"Prime directive: Do not demonstrate super normal powers to those
who don't have them unless necessary for the greater good.

     Mere demonstration as evidence that such things exist to a
incredulous crowd will NOT result in the greater good dreamed of.


     OS 1 means Operating Sovereign in universe 1, your own personal

     OS 2 means Operating Sovereign in universe 2, your shared universe
amongst invite only friends, power peers.

     OS 3 means Operating Sovereign in universe 3, the shared universe
we call the physical universe.

     Sovereignty means 'You want it, you got it.'

     Desire is Sovereign.  Appreciation is for winners.

     Majesty is the sovereign desire that desire not be sovereign for a
while." - Adore


     In the theory of life and livingness that allows exteriorization to
take place, called Theory 2, there is no space and time, thus there is
no space or time separating beings, most of whom are asleep in a kind of
non lucid dreamtime during their normal lives of manifestation.

     It's kind of like everyone is in the same bed dreaming that they
are in many different places and they never even heard of each other.

     Each being is occupying a viewpoint of dimension, a place from
which to look out into illusory or holographic 3 or more dimensional
space and time.

     A viewPOINT from which to view dimension.  They are a scalar
viewport of the static, with static on one side of the window and
dimensional conscious experiences of space time and objects on the

     As a viewport of the static, all beings are at the same place,
connected to the static.  As lookers looking out at conscious dream
time, they are all looking at different scenes that seem to place them
in different places to look from and to look at.

     Thus a group of beings looking at a tree, think they are looking at
the same tree from different viewpoints in the space of the tree, when
in fact they are looking at different objects (personal renditions of
the tree) from the same true viewpoint connected to static.

     Thus they are multiple viewpoints on the same scalar nowhere,
looking at different renditions of a space time tree.

     In that sense everyone who has ever been, is now or ever will be is
HERENOW where the static is.

     With his own mockups, only he can see them, but in the shared
universe, everyone's personal mockups are the same albeit from different
viewpoints, and locked onto each other through resonance.

     The resonance takes place via the static at source, not via the
dream of space and time.

     Each scene that the thetan views contains data in it declaring
where it is being looked at from.  Every object has an implied
viewpoint.  But that implied viewpoint is IN THE SPACE of the object and
is not the true viewpoint of the scalar.

     Although it looks like other beings are OUT THERE because their
symbols (avatars) are out there (bodies), in fact all beings are on the
same scalar point.  If you can get the idea of a zero dimensional
'place' that has no size, is neither big nor small, yet encompasses the
AllThatIs, you are getting close.

     Since everyone is on the same scalar, telepathy becomes obvious as
beings are natively already half each other.  The outward facing half is
the individual, the inward facing half is the static ground that
connects them causally into a operating whole.

     Telepathy is not something that travels outwardly across space and
time to another being's symbol or avatar.  Symbol to symbol
communication in this universe is limited by the speed of cause (light)
and takes eons to cross the universe.

     Light moves like an ant through cold molasses when it comes to the
distances it has to travel to get from here to there of any

     Telepathy is direct being to being communication via direct being
to being contact via the static that connects them, that short circuits
space and time altogether.  Since the two beings are on the same scalar,
they might as well BE each other the contact is so close.  In fact one
half of them, the source side IS shared between them.  All beings are
conjoined twins at source.

     The other half, the conscious side looks outward into maya.

     Thus half the being is the ONE, and the other outward looking half
part of the MANY.

     When a being fully exteriorizes from spacetime, the illusions of
space time move away from him leaving him naked as an orientation point
connected to source.

     He can no longer pretend he is a symbol amongst many.

     So when he is exterior, what is he going to be most interested in,
other symbols out in the maya, or other beings WHO ARE RIGHT WITH HIM
THERE who are also exteriorized?

     Part of what keeps a being interior is the horrible feeling that
outside of space and time he is alone.  There is no more terrible a joke
than to think that the only way to find unaloneness is to be imprisoned
in a jail cell (body) with others in their own jail cell and nothing but
two tin cans with a string between them to communicate with.

     When one is being an orientation point it is much easier to contact
other beings in the same state no matter where they are pretending to be
in maya.

     So the first attention of an exterior being is NOT to try to
communicate magically with others who are still being symbols,
particularly not across illusory space and time.  First attention rather
should be spent breaking through the aloneness, feeling around in the
scalar for others wishing to open a communication to you.

     Thus first demonstrations of power are always inward towards
other's in the same state.  Once two or more beings get connected while
exterior across what ever distances, they can then practice their second
universe abilities until proficient.

     At that point, AS A GROUP MIND, they will be able to start
operating on their 3rd universe abilities, create hyena food out of thin
air, whatever.

     All beings are conjoined at Source.

     So just remember that some being acting like a hyena out there in
maya, is a conjoined twin of yours and is your brother or sister just
like everyone else.

     This is the foundation of Class.

     "Class is an attitude that ALL should live forever and be my
friend." - Adore

     Run to full E/P.
     Spot   NO CLASS.
     Spot SOME CLASS.

     E/P: Opening of 2nd universe channels between exterior beings,
freeing up attention stuck on most detested terminals,

     End of aloneness.


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