SirLagsAlot  wrote:
>you are a shining example at just how effective hubbards brainwashing
>techniques can be...
>you are indoctrinated so much so that even when faced overwhelming evidence
>of the fraudulent nature of dianetics/scientology you still cling to the
>fantasy of being a super being...

    I get tired of saying this, but I will say it again, and probably
keep saying it until the end of time, which hopefully will happen

    There are two opposing theories of existence, in the first
Scn/Dianetics is probably impossible at least at the OT level.  You can
always audit dianetics on anyone regardless of which theory is true, but
no one will ever get out of their body if the first theory is true.

    In the second theory, Scn and OTdom are obvious and self evidently
possible and even probable.  The real issue then is how we decayed from
being aware of theory 2, into the present state of having faith in
theory 1 which says we all die forever.

     Theory one says that what exists is matter, energy, space and time,
and from this preexisting space and time consciousness was born as a
process in the brain.  Since consciousness IS a process in the brain, it
can not possibly exteriorize itself from the brain.  This does not
preclude the possibility of remote viewing or telekinesis, but it does
completely preclude the possibility that the conscious unit can leave
the body, or that it will survive body death.

     Theory two, says that matter, energy, space and time do not exist
at all except as a co shared dream or hallucination if you will amongst
many dreamers.

     In theory two, what exists is consciousness which then chooses to
engage in dreams of matter, energy space and time.  Worse consciousness
CHOOSES to BECOME dream objects in space and time, so that it begins to
believe in theory one!

     In theory two, since consciousness created dreams of matter, energy
space and time in the first place, clearly it existed prior to these
things, and since it CHOSE to enter a dream object for a while, it can
replicate this choice and motivation and thus remove itself from such
entanglement even while the body is still alive, at least in theory.

     OTdom is complete fiction in theory one.

     OTdom is obvious in theory two by definition.

     Those who would ask me for evidence that the world in a dream will
be met by my asking them for evidence it is not.

     Or they can read the Arthur C Clarke series in their entirety at
the archives.

     I personally have enough evidence that theory 2 is correct, across
thousands of dreams, rememberances, ascension experiences and micro and
macro exteriorizations, both on and off drugs, and just plain
theoretical understanding of theory 2, that I do not have a problem with
the wild possibilities of OTdom.  Specific historical events however
such as OT III, I have no clue about.


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