Spirit means conscious.

      Conscious means perfect certainty of.

     Perfect certainty of means zero dimensional, not made of space or
time, nor made of parts interacting via cause and effect across a space
time distance.

     A spirit or conscious unit can be conscious of illusions of space
and time and parts made of matter and energy.

     This is not consciousness of spirit.

      MEST has no actuality, it has reality only.  The MEST universe is a
created virtual reality.

      The *consciousness* of MEST however has actuality, and is the
function of spirit.

     Consciousness of spirit would be consciousness of consciousness,
awareness of awareness.

     One can not BE conscious without BEING.

     Thus something exists.

     Delusion about illusion means believing that because one is
conscious of space or time, that there IS space or time.

     Lucidity means knowing that consciousness of space or time is a

     We all CO DREAM together in a world made of consciousness OF
matter, energy space and time, but not made of matter, energy space or

     We dream about what we are not, MEST.


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