Dharma means The Path, the path to awareness of truth and the way
to personal freedom.

      This path consists of brutal honesty with one's self and
willingness to know the truth whatever it may hold.

      Our Immortal Ruin is the result of lies and self deceits, and our
salvation from ruin is the result of true lies found and let go.

       "You seek the Grand Spring Phrases,
        and so shall you find,
        for the true lies will free you,
        to operate as you kind." - Adore www.adore.com

      To spring means to spring from jail.

      Dharma treason is any violation of those principles of honesty.

      Dharma treason is an effort to win the debate through cheating.

      Cheating consists of:

      Ad Hominem.  It is quite alright to call someone a pedophilic
drunkard, but not alright to then claim he is wrong about the existence
of exteriorization BECAUSE he is a pedophilic drunkard.

      Name calling is fine, but don't add those names into your
syllogism, or else you are in dharma treason and out of the debate.

      Assertions.  Any effort to establish the truth by asserting things
over and over again is strictly low ball.

      In particular asserting things you can not possibly know, is a
direct violation of personal integrity.  You may have no evidence for
exteriorization, that doesn't mean there is none or no one else has ever
found evidence for it.

      In general you should remember that continued claims that
spirituality is bogus reflects more upon your own crassness and
shallowness of experieence than it does on the truth.

      Put up or shut up.  Demanding that people provide evidence or proof
for claims is Dharma Treason.  If they provide evidence or proof, fine,
if they don't you lose.  Any intent or effort to FORCE someone to put up
or shut up is criminal Dharma Treason and will get you out of the debate
for a very long time.

      Confusing evidence with proof is also strict Dharma Treason.

      Strawmen.  Arguing against something that someone didn't say is
dharma treason if done intentionally to confuse the issue, or done out
of an inability to face the issue.

      Intending to make wrong.  Trying to make someone wrong no matter
WHAT he says, is dharma treason.

      Refusing to admit the existence of perfect certainty where it
properly exists is Dharma Treason.

      Asserting perfect certainties where they can not exist is Dharma

      Failure to recognize that science can only disprove general
theories, and not prove them is Dharma Treason.  Thus we seek evidence
that either bolsters the possibility of a theory, or ruins it utterly.
No general theory can be proven, but any theory can be disproven.

      Failure to grant beingness to the dangers of demonstrating OT
powers that can be used as weapons of war is Dharma Treason as it
violates the Prime Directive admonishing us not to demonstrate OT powers
to those who don't have them.  But it's ok to help those who want them
to understand why they don't and put them on their own path to regaining

      Doubting a perfect certainty is Dharma Treason.

      Asserting that an uncertainty is a perfect certainty is Dharma

      Dharma Treason is the path towards failure.

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