Christian-inanity is only successful with those seeking eternal
damnation for others, or absolution of full responsibility for their

     Prayer does in fact not work, as it prepostulates an other
determinism that will accomplish things for you, but only if you are
good and pray hard enough, i.e. propitiation.

     As each being IS the multi I-Am God in carnation, praying to
another, counter postulates one's own ability to pull things off
directly.  Doing this long enough results in having no ability of your

     When the prayer to another is fullfilled, we say 'Thank you God!',
and when it isn't we wonder about ourselves.

     Sicker does not sicker come.

     Nothing like depending on yourself to create the willies.

     "What, you are going to try to survive this disaster without asking
God for his blessing?"

     Cases need to have the tendency to pray to another totally run out
of their case before their true OT abilities start to manifest
positively again.

     Until then the basic operating postulate is to be a worthless
schmuck, which postulate seems to works just fine.


Richard Ford  wrote:
> We often forget that Christianity is many thousands of times more
> successful than Scientology.
> We also forget that it makes many of the same promises. Immortality,
> miracles and so on.
> Many Christians believe that prayer works like a postulate- changing
> reality directly. This means that a Christian can achive full OT
> powers simply by getting on his knees and praying sincerely.
> 1. Christianity is a personal religion. Everyone has their own idea of
> God.
> 2. With Christianity you go OT on day one!

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