I woke up the other morning telepathically scanning around for what
suffering was going on in the world that day.

      Trying to do a touch assist on the world to heal it where it hurt.

      Also something to make me feel better, because it wasn't me that
was suffering.  Other's misfortune make me feel fortunate.

      Jane walks in and says "You want to hear something horrible, E.G.'s
husband just fell out of a tree and he died on the operating table from
massive internal bleeding."

      I said "That works."

      The wake had hundreds of people lined up around the block to pay
their respects, these were the kind of people that layed their lives
down on rail road tracks to stop trains carrying fissionable material,
and routinely visited places where 'disarmament' meant a mother was
breast feeding her kid with both her arms blown off.

      Now I can hear someone saying "Homer I just don't believe I chose
to come to this place, I just don't believe it."

      Trust me, you are not alone, I know of at least one other who feels
that way.

      But let me ask you a question.

      Do you not believe you chose to come here merely and only because
you can't remember having done so?

      Or do you believe you didn't choose to come here because you feel
this place exceeds your ability and willingness TO choose to be here?

      Now you gotta be careful how you answer.

      If you say that this place exceeds your willingness to chose to be
here, you have just assigned yourself a rank below the misery of this
place, and you have also condemned forever, as beneath words, any being
who might have put you here against your will, such as a God.

      How can you love a God who put you somewhere you wouldn't have
chosen to visit yourself?

      Now we do not believe in the God made us nonsense, we all ARE God
incarnation, so we do believe that postulates can seem like learned
observations when in fact they are causal considerations.

      So if you assign yourself a lower rank than the misery of this
universe, you forever claim that you would never, should never, could
never have created this place and come to visit it.

      In which case your doom is sealed, for even if a God shows up and
says 'I put you here, and now you are saved', you will probably be very
grateful, but for the rest of eternity there will be a bad taste in your
mouth that you had to go through it all in the first place.

      After you are in heaven you will spend the rest of time thinking
'Nice little God, I wonder how I can kill your sorry ass without you
knowing about it (Big Smile).'

      Take a little kid, like me, and he has a cat he loves more than
life itself.

      One day that cat disappears, and the kid is heart stricken to a
point of unconsolable hysteria over the loss.

      So he was happy he had the cat, and now he is unhappy he doesn't
have the cat.

      Cat's do that to you, they should come with a warning or something.

      But then the cat comes home again 4 days later, just fine.

      So now the kid is happy again.  But is his happiness the same as it
was before he lost the cat?  Probably not, his happiness may even be
greater than it was before.  Nothing like losing something to make you
appreciate having it.

      But his happiness will now be tainted by the memory of the sorrow
of losing the cat.

      Even though it was a false call, it was real to the kid that the
cat was gone, probably for good.

      He knew he couldn't go on looking for for his cat forever, so after
exahusting himself looking for it for 4 cold miserable days in late
November just as the first snows were starting to swirl around him, he
even said his final goodbyes to his cat for the last time before giving
up the search and walking home that night to be hopelessly despondent
forever more.

      *THEN* the cat shows up.

      So that memory of loss never heals now does it.

      Every day until the cat dies, the kid will cry about the cat
dying one day and being gone forever.

      Irreplaceable and unreproducible preciousness.

      Fragile, unique and precious make for a wonderful future.

      Those first hellos, and last goodbyes get you every time.

      The kid will carry the loss forward until the end of time, because
underlying it's persistence is the question


      He had a taste of death before it was due.

      Is having the cat worth losing the cat?

      The kid is going to be very hard pressed to say yes or no, and this
hangs it up as an indecision forever, to have a cat or to not have a
cat, and thus the loss never heals.

      So humans are in the same boat, they used to be happy go lucky
eternal play pals, but now they are on death row.

      This death row is like a chinese finger trap, it is as bad as they
fear it is.  The worse they fear it is, the worse it becomes.

      Sometimes it becomes worse because everyone else fears it so.

      But its a false death row, they die and they find out they are
still alive.  Where is the humor to that?

      Most don't find that humor, and dive back in.  They left a lot of
friends on death row, they prefer to be with them, let THEM die and
figure it out.

      So the humor is missing.  Not the "ha ha that was funny, don't do
it again" kind of humor, but the friendly sparkling humor "Ahhhh!" born
of wisdom and grace, that makes it all worthwhile.

      Now worthwhile is a big deal, it means you are glad you went for
the ride, no matter what happened, and you are ready for the next ride
knowing God only knows what will happen on this one.

      Can you imagine such a state of willingness and daring?

      Your free feelings and good humor is locked up in your heart in
cycles of willingness and unwillingness.

      The indecision about being alive is what is killing you, not to
mention your DECISION to be alive and not to be alive at the same
time forever for free.

      These indecision and decisions are based on a lack of humor born of
non understanding.

      You know above every great universe, for all to see, is a huge sign
saying "DO not enter under any condition."

      Once you go in, they have the nerve to charge you $5 for your seat.

      So everyone here has sufficient responsibility for being here even
though they don't fully remember it, and are guarding it with 'I'll
never do that again!'

      The day you said 'This is not funny, I want my money back!' was the
day it all went wrong.

      Humor became serious, Eternal permanency of having (Dura) became
Temporal permanency of loss (Sabe SA-BAY), and thus being no longer
willing to come in, you couldn't get out.

      You eventually denied ever having come in, 'I have no clue how I
got here!' and from that moment on the universe was bigger than you and
owned you.

      You eventually became MADE of the universe, and your destiny became
to rot as the rest of the universe rots.

      "From dust to dust."

      Dust is a dream, as is the wind that blows it away, and the dreamer
can never be made of what he dreams, but he can sure think so if he
pushes it hard enough.

      Even if you were to get out, and tie yourself to a tree in heaven
so you could never come back even accidentally, until the bitter taste
of unworthwhileness is resolved in your mouth, your heaven would always
be tainted, and that will be your hell forever.

      You will come to prefer flames of torture to impure pleasures.

      Nothing in any heaven will ever make up for what you have suffered

      So heed well, the only way out is the way in, and the keys to the
locks that chain your heart are desire, worthwhileness and humor.

      If you can find the *INTELLIGENT* humor to having been here, you
won't need someplace else, some other heaven, to make up for it, as the
experience of being here will have paid for itself, it will have been
WORTHWHILE in itself, and you will have your heaven for sure.

      Then you can be free to do it again as if it never happened in the
first place.

      Heavens result from spotting the humor to hell.

      Humor disolves everything into peace.

      Hell is crying yourself to sleep never wanting to wake up again.

      Heaven is laughing yourself to sleep, always wanting to wake up

      The difference between heaven and hell is awareness of choice, and
your own personal divine motivation.

      Who or what kind of being would choose such a thing as the joke of
damnation or death?

      Don't run it as a question!  Questions kill.

      'Get the humor of living forever in time.'
      'Get the humor of dying forever in time.'

      Where is there to go except living or dying forever in time?


      You can't run get the idea of eternality, because its a state
of complete unconception, its like running conceive not conceiving.

      But you can try :)

Sun Nov 29 17:39:05 EST 2015