Richard Ford  wrote:
> Once the public understand the true nature of science they will tend

     'True nature of science' means 'Scientists of the Rock'.

     Delusion about Illusion.

     "A long time ago, all fell into the River of Hell.

     Some fell on an island in the middle, and forever more became
scientists of the rock.

     Getting these people to admit where they are, where they came from,
and where the hell they are going (nowhere) can be difficult." - Adore

     Whether or not a scientist, in his unfathomable ignorance of the
Cosmic All, considers he needs a God to explain everything he knows in
present time, has exactly no bearing on whether or not such a God

     Hubris: the self satisfaction of a scientist about his knowledge of
the world.

     Shallow: a scientist's knowledge of the world surpassed only by the
depth of his soul.


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