The problem with the mind is it is a Question and Answer machine.

      Thus anything that messes around with the process of answering
questions or questioning answers will aberrate it and cause pain, rip it
to pieces in fact, body, heart mind and soul.

      Question asking is motivated by desire, dissatisfaction with the
here now, looking how to improve the future.

      Thus any form of looking for, searching for, trying to find,
determining what, wanting to know, etc is a form of question asking.

      Worse some questions are self answering, meaning the question
itself is at least one answer to the question.

      "What am I trying to accomplish in life?"

      "What am I doing here?"

      "What question am I asking?"

      "What TRULY would make me happy?

      "What do I want?

      Remember to run the NO or NOT versions also, in sync with the back
and forth flows that will turn on.

       "What do I NOT want?"

      Because auditing itself is often delivered in the form of questions
looking for answers, it runs directly into the morass of questions and
answers that are causing the aberration.

      For example running "What question are you asking?" will get you
into trouble deep because there is no way he is going to give you the
right answer up front, and in the meanwhile you will be restimulating
the right answer up the wazoo.

      It's the right question but run wrongly.

      Run instead *ALL* auditing as commands:

      "Spot a question.  Tell me about it."

      "Tell me a question."

      "Get the idea of a question."

      "Conceive a question?"

      This will start chilling him out from command one.

      Thus unless one is directly asking one of the questions that is
causing the problem AS A QUESTION, one will be fighting the morass
trying to get at other more benign data such as "How did you feel about

      Well he can't remember a thing about school but who cares, it
wasn't SCHOOL that was the problem, it was that damn question that gave
him a headache for the first 57 years of his life, "What am I trying to
accomplish in life?" or "How come girls won't look at me?"

      Or whatever, its lost to him now.

      He failed to answer it, changed the subject on his
life, and the question is no longer important to him consciously, except
it is powering every single wanting to know that he has, including all
the superficial present time ones.

      They are surface nonsense compared to the real stuff that is
breaking his mind and turning it into a taffey rack.

      But anyhow run them as 'Spot an accomplishment, spot a NO
accomplishment', spot a girl not looking at you, spot a NO girl not
looking at you.'

      Well maybe,

      Conceive NO   girl NOT looking at you.
      Conceive SOME girl NOT looking at you.

      Conceive NO   girl looking at you.
      Conceive SOME girl looking at you.

      Worse the preclear (pc) will often have settled into a VERY wrong
answer on the question, and actually be fighting for the wrong answer!
"I just wish I could accomplish saving the world, then I would be

      What, and not leave some part of the world still in ruin so others
could have at it too?

      He thinks he has to save the WHOLE THING HIMSELF to be happy,
that's a burden not even Atlas could shoulder.

      Anyhow it often takes a team to get anything done in this universe.

      This doesn't mean he can't save a part of it, and probably already
HAS if he is as overrun on goals as most of us are, but he needs to spot
the question, and the efforts to answer it and try to accomplish his
goal that are breaking his head open, in order to chill out the
insanity on the matter.

      Once he sees the level of effort he is putting into asking and
answering the question, he will see why his face is all out of shape,
his teeth are rotting and falling out, why he can't breath, see, or live
a normal life.

      THEN he can relax it all out, and take 'accomplishment' up again as
a fun game, rather than as a one and only life and death mission.

      Christ the guy thinks he lives but once and dies and that's it Bud,
and every day he wakes up, he's on the edge of kamikaze with his little
suicide letter by his side, to make sure he accomplishes what ever it is
before he dies!

      In such a case, trying to audit them with questions will tend to
produce a blow from session, because the questions the auditor will be
asking won't be the ONE that the pc is asking that needs to be SPOTTED
AS A QUESTION to let it cool off.


      Then he can answer it in a charge free zone.

      Truth is the preclear doesn't need to answer ANY question to get

      That's going to be a hard one on the "What's it?" drones at the
lower levels of the bridge.

      OT (Operating Thetan) is the ability to have a question with out
having to answer it.

      You hand a question to a non OT, and boy will he convulse trying to


      It's the question about accomplishment that is killing him
literally, not any right or wrong answer he might have to it, or even
not knowing the answer at all!

      Wrong answers are the worst because they keep the preclear ASKING
THE QUESTION all the while he is acting upon the wrong answer.

      'Right' answers, wrong answers, not knowing the answer all, merely
add onto the underlying question asking that creates the charge in the
first place.

      It is the *QUESTION* that is the problem, not the answer,
regardless of the answer.

      All aberration is waiting [and looking for] an answer to
a question.  Dianetics 55! [Brackets my addition.]

      An answer is a commitment to the postulate that one doesn't know,
that is embodied in asking the question in the first place.

      Thus answers cause persistence in time of that charge on that
question/answer pair.

      It becomes solid, written in stone so he never forgets it, he
teaches them to others, and eventually they all add up to a weight
around his neck that sinks him to the bottom of the sea.

      Wise but spiritually dead.

      Native state doesn't have all the answers, it has no questions.

      Beings like to think they have the 'right' answer, so feel better
when they do, but that applies more to the physical universe than to the
spiritual state of your preclear.

      In the spirit world all questions are aberrations, and woe to he
who finds a 'right' answer to them.

      A being completely cleared of all his questions and answers and the
desires empowering them, will probably not be interested in
accomplishing much in life, except perhaps creating a new universe of
beautiful nonsense, but neither will he suffer headaches and lives of
misery all day long, wondering what is going on.

      Wonder is the question/answer machine grinding on.

      Wonder kills and makes solid.

      There is a middle ground compromise where the pc can accomplish and
be happy but he's got proper inventory on all his desires, questions and
answers as HIS, none operating unknowingly, none a MUST answer or else,
and none based on the hell bent views of the cosmic all he learned from
parents or school.

      "Conceive a hell."


      The basic question of auditing is "What's it?".

      The basic answer of auditing is "It's a"

      "In session" means the auditor is asking whatsit, and pc is
answering itsa.

      When the pc asks whatsit of the auditor and the auditor is
answering itsa for the pc, the pc is out of session and the auditor is
in session answering for the pc's case!

      That is called evaluation and is a high crime.

      PC's *LOVE* to turn the session around on the auditor by asking for
evaluations, if you do it you are dead as an auditor.

      The pc will never trust you again to know anything, because he
trusts you how to get HIM to know about himself, not to know yourself
about him.

      In fact if the pc gets even the slightest whiff of an idea that you
know something about him that he doesn't, he will start to devise your
slow crucifixion, no matter what he says in session.

      The pc can handle the idea that he doesn't know something about
himself, which he used to know or chose to not know.

      He can accept help getting this knowingness back.

      Remember he either IS or created anything about him that could be
known about him.

      But he can't handle the idea that you know something about him that
he never knew or didn't create himself in the first place.

      He can't handle it because it isn't true.

      Thus if you as the auditor indicate either directly or indirectly
that it is true, right to the top of the pc's death wish list you go for
making the wrongest possible wrong indication that can be made, 'the pc
did not knowingly and willingly create himself as he is'.

      Yes his bed rock fundamental nature was not created, but he knows
his fundamental nature implicitly.

      Any effort to imply that you know it and he never did will get you
higher than high on that death wish list.

      Thus to maintain 'in session ness', whenever the pc asks a question
of the auditor about the pc's own case, the auditor should answer back
"Haven't a clue, what are you asking me for, YOU are the God in
carnation around here."

      But even if in session, the pc has been asking whatsit FOREVER on
many different fundamental or near fundamental items in his life, and
has also been giving himself false or wrong itsas.

      The pc has been trying to solve the problems of life within the
contexts given to him by his parents and significant others around him
during his growing up.

      Thus you find some pc asking if God exists, and going yes, no, yes,
no, yes, no, Jesus save me from this!

      If you ask him what he MEANS by GOD, he will give you his bank
reaction which is that God is a father figure who made him, much like is
biological pappy did.

      Except that while pappy took care of him, God abandoned the baby
child on the steps of this universe called Killer Pit.

      So he has a unbelievably large sympathy/no sympathy, love/hate war
going on with that God, and so his DESIRE that such a God exist, not
exist, exist, not exist, completely swamps his analytical ability to
determine if such a GOD does actually exist or not.

      I mean if you can't make up your mind what you WANT to be true, how
can you be expected to figure out what IS true?  :)

      He KNOWS he couldn't stand it if that God did exist, and he
couldn't stand it that God didn't exist.

      And he is quite right, that's because BOTH answers are more wrong
than right, and he knows a wrong indication when he sees it.

      But when both yes AND no indicate incorrectly, the pc will go
insane and not be able to think further on that subject or anything

      The real problem is that he can no longer look at all the

      God the father existing or not existing are not the only two
possibilities in life.

      He is looking at religion as either right or wrong, he can't figure
out how it might be right or wrong on a gradient scale.

      Many religious works claim they have never been tampered with, that
God has 'protected' them from the Devil's tune, so every word can be

      That's the first of the Devil's cadenzas.

      "I AM the Great I AM, and YOU are the great YOU ARE NOT..."

      Not to mention that the monkeys that God channeled through 10,000
years ago couldn't count higher than 10 so maybe their idea of how big
the universe is was a bit off.

      Anyhow, for example a missing possibility is that your pc IS GOD IN
CARNATION, as we all are, and thus expecting fatherliness out of such a
God would be really up to his own postulates ABOUT HIMSELF.

      NOW THAT idea will stir your pc a blaze, at least he will stop
grinding the wrong question and answer merry go around he was on before.

      He will change from God made me, God didn't make me, to I am God, I
am not God.

      He will also realize that it is quite alright for a God to do
(terrible) things TO HIMSELF that would never be alright for such a
being to do to others.

      Thus Job's Lament becomes understandable again, but not in the
context of child abuse between God the Father and his children on a bet
with the Devil, but between God and himself in carnation.

      It's ok for God for test himself in the gauntlet of life, but not
ok to test another without his permission.

      All is fair between God as Creator and God as Creature.

      Further your pc will understand that prayer to another is self
defeating and that asking yourself to do something is a waste of time,
as Obi Wan told Lucas, DO don't hope.

      It's ok to seek and ask for help, but praying to the ALL MIGHTY for
something that you can't do alone, takes you further away from BEING the

      "You are an Omni Operating Lord God Almighty.

      What is a Lord God Almighty?

      When you see one, you go 'Lord God Almighty!' " - Adore.

      Them's big boots we ask of the pc, but then God the pc is a big
being, certainly bigger than any of us have yet conceived.

      He will also come to realize that hells, those terrible things that
God does to himself in carnation, can not possibly outlive for one
instant a true confession of their self creation and why.

      As soon as the preclear PUTS IT THERE, and let's go, it will

      So much for Eternal Hell.

      And since he did it to himself, he can access the how and why if
only he doesn't get lost in the false garbage his mind and the Devil
like to fiddle his way.

      Tune into the Devil's station seeking truth, and you are done for.

      Once oriented to the true questions and answers that have been

      It will pump out peace rather than hysteria.

      Hysteria comes from wrong questions and wrong answers.

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