Various social taboos arise from long ago experiences that were
catestrophic.  Taboos against eating the dead for example.

      Problem is the guy just died of something, so if you eat him, you
might catch it etc.  But what if the guy died in battle?  Eating the
brains of your enemies was thought to convey strength to the victor.

      But once a taboo is in place, its tends to become overarching, and
thus there is collateral damage, namely the more harmless things that
get condemned along with it.

      Sexual intercourse between parent and child leads to really really
bad genetics that threaten the entire species.  So taboos arise that
people should be virgins when they marry, meaning they haven't had sex
with their parents etc.

      Lots of collateral damage there.

      Most families have zero sexual contact with their kids, which means
zero training, zero being with each other while the parents are having
sex, zero participation on the part of the kids etc.  Some kids grow up
without ever being told they are going to have a period one day.

      And most kids learn to masturbate on the street, and certainly
never in concert with their parents doing the same.

      They can fish together but can't whack off together without getting
thrown in jail or an orphanage.

      Kids learn about things by mimicking parents, and participating in
things with parents, eating, playing, working, sleeping, creating,
whatever, but never sex.

      With sex, the kid is supposed to not know about it AT ALL until
they are 18, and then suddenly with no prior experience to judge
behavior or gain skills from, be able to operate in a highly sexual

      In the northern world you can look at naked kids, and you can look
at naked 18 year olds, but Lord save you if you set eyes on a naked 13
year old.

      People know that once a girl has reached 18, she is no longer
desirable, so who cares if you look at her.

      Animals kept in cages for breeding that have to live in their own
excrement, once let out, never learn to do their business outdoors.  The
feeling of poop and smell of urine between their paws is 'natural' to

      Children who are never taken care of by their parents never learn
to take care of their children,

      And children who are not taught proper sexual relationships never
learn how to properly sexually relate, or teach their childen how to do
the same.

      With eating, sleeping, fishing, talking and all the other
activities of life, the child learns by DOING with their parents.

      With sex, the child is lucky to get a diagram and few words, or a
whack if he touches himself or if he takes his clothes off with a
neighbor's daughter.

      Thus we have the plague personality, so named by Reich, a
suppressive personality that is SO suppressive to sex and physical
contact they will go insane if anyone around them tries to be free about

      The result then of social taboos about sex, about nudity, and most
particularly about sexual exposure and outright training during
childhood, creates a vast wake of collateral damage, that has nothing to
do with genetic health.

      In fact it harms genetic and family health because once the kid
hits 18, they have no clue who or what or how to have sex with.  And the
NEED has been so suppressed that it explodes all over the place and they
start having sex with anything that moves with sad consequences from
unwanted children to broken marriages.

      Many people get married ONLY because they are so horny they are
going to kill themselves if they don't get laid, but they also need a
licence to screw.  So they get married, screw like rabbits until it
wears off, realize they been screwing a cow or a dog, then divorce,
usually after a few children have been born.

      Most people are quite nuts by the time their tits and hair grow in,
and that's about all that can be said about it.

      If they ever get near the charge on it in auditing, they will
probably blow right out of their heads and about 12 universes on out.

      Certainly their mockups will turn on again, but guess how old they
will be?

      But once you can mock it up, you don't need to DO it with your
children, have intercourse that is, and then there can be sexual
relating and training between parent and child, without the child losing
their virginity, getting some disease, or going blind.

      And the child hits breeding age a fully mature sexual being who has
their sexual drives under control and well honed for the right partner.


Mon Dec 19 22:02:27 EST 2016