CB Willis  wrote:
> I do see Kevin entering into pretty fair dialogue here, and don't see a person 
> having to correct himself as a problem but as a learning experience.  Admitting 
> error is frosting for both sides, and does contribute to completing the 
> communication, eliminates wondering. Extra credit for the one admitting error.

     Sorry I see Kevin strutting into this forum with a complete, almost
criminal, lack of debating discipline, acting the way 3 years do to make
each other wrong.

     He seems to be most aware of Grade IV, and perhaps he should get to
work on it for real, he teaches best what he most needs to learn.

     His write up that started the thread is an appalling damnation of
90 percent of Scientology theory and practice.  To claim to be an
auditor, and then reject the greater part of Hubbard's work as nuts, is
the sign of a pin head out of its pin cushion.

     Scientology is based on the axioms which state very clearly that
the world is a dream, a mockup, that we ourselves made.  If being able
to make a universe isn't an OT ability, then I don't know what is.
Anyone can cast the mountain sidesways if he can put it there in the
first place.

     We are trying to rehab OT's on this group, not support little
wogglets who have picked up a meter and learned how to make it read but
who don't believe in anything beyond ...  well you name it.

     And although some pc's need to solve their PTP's before auditing
can continue, taking off the auditor's hat and putting on a consultant's
hat shows an inability to use the tech to get the person to help

     Not to mention a total lack of understanding about how problems
work.  Maybe the guy wouldn't need a consultant or would go find one, if
he didn't need the problem he was in.

     I know a few auditors that turn their sessions into consulting
sessions at the drop of a pin, and it just leads no where, but its
addicative as hell, and the pc continues to pay for it.

     IN SESSION means the auditor asks 'What's it?" and the pc answers

     OUT OF SESSION means the pc asks "Whats it?" and the auditor
answers "Itsa".

     Consulting = out of session.

     Kevin's inability to cleanly apologize for wrongs done on this
group without adding issues or going 'et tu brutus', and to also cleanly
admit weaseling when caught red handed misinterpreting my words,
indicates a being more dangerous to have in a group than not.

     If this were my private list, he would be out of here.

     But I know the rest of you guys like the little shit, so I won't
even ask for a vote.

     Maybe someday you will have the good fortune to be audited by him
and run into a demon BT, past life or universe, and you will feel his
auditor's presence wilt tring to stear you back to acceptable realities.

     Then you will know what a dangerous auditor can do.

     Jesus, he has lived how long and has not a single hint of a past or
future or out of body or native state existence anywhere in his entire
life's experience?

     And I thought I was a bowling ball.

     He should consider getting a job as a headstone.


> Carol

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