream is no proof but
most of the 'Prove it cases' have actually had enough experiences in
this life to throw total doubt on the mortal meatball viewpoint, but
they have buried them so deep neither you nor they will ever get them
out again.

      Well, maybe a good auditor could use that information to open up
the 'Prove it' case to get them to look at evidence they already have.

      They are making themselves wrong.

      They achieve full exteriorization, they can see the bald spot on
the back of their head, they got 360 degree vision, they get the
willies, they come crashing in, and they claim they were just
hallucinating, 'prove it!'

      *THEY* got out, and they expect *YOU* to prove it.

      So the next time you want to have fun, go to your local store and
pick up a meatball on sale in the incipient carrion department, and
start poking around it until you open up the core of the eternal
willies, hysteria, shock, catatonia, oblivion, criminality and
unexistance, that makes up the center of its being.

      The being is below unexistance, what exists is his body and its
machinery, and at no time are you talking to anything but a rotting near
dead bot, fly eggs and all.

      A faux machine run by unconfrontable memories of wanting to die and
not being able to.


      "I am so sweet, but you don't have to worry about me, because I
will be dead soon (I hope), and you will never have to think about me

      In particular a meatball is not someone who is merely wrong about
his own nature, made a mistake, was taught incorrectly etc.

      No, a meatball is operating the warp core of evil and knew it at
the time he did it.

      You will know you have spotted the thetan awake again when the re
aborning criminality in his soul blows a cold wind through your space
and you are looking at unfathomable evil in his eye.

      That's down between being nothing and can't hide on the tone scale.

      You will see it in him, but he will see it in you.  The trick is to
get him to see it in himself.

      Until then meatballs are as dangerous as asp vipers, as they are
sure YOU are the monster that will kill them if they so much as look at

      Give them no solace, nor sanctuary, do not elect them into any
office of any kind, and that includes anyone who thinks you are going to
hell forever for not buying into their party line, and do not let them
into your close circle of intimacies.

      There is no need to go after them, or fair game them, even though
every breath they take poisons the air with lies and deceits, they are
already quarantined on Earth in a jail cell meant for sick, dead and
dying thetans.

      Walk amongst them like a snake charmer in a field of cobras, but
give yourself not away, lest they come after you en masse with the venom
of darkness.

      Remember they think YOU are the evil one, particularly if you woke
them up out of nonexistence into the infinite criminality right above.

       The last effort of a GodSoul trying to give is to take.

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