CB Willis  wrote:
> Ego self, worldly self is where you run into attachment.

      I disgree with this statement.

     Attachments come from forevers riding on death, departure, reversal
and damnation.  One can operate quite well here as a game player, as
long as one is more interested in playing than in winning or losing.


     Once one considers GAMES to be scarce and declining, then one
becomes attached to the game one is in, and begins to keep it around
with some seriousness.  Then one is in for a fall.

     I frankly think most religious mumbo jumbo is booby trapped with
lies to drive beings down town.  Surely by the time any wisdom reaches
the broad public it has been watered down to be acceptable to the lowest
common denominator and thus you get people worshiping I AM NOT, as a
lower harmonic mockery of the Big Snooze.

     Mortals are mortals because they wish they could die but can not.
Thus of course they will worship I AM NOT, or WILL NOT BE SOON :)

      Being asleep at the top doesn't mean you are not.

      It means you BECOME not.

      BECOMING may be gone, but BEING remains.

> Scn's first dynamic is open regarding self.   I'd interpret it as worldly 
> self, body.

     No, body is 5th dynamic.  First dynamic is clear, free from being 
anything but itself.

     This "I am a body," crushes the 1st into a 5th and produces a 
psychotic meatball.


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