Well said Mikel, however I am a 100 percent dramatizing psychotic
reactive son of a bitch, and there are certain things that put me into
immediate ninja mode, karate stance and all, and logic cheaters are near
the top of the list.

     People can spew all they wish about the beauty of dying and making
room for others, but people who say THEY haven't seen any evidence for
something and THEREFORE there IS no evidence for something, AND that
therefore the claim in question is false should have their tongues cut

     I tend to be a tad Islamic in that regard.  :)

     But I am also forgiving, all the person has to do is admit they
tried to cheat their way to a debating win, and promise never to do it
again, and they get a suspended sentence.

     It has to be a clean apology however, no 'et tu Brutus', no
justification, no explanation, no reasons why, no "it was a mistake."
Just simply, "I tried to cheat, I repent in dust and ashes, and it won't
happen again."

     Sometimes logic errors do happen by mistake or sloppy wording,
these can easily be corrected and will be admitted to without question
and without shame, once pointed out to the errant being.

     Also attributing the intention to cheat to someone is just another
form of attribution of intention, which has already been declared a high
crime on this list, so sometimes its better to just charge them with the
lesser crime of 'mistake' rather than 'cheating'.

     However if a being continues to push bad logic once called on it,
then its time to expell them so they can survive alone with their ill
thinking, and not bring the rest of us down with it.

      "All that comes from God is all good.
       Man came from God.
       Man is not all good."


Mickel  wrote:
> "Homer Wilson Smith"  wrote in message 
> news:475dbcdc@news2.lightlink.com...
>>     Just as aside, my comments here about cheating are not directed at
>> you Mickel.
>>     They are however directed at Kevin and Phil.
>>     Homer
> Hi Homer
> I got the flu or some evil bug passed on to me by my wonderful beautiful, 
> loving Daughter, who I have now named Typhoid Mary as the list of people she 
> is passing it on to is growing day by day.
> For any who doesn't know who Typhoid Mary was she was a woman who lived in 
> the 1800s I think and everywhere she went she passed the disease on, she was 
> immune, it lived inside her, if I remember rightly.
> Anyway I was reading my spiritual workbook the other day and the guy was 
> explaining how we create our reality, (I got to study it again after the bug 
> as gone) but he said there is an inflow and an outflow, where these meet a 
> ridge is formed, this ridge is the reality you are creating right at this 
> moment.
> So if a person puts their attention on something, good or bad (as they 
> consider) then that is what they get.
> If someone irritates the hell out of you, you build a ridge on this and it 
> continues and grows.
> I have found in my life a truth in this, from various experiences when my 
> attention focuses on something, that is what keeps occurring, and your fixed 
> there sort of saying "Why Me" and so on.
> I had an example about this a few years ago, I was chatting to a woman about 
> crime and so on in the area and she told me about a gang of youths who often 
> came down her road and always went straight for her car, to sit on it, mess 
> about and so on.
> She couldn't understand it, out of all the cars in the road they went 
> straight to her's.
> Then she said to me, I have taken up sitting in front of the window just 
> watching, looking out for these youths.
> At the time I was thinking about "what you put your attention is what you 
> get"
> Anyway, That is what seems to happen from my observation and experience.
> It is also well know that the person  you most want to avoid, you always 
> seem to bump into them, even if you take a different route to avoid them, 
> Amazing, that I assume is because its like the "Don't think of an elephant 
> thing " and there you are with a picture of an elephant in your mind, when 
> trying to avoid something or are irritated by something you have to hold 
> that image in the mind in order to know what it I to avoid or get irritated 
> about.
> So I don't take any notice (not now anyway) of critics, atheists, what ever, 
> I refuse to build up a ridge and they will disappear from your reality or 
> personal universe.
> Anyway I don't mind critics or atheists, I can well understand that if they 
> have never had such an experience as out OBE, how could they ever have a 
> reality on it, same with me, If I met someone who sees and talks to ghosts , 
> angels whatever, I might try to extract some information about if from them 
> but there is no way I can accept that reality, in fact I would rather avoid 
> such a person, ghosts do not appear on my spiritual path as far as I know.
> Best
> Mike
>> Mickel  wrote:
>>> "Homer Wilson Smith"  wrote in message
>>> news:475caabd@news2.lightlink.com...
>>>> Mickel  wrote:
>>>>> If people cannot write their thoughts (whatever they maybe) then what's
>>>>> the
>>>>> point of any newsgroup?
>>>>    People are free to write their thoughts, as long as they
>>>> don't attempt to cheat or malign others for not proving claims
>>>> made or beliefs stated.
>>>>     Homer
>>> Hi Homer
>>> When I read messages I get an overall view of the situation, often I am 
>>> not
>>> able to see all the tiny details, I have to see a picture in my universe 
>>> to
>>> understand something, also very often people use what seems to me
>>> complicated sentence structures, odd ways of putting things and I am
>>> uncertain as to what they mean exactly.
>>> If there is a datum that I find usefull I will read that over several 
>>> times
>>> and look up any words I don't know but I can't do that all the time, I 
>>> would
>>> never get anything done, it takes time and life's experiences very often 
>>> for
>>> me to understand something.
>>> As an example if someone said to me, as in a joke I once heard: "There's 
>>> a
>>> bloody great hole in the side of the Starship Enterprise" then I can
>>> instantly duplicate that, I can see that, but if someone says "There is a
>>> breech in the structural integrity in the side of the Starship 
>>> Enterprise"
>>> then it's not the same thing, does not form an understanding or picture 
>>> like
>>> the former, although I do know what the words mean.
>>> My general view is what I thought but if you have training in that area 
>>> or
>>> knowingness about a certain situation that I don't then that probably
>>> accounts for the difference.
>>> Mike
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Homer Wilson Smith     The Paths of Lovers    Art Matrix - Lightlink
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homer@lightlink.com    In the Line of Duty    http://www.lightlink.com

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