((If ever I find someone who can walk the talk, I will
let you all know. -Homer))

       The afraid to find out case is worried he will find something out
about himself that he will never live down.

      He is afraid that the anger fear and sorrow of finally finding out
the truth about himself will ruin his eternal future, drive him insane,
or kill his body.

      Or he is terrified that he might become something ELSE, not quite
human any more, more an author than a character.  And god knows what an
good author might do.

      We call this the QUALMS, its the scary idea that it would be better
to not be better, at least not quite right now.

      It would be better to put off getting better until, well, you know,

      As for authorship, a good story is not one which only has good
characters in it.

      Stories of fall and redemption are always more interesting.

      Thus virtue for the character is not virtue for the author.

      But fall from what, and redemption to what?

      Is the human fallen?

      What then would redemption on Earth look like?

      So rarely do good characters in a story consider it a good thing
they are in a rip roaring good story :)

      Thus the preclear strains to look in order to know, but tenses with
flinch should he suddenly break through the blackness and see what he
fears again after all these years.

      Yes there are horrible things to see, but their source is not what
he thinks.

      Worry and doubt are both self casting.

      Why is he worried about finding out something terrible about
himself unless he thinks his true nature and his desire are
fundamentally in disaccord with each other?

      If you assume instead that truth and desire are in fact in perfect
accord, then it just isn't possible to fear the truth, only lies.

      Well if truth and desire are in perfect accord, the way to find
that truth is to find what you desire.

      Seek what you desire first, and you will find the truth.

      It is tempting to seek the truth first and determine after finding
it whether it is desirable or not.

      But faith is seeking what you desire first and then determining if
it is true.

      Both approaches take courage, but you KNOW what your desire is, so
it is easier to look there first to see what must be true than the other
way around.

      Thus if you audit what the pc (preclear) WANTS and not what he
thinks is true, your auditing will proceed.

      If you audit what the pc thinks is true, it won't.

      No one can confront a lie believing it to be true.

      Sovereignty is all powerful within the realm of created things, and
therefore so are lies of anti sovereignty.  If you try to confront a
lie, calling it the truth, it will win every time crushing you to

      Sorry, truth is a jealous God, there is NO set of lies that can
stand forever the way of truth.

      Yes it is tempting to worry that your pc will find some small
minded desire and end up with a small minded truth, but it can't last.

      In the end small minded truths become monster food.

      Therefore it is always time to continue on from where you are to
the next level.  You can only go up or down, you just can't stay the

      By finding the true desires your preclear will also find the true

      Thus no matter what your pc's present state, if he continues to
seek bigger desires and bigger truths to accommodate them, he will
continue to make case gain up through the petty nonsense of human
bigotry, to the grand spaces of Master of Magnificence and Respect.

       At that point he is Sovereign again, and who cares or dares to
question what he might do next.


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