L.  Ron Hubbard said in the book, Dianetics the Modern Science of
Mental Health, that one of the major results of suffering from a
reactive mind ('bank'), was the 'held down 7'.

     LRH conceived that clear analytical mind was much like one of the
early calculators of the time, constantly trying to compute what to do
according to what one wants and what one knows.


     The end result of doing was success in getting what you wanted,
either specifically in what you were trying to build at the time, or
survival as a whole in general.

     The analytical banks of the mind contained memories of data about
how the world works, from which one could compute cleanly towards what
to do.

     The reactive banks of the mind contained memories that were clouded
by pain, sorrow and unconsciousness resulting from heavy impacts or
losses from the physical universe and the people around you.

     The theory was that the pain in a reactive memory could force the
memory into play as if it were relevant to the present calculation when
it wasn't.  This would lead to wrong answers.

     The truth turned out to be that the being selectively CHOOSES which
painful memories to become the effect of, but the end result is the
same, wrong answers.

     Because the reactive memory contains moments of severe
unconsciousness, both prenatal, birth and afterwards, it was not
accessible to the normal conscious mind except when it came into
restimulation and forced itself on the being.  But at that moment the
being was too busy dramatizing the painful memory, following its orders,
to notice the source of the commands.

     We reword the above to say that the analytical mind is a question
and answer machine, that is continuously solving the problem of survival
by asking questions and finding answers.

     The primary question as above is

     "Given what I want and what I know, what should I do?"

     If you remember the calculators of the day, they were large desktop
machines with 20 or so columns of numbers to press down, keys that
represented the operators of addition, subtraction, multiplication and
division, and a 40 column or so array of display digits for viewing the
answer.  They also had a lever you had to pull to make the computation
take place.

     Pulling that lever gave rise to the term 'number crunching.'

     LRH's analogy about the held down 7, was if you held down a 7 on
one of these machines, either 7 would be added to every calculation you
made, making them all wrong by 7, or the answer to all calculations
would come out to 7 itself in all cases, again making them all wrong.

      But one can also hold down or break the addition key.  Thus if the
addition key were held down, and you entered 7 times 8, you might get
15.  And if the addition key were broken, you wouldn't be able to add at
all, and you might take to substituting subtraction just so you could
get some answer, any answer at all.

      The reactive mind is not sane!

      Lastly the lever that caused the computation to actually take place
could be jammed, and thus no computation could ever take place at all.

      Kind of like a politician.

      Or more subtly, the lever might work fine on every calculation
EXCEPT 7 plus 8, at which point it would jam, and you could never get an
answer to that one question, what is 7 plus 8?

     Because the human mind is a question answer machine of magnitude it
can suffer from all of the above.

     A being can have a held down 7 by having a fixed idea such as 'all
girls are flakes'.  Thus any time he thinks about girls, his conclusions
are all infiltrated by the idea of flakiness.

     Such fixed computations are used to avoid problem areas in life.
If a person has been burned in marriage too many times, and has
developed a large problem of how to find a suitable mate, they can
instead bypass the problem by accepting that 'all girls are flakes' and
thus there are no suitable mates, so one can stop thinking about it and
stop looking to get married.

     Where ever there is a fixed idea, there is a problem area that was
driving the person nuts, and the fixed idea gives them permission to not
look at that area any more.


      "What is not part of your dynamics?"
      "What is     part of your dynamics?"

     But more to the point the being can mess around with his question
asking and answering in a number of different ways.

     Let's say one day Goober murders Dufus.

     So now we have a question, 'Who murdered Dufus?', and we also have
an answer, Goober.

     First of all our preclear may have been a witness to the murder and
he knows that Goober murdered Dufus.  But if Goober finds out that he
knows, Goober might come and murder him too!

     So our being may try to forget both the question and the answer!

     He is now running on a 'must not ask a question', 'must not know
the question', and 'must not know the answer!'.

     So he has a black hole in his memory that he can't enter.

     Much 'child abuse' resolves with this, it wasn't being offered up
to the Devil as a young virgin that traumatized the child, it was the
child's effort to not know it had been done, and to not resolve some of
the questions surrounding the events, like who, how, what, where, when,
why and which.

     The child traumatizes himself by jamming him calculator, in part to
protect himself from those who would rather he not know, and upon whose
good will his survival depends.

     Or maybe he wasn't a witness, but he knows Dufus was murdered, and
he is trying to figure out who did it.

     So he has a question, and perhaps a whole string of possible
answers, but can't determine which is the right one.  This leaves him in
an indecision.

     Unfortunately one of the possible suspects is his own mother, which
is untenable and dangerous to know, so he then later forgets the
question and the whole strings of possible answers.

     The question however, and all the emotions surrounding it, will
remain active in the semi unconscious causing all kinds of physical,
emotional, mental and spiritual symptoms.

     That's like a calculator still trying to calculate in the
background an answer that the user must not know the answer to!

     He may be vaguely aware there is something he has forgotten about,
or something he is 'forgetting to do.'

     He may be also be aware that he is 'off course' in life.

     But he may also be very certain that if he were to remember what it
was all about, it would be VERY dangerous to do so.

     He is surviving by not knowing, by NOT calculating in this one
particular area.

     These questions that must not be answered, and answers that must
not be questioned, or questions and answers that must not be known at
all, can stop a case cold from progressing.

     As will any effort to survive by not surviving.

     Or to compute by not computing, or computing something else!

     There were times when being able to survive well and function
properly in all areas was just too dangerous, and so he chose to create
the ability to be unable to survive in some areas, so the suppressive
influences in his environment would leave him alone.

     Or he simply went to sleep as there was no help or direct harm from
extant team mates who should have been eager to get on with his goal.

     It's hard being born to Zombies, they are always telling you
eat your brains...

     These inabilities start off as pretenses, but the suppressive
influences are not dumb, and the being knows the inability that is
protecting him from them has to be REAL, so it becomes so.

     Such suppression tends to not bother anyone until he himself has
engaged in doing something similar to someone else and regretted it.

     Then watch out, suppression will stick to him like glue, and he
will start inventing ways to survive by not surviving full time.

     All areas of survival by non survival must be cleaned up on a case
before further progress can be made, and one of the key areas are
questions and answers that the being must not know.


      "Is there some question you must not know about?"
      "Is there some question you must not know the answer to?"
      "Is there some answer you must not know?"

     In auditing, once your preclear finds the question he is killing
himself with, most of the charge on it will release, regardless of the
state of the answer.

     But remember some questions are self answering, the question IS the

     "How did I get here?"

     Well you postulated you were here, and then started asking, 'How
did I get here?" and still are.

     The postulate created the condition, BUT THE QUESTION ASKING

     If a being is absolutely and utterly terrified of finding an answer
to a question, beyond the fact that someone will kill him for knowing,
he has probably run into a self answering question.

     This is because any OTHER answer to a self answering question is a
wrong answer, and thus to even look for one turns on the willies.

     Looking for answers to questions is fine as long as one hasn't
missed the answer in the very effort to look for an answer!

     When a question is its own answer, you already have the answer to
the question, starting to look for an answer then bypasses the correct
answer which is the question itself, and thus proceeds down hill from
there on a wrong indication.

     Most questions are NOT self answering, but they are rare but
important enough to watch out for.

     That said, in auditing once the preclear has found the question,
that will be sufficient to restore sanity to the being without having to
find the answer.

     Sanity is the ability and willingness to not know.

     He has been wondering FOREVER whether all these sweetness and light
goodie two shoes people who are ruining his life are just stupid or
totally evil.

     He can't decide and he sinks into seething murder towards them all,
which he finally suppresses out of existence in an effort to survive IN
SPITE of everyone's 'good intentions'.

     When a new preclear sits down and says "I want to drown in the
blood of my enemies', you probably have such a case on your hands.
     He can't decide, stupid or evil, stupid or evil, stupid or evil?
     He's going to lop their god damn heads off in any case, but he
wants to KNOW first before he does so, so he waits in question,
question, question, question...  forever.

     That's called seething lopping interruptus.

     Remember as an Operating Thetan way up the tone scale, the being
created the answer first and the question second as part of his games
creation process.

     Thus the being already knows the answer to any question he can ask
about himself and his own case.

     An OT can put a tremendous amount of effort and energy into
answering a question, just lightning bolts worth, and kill himself and
his body down tone scale doing it, taking all of his friends and half
the neighborhood with him.

     So in auditing, find the question and forget the answer.  Once the
OT can HAVE the question and NOT have the answer, sanity is restored in
that area, and the OT can play with answers at will.

     He may ask you to put him in a straight jacket while the seething
cools off after he finds the question or indecision that is bothering
him, as the flood of violence damned up behind it is overwhelming and
takes a while to wash away and subside.

     Time is created by seeking the answer to a question.

     Question -> time -> answer.

     So the original answer, created before the question, is created pre
time in any particular answer -> question sequence.

     By restoring the preclear to a state where he can have the question
and not have the answer, you restore him to the timeless state wherein
he can recreate or create new answer/question packages at will.


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