CB Willis (cbwillis@adore.lightlink.com) wrote:
>There are a lot of single moms out there trying. 

     Single mom = euphemism for woman who bred out of season and for
the wrong reason.

>No matter what a mother does, boys need positive male role models and good
>relationships with men such as father or father-substitutes.

     Yes this is true.  Many women don't admit the importance of males
to male sons.  *BUT* those same women don't admit the importance of
*THEMSELVES* to forming the mature male.  They figure "Hey I am
female, what do I know about being male, I will let the males teach my
son how to be a male, and let nature run its course."

     Anything to abandon responsibility for men.

>It's not handing off full responsibility, but saying there's something 
>that only men can give to each other, or that men can give to their sons 
>and other boys.

     This is true, there is something that ONLY men can give men, but
there is something that ONLY woman can give men, and *THAT* happens to
be more important to the final maturity level of the man than what men
give men.

     Men can not teach men how to take their place in the cosmos AS
MEN, only woman can do that.  This is because men don't NEED men as
much as woman NEED men.  It is the proper operation of that need IN
woman OF man, and the training BY woman OF man to provide that need,
that makes a man mature into BEING ABLE to provide that need, namely a
safe environment for women.

     Women who don't 'need' men, or who resent needing men, or who
dramatize jealousy of men through criticism and trying to make women
out of men, raise men who can't fulfill that need and create a
dangerous environment instead.

     Men merely teach other men how to become what they have become,
monsters in the hands of women who couldn't deal with men.

     Men who mistreat women or civilization *HATE* WOMEN.

     Men hate women because women dramatize refusal to operate in man
what fulfills their need for men, specifically mother dramatizes
this on her son.

     The son may be guilty of same in a past life AS a woman,
particularly if he is vulnerable to this kind of abuse.