A being can confront (turn to pleasure and vanish) something larger
and earlier, but not something smaller and later.

     How can this be?

     A being has to be bigger than what he is trying to confront in
order to confront it.  Big enough to create it, even if he didn't.

     Originally a being is bigger than anything he can create or
experience, he HAS TO BE in order to create or experience it.

     But a being can decide to become smaller than something he is
creating or experiencing, and thus no longer be able to confront it.

     This is fair chosen, desired and intended, with full awareness of
the consequences.

     The being, by postulate, may not be aware of the specific
consequences, but he is fully aware of the broad possible outcomes.

     There is an innate governor to consequences, born of fundamental
desire and the mechanics of operation; that governor is acceptable to
the being, so he doesn't care about specific consequences.

     All he cares is, that this time, things be different than last

     Of course if this is an original creation, there is no last time,
as as-isness permits no persistence across the void of unmanifestation,
and that alone guarantees that this time things will be 'different'.

     The being however can engage in this artful dodge many times
underneath an original prime creation, each an effort to start a new
game inside one already going on.

     Here is how it works.

     The being at size 100 creates an experience of size 99, so he is
bigger than it.

     But he decides with full intent and a twinkle of the eye that he
can't handle this thing because he is too small, and he shrinks down to
size 50.

     He may do this in one act, to hide the true order of causation.

     "Whoa!  Where did THAT come from?!"

     followed by

     "Who or what is cause around here, and why is it such an asshole!"

     LATER someone or something creates something at size 75, and the
being at size 50 finds this unconfrontable, can't turn the pain to
pleasure, can't own it, can't control it, so it owns and controls him.

     This is the basic on crucifixion, and is why many have called the
physical universe the 'plane of crucifixion.'

     At this point the being has two possible choices to make.

     He can confront the earlier bigger experience, or he can try to DO
something else about the second later experience.

     Notice that doing is a commitment in time of effort to the
postulate that either there is no earlier bigger experience or that he
can't as-is it if there is.  And he certainly can't as-s the second
later experience at 75, because he is being only 50.

     Thus the roller coaster ride begins.

     The first choice is to confront as much of the 75 experience as he
can until the earlier bigger 99 experience shows itself again.

     Then he can erase his postulate that he is smaller than the 99
experience, thus regaining his 100 size.  This allows him to erase the
99 experience AND the 75 experience fully later.

     When he first tries to erase the 75 experience it will start to
release, but then it will go more solid.


     The smaller later experience isn't going more solid under its own
power, but under the power of the earlier 99 experience shining through.

     It is going more solid because the power is coming from the earlier
experience, but the being is alter-ising it to seem like it is coming
from the later experience.

     Alter-isness causes persistence and solidity.

     The later experience is going 'more solid', but that solidity is
actually the earlier experience as yet unrecognized as such.  Since the
original is right there, all he has to do is recognize it as earlier
bigger and it will start to blossom and release.

     The alter-isness can be vanished merely by recognizing that there
must be an earlier bigger experience.  This moves the being's attention
off the later experience going more solid, to the earlier one which his
attention is on already anyhow, and which is many times more solid even

     However flinch and cringe free contact with this original solidity
will cause it *INSTANTLY* to flow and release as beautiful pleasure
waves and fairy dust.

     One doesn't have to wait for the release to take place or suffer it
for any amount of time before it starts to go.  What CAUSES the pain and
solidity is flinch and cringe, so in the absence or lessening of these,
the original experience in exact same measure starts to ephemerize into
pleasure, humor and vanishment.

     In fact, no matter how horrendous or who did what to whom, everyone
in the whole experience chain will feel the release even if only one
person run's it out in himself.  The karma group is held together by
unanimous non confront.  One breaks it, and the rest can not hold on for
long to their deceit of suffering, and their misassignment of "who or
what is cause around here and why is it such an asshole?"

     The point of holding on has been removed by one player releasing
the game.

     And they say there is no telepathy.

     So it doesn't matter if you did it to them, or they did it to you
or others, if one handles it, it is GONE.

     The High US is a multi group mind whether we know it or not, and
thus auditing one being in a group, audits everyone in that same group.

     No Goober, you can't save the world by saving yourself, but you can
save your own karma group.

     If one being from every karma group on the planet were to audit
himself clear on these matters, the whole world would wake up and the
nightmare slumber party would be over.

     One being can belong to many different karma groups, so woe to the
being that belongs to all of them!  But generally this is not the case.
There are lots of different independent games being played out on this

     So we have our work cut out for us.

     The fact that earlier bigger experiences 'shine through' into later
smaller experiences, is why it is not possible to run a later experience
to full release if there is an earlier bigger experience that is
unacknowledged and un run.

     It is possible for a being to 'do a bunk' on the earlier experience
while running out the later one.

     Doing a bunk usually happens when the later experiences have not
been run enough, and the being is so overwhelmed by the existing charge
on the chain that he 'snap's out of the chain, particularly the basic on
the chain, giving the appearance that the chain is erased, without
having touched the basic experience.

     This 'keys out' the earlier basic as if it never happened, and
allows him to 'finish' erasing the later experience.  But this is only a
key out, neither the second nor the first experience are fully gone, and
they will come back at some point to bite him in the future.

     The being will only be able to run the later smaller experience to
full release AFTER fully releasing the earlier bigger experience.

     That is why after the being reaches basic on a chain, and blows the
postulate, you have to bring him experience by experience back up to
present time blowing all the remaining shards of the things that started
to erase but got more solid before he reached basic.

     So as-ising the earlier original creation or experience is his
first possible choice when confronted by something that is bigger than
him but later on the chain.

     His second choice is to find a solution to the second smaller but
still overhwelming experience.

     This creates a (hopeless) game, namely to DO something about the
later experience to avoid its overwhelm, but leaving it in place.

     This usually takes place by going out of valence into the winning
valence of the experience, thus appearing to not be overwhelmed because
he has become the overwhelmer.

     The victim takes refuge in becoming the victimizer.

     This will be accompanied by postulates to the effect of the wisdom
of such action, which become 'lessons learned' never to be forgotten,
which lead ultimately to a dwindling spiral.

     Lessons weigh, they are an imprint, a brand that has mass, that
contains wisdom about how to make sure something never happens again.
One must put continuous attention on them with eternal vigilence lest
that thing does happen again.

     A dwindling spiral is caused by the being shifting more and more
into valences that are more powerful than himself, but not as big as his
original self.  Each valence shift adds mass, postulates (lessons of
'wisdom') and walls of pain to keep him away from his true self, and
thus he sinks like a stone in the ocean of time, sunk by the yoke around
his neck upon which his lessons are written.

     The above is the anatomy of damnation if you care.

     Hells may be bad places but they are safe bad places that are never
as bad as what is on the other side of the wall where his true self
really lies.

     And even then the other side is only as bad as the being refuses to
go earlier similar to the original experience wherein he can recover the
fair chosen twinkle of an eye and his seat of sovereignty over his
creations and future, should he choose to have one.

     That said, the most dangerous place you can be is a free being.


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