Mickel  wrote:

>     At the moment we have movies like "What the bleep do we know" or
> "The Secret" which inform people that all they have to do is visualise
> what they want in their minds and the Universe will provide it.
>     Most people who study this sort of thing (visualisation) are doing
> it from a first Dynamic viewpoint, me, me ,me.

      A being can visualize that they can't visualize.

      This happens during the key Service Fac incident of this life
during word formation.

      Service Facs need at least the ability to understand words if not
speak, because they contain overts against logic.  The injustice that is
'crass and blunt' as written in Advanced Procedurs and Axioms, is an
overt against logic, justifiying efforts to enslave, imprison or murder
the pc.  It is a bottom scale moment for the perpetrator against the pc.

      As a result of this injustice the pc first tries forthright action
and reason, but is beaten down by force and illogic that not even the
perpetrator buys.  This outrages him more than the blunt and criminal
use of force.

      "Fine, rob me of what is rightfully mine, but don't insult my
intelligence with ass backwards syllogisms as to why you are justified."

      The outrage leads the pc to using covert efforts to succumb to win
his way against overwhelming and unpropitiatable odds, amongst which
covert efforts are the postulate that postulates don't work, and
visualizing that he can't visualize anything any more.

      Both of which of course work just fine.

      So he ends up a black V who can't postulate anything.

      This incident of degradation also hides his awareness of prior
existence to the body, and he becomes mortal looking for proof that he
has lived before.

      Now having lived before is not necessary to the service fac
incident, but I assure you that if you have lived before, this incident
will have restimulated the whole track in a whopping surprise that
didn't go unnoticed at the time.

      Finding and running the Service Fac incident on this life, then
provides more proof than anyone could want for their whole track and
thus handles the prove it case, who will make you wrong forever until it
is run, as it is the only proof there is and the only proof there can

      The proof we seek of whole track lies in confessions not gleaned
about what we have done on the whole track.

      These overts are not against people, places or things, nor even
against Truth per se, but against LOGIC.

      Get the illogic that even the purveyor didn't believe off the
incident, and it will free up, and the pc will see how he fell into his
own bear trap.

      "Christ my mother is doing the same thing I did many lifetimes ago,
what a piece of shit she, er I, er I mean we are...hmmmm"

      Co excused withholds sink into oblivion like lead in tar.

      Co excused withholds are followed by silence where there ought to
be a LOT of talk.

      Co excused withholds leave people resigned but not resolved with
each other, glad to have escaped with their own lives for crimes
committed long ago, in return for forgoing punishing another for crimes
committed in present time.

      What is the first thing that comes into most peoples head's if
asked what they want?  MONEY!  that's what, which is a grave error,
money is a form of energy, so these people who want money first, what
are they really asking for?

      What people really want is to be sufficient unto their own
survival, with abundance and margin for error.

      The low tone will want money without working for it, but they at
one time wanted to earn their keep.

      Restoring confidence and pride in one's ability to survive and
produce more than one consumes is key to the recovery of a thetan.

      But that lies at the heart of the Service Fac, the postulates about
postulates, and visualizations about visualization made at the time, and
in particular the crimes against logic that were shameless, brazen,
crass and blunt.

      The guy with a service fac in full bloom is actually no longer
able to either live or die at will.


Sun Sep 27 19:29:31 EDT 2015