X. wrote:
>On Wed, 09 May 2001 12:09:55 GMT, logic18@onebox.com (Levi Murphy)
>>I am not a psychic warrior. I am a psychic warrior in training, I'm a
>>psychic warrior wanna-be.  


     Well from reading the pilot, the stardrive of this universe is a
ring of some 30 odd GPMS with valences, items etc.

     Being able to master operating this ring and its gpms would go a
long ways towards exteriorizing from the ring etc.

     I am sure psychic warrior is somewhere in there, one merely needs
to find its opposing raison d'etre and away we go, high energy living.

     By the way the stardrive ring is rigged so that goals and
efforts to go clear, become enlightened, be wise, etc are all
part of the ring.  No way out trying to get out etc.
     The ring is powered by determination.
     So the best thing is to dive deeper, really SEAT oneself in the
saddle and feel the controls, and master and relish each part of the
ring until one exteriorizes naturally from the prime effort to come

     Covertly living in the ring or whining "Well I will sit in the
saddle but I don't WANT to!", won't do.

     Run 'rue'.
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