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>> I disappear from this newsgroup for a few months and it seems like
>> nobody posts here any more. I WANT OT POWERS !!!!!

      We generally consider that motivation is prior cause to all we do,
this PRESUMES time, before and after, and therefore the timeless state
eludes us.

      BEFORE        NOW     AFTER
      ------        ---     -----

      The primary OT power is the movement from timelessness into
timefullness, from eternality into temporality.

      Temporality comes in two flavors, immortality in time (hell
forever), and mortality in time (death forever.)

      Both are second postulate apparencies based on the primary
postulate of eternality, no time at all.

      The conscious picture we see around us is a composite of
the past, every foot something is away from us, is one nanosecond
of being in the past.

      That's because light takes a nanosecond per foot to reach our eyes
from the alleged physical universe around us.

      Thus seeking timelessness by looking OUT THERE is folly, as it
seeks timelessness in renderings of the past.

      Timeless exists only where we are, but even the motivation to find
timelessness itself creates time.

      The desire for OT powers as Roland expresses it, is a sought after
solution to a problem of long duration, maybe defense of the body.

      This enslaves the OT into the service of taking care of the body or
other's bodies or the civilizations that are holding pens for bodies.


      "What motivation do you have?"

      "What OT ability would satisfy that motivation?"

      "What would you do with that ability?"

      (This is an early version of the OT Power Protocol Processes.)

      E/P: PC is OK with the world, settled comfortably into where he is,
as he is.

      Expect a long run as mortal and immortal foolishness run out.

      How OT is being able to be OK with the world?

      Wold you prefer to be able to move marbles on the table?

      Why?  To make the world more OK?

      Do you see the joke?

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