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01/17/09 Saturday 02:55am EST

      Open Letter to President Barack Obama:

      Dear Sir,

      The enclosed material approaches a subject of subtle but
significant import to the future of the world as we know it.

      Enclosed are nine letters written to Arthur C.  Clarke over the
past 3 years before he died.

     Although all 9 letters are enclosed, they can be found on the web

     You do not have to read the whole thing, by the end of the first
letter you will know whether you are interested in pursuing it further
or not.

     This material has been accepted by a few but rejected by many and I
am generally considered a crack pot trying to bring some science to
religion, and some religion to science.

     Both sides are apparently opposed.

      I trust you are a religious man, and have some understanding that
most of the intramural problems the world faces arise from religious
bigotry and insanity of one kind or another.

      We define religious bigotry as the belief that some people are
irredeemably morally inferior to others and deserve to go to hell
FOREVER for the deeds or beliefs of one life.

      Religious insanity might be defined as 'Who or what is Cause around
here, and why is it such an asshole!"

      Looking for 'who or what is cause around here', is a denial of
personal responsibility for condition.

      Religious insanity usually takes the form "I am right and you are
wrong!", rather than a more reasonable stance of "We are all bozos on
this bus, perhaps we still have something to learn together of the
nature of God and the All That Is.

      Those whose hearts are filled with religious bigotry or insanity
are not fit to lead, for while they try to march towards other's graves,
they march only towards their own.

      The universe is a very much bigger place than conceived of 2000
years ago, and just so is the Almighty very much bigger than conceived
of even now.

      Anyone who thinks they have their wits wrapped around the subject
of either science or religion is lying to themselves.

      "The Proof," as delineated in the letters to Clarke, started off as
an unarguable scientific certainty in the field of information theory,
about the nature of machines in the physical universe, which all
scientists will agree upon but most have failed to notice it's

      Quite unexpectedly, over time it became clear that The Proof had
implications about the nature of space and time, and therefore
consciousness, which led right into spirituality and thus religion.

      Thus without intending to, and quite to my own embarrassment I have
started to build what can only be called a bridge between science and

      Much to my dismay I have discovered that most of the scientific and
religious intelligencia do not want such a bridge and would not walk it
if offered.

      They seem to hope that science and religion remain coheretical to
the end of time.

      But the future can not continue as we have been or the prophecies
will all come true.

      Religion and science were both born in a cauldron of ignorance,
fear, animal territoriality and barbarism.

      God 2000 years ago was designed to be a leader in combat and the
prime justifier for war.  God was always on our side, he didn't give a
damn about his children on the other side.

      Over the past 2000 years science has grown up, but religion has
not.  It is now time for religion to also grow up and match its sibling
science in maturity, wisdom and all encompassing humanity.

      It is very hard to build a bridge when one side is many hundreds of
miles lower than the other.

      If religion stays stuck in the past there may be no hope for the
world, as the religious insanity extant on this planet at this time
exceeds the collective wisdom of those who might wonder what to do about

      And insane religion with the power of science behind it is a truly
scary scenario.

      During my years of research into the science side of the matter
presented before you, I have come to the following conclusions about the
nature of God and the AllThatIs.

      If there is a God, not only are we all Sons of God, but we are all
God Himself in carnation, period.

      As The Proof will show you, two different objects can never be
certain of each other, thus if God and Soul are two different objects,
they will forever remain a theory to each other.

      We now conceive 'God' as a Multi I-AM being, and all life forms
including me and thee and them, are one or more of those individual
I-AM's in carnation.

      Each being CHOOSES his incarnation, and thus has full personal
responsibility for being here, whether he remembers it or not.

      Once that sense of personal responsibility for being here is lost,
it is mostly a down hill path from there on out for that being.

      Put more poetically, a sense of personal responsibility for being
here is what a lost sheep has lost.

      By regaining that sense of responsibility for being here we resolve
the religious insanity within ourselves by answering the question who or
what is cause around here: we are, as God in carnation.

      It also resolves the question of how do we accomplish the things we
want done for our future.  The answer is, it is up to us, as there is no
one to help us but ourselves, but with the power of a multi I-AM God
flowing THROUGH us, we can do anything we wish, as long as we maintain
that personal responsibility for condition.

      Thus religions that teach we did not choose our own incarnation for
our own purposes are fiddling the Devil's Tune.  This unfortunately also
includes that part of science that teaches that consciousness is merely
a flavor of meat.

      Consciousness is not made of meat, consciousness is not merely a
process in the brain, consciousness is not merely chemistry bubbling
away at 98.6 degrees Farenheit.

      As The Proof will show, consciousness CAN NOT be made of any
possible space time mechanism at all.

      That leaves us with the conclusion that the conscious being is made
of spaceless timeless stuff, which for lack of a better word we might
call eternal spirit, which apparently incarnates as it will, in living
physical universe atoms, molecules, and organisms for purposes of its
own choosing.

      That we do not remember doing so does not in any way lessen the
possible truth of the above statement.

     There is also good reason to believe that space and time are always
finite, thus all space time game streams end one day.

     There may be heavens and there may be hells, but all last only a
while, for God could not, would not and should not ever throw Himself
nor any part of Himself into Hell forever.

     The only thing that lasts forever is people and timeless eternal

     As the Sufis said:

     "There is peace in the understanding that one day ALL men will
attain the awakened state."

     Each being is judged only by himself, and his heavens and hells are
created by the warp and woof of his own postulates that he makes while
operating as an individual being.

     The way to happiness is a true confession.

     There is no one sitting in judgment over us and our hells can not
out live a true confession and repentance of the tomfoolery that got us
into them.

     Thus God's mercy is absolute because it is only and always towards
Himself.  God is just and merciful to forgive Himself when he starts
behaving like a brother and sister again, rather than an AssSoul, and
can rest assured he can maintain it.

     Even if not in this particular life on this particular Earth.

     Religious insanity can then be defined as a break in the sense of
responsibility for, and brotherhood and sisterhood between us all.

     Religious insanity is a disownership, if you will, of other family
members.  Not just the family of man, but the family of the All That Is,
the High US.

     The joke is, it is not the disowned that end up in hell forever as
wished by the disowner, but the disowner who ends up in hell for a while
until he gives up his irresponsibility for his brothers and sisters no
matter how badly misbehaved they are.

     We thus conclude that restoring religious sanity to the planet, and
unifying religion and science into one super subject to the benefit of
all of mankind are of paramount importance to our well being.

     It can not be done in any other way.  Truth is a jealous God.

     No matter how polite and tolerant people of different religions may
act towards each other, there will be NEVER be peace on Earth and good
will towards man, as long as they still believe the other side is damned
forever for being on the other side!

     It is not possible to make real friends with those you consider

     This is not a Christian world, nor a Muslim world, nor a Jewish
world, nor a Buddhist world, although each would love to see it so.

     The time for high school games and high school pride is over.

     I say this with all due respect to you, as I believe you are a
Christian, so please forgive me if I offend.

     Christmas is a celebration of the belief that the majority of the
world is going to hell forever when they die for not toeing the party
line of the minority Christian population of the planet.

     Do you see my point?  The way to world peace is not through
institutionalized bigotry of any kind, be it Christian, Muslim, Jewish
or Atheist.

     But nor is the way to world peace by acting with a facade of
secular indifference to malignant religions, because then religion
festers in its own private enclaves of ignorance, bigotry, barbarism and
hatred without being pushed into the 21st century along with the rest of
our knowledge, wisdom and kindness.

     In no way are we arguing against absolute separation of Church and
State.  There is nothing more insane than a religious fanatic, and
nothing more dangerous than a religion backed by a powerful military to
enforce its fanaticism.

     However our efforts to be too tolerant of the intolerant is
dangerous, although we try to be accepting of all religions in America,
it is not true that religions that teach bigotry and separation of God
and Soul are benign.

     They ARE the cancer that is destroying the world, although we are
not allowed to say this in public.

     We no longer accept that Jews or Blacks or foreigners are sub
human, but we continue to allow our Western Madrassahs to teach that
entire races go to hell forever for following the wrong Messiah.

     We can no longer tolerate at the state level the hypocrisies that
teach children to deal with others by

     "...saying one thing to their face and another thing over grace."

     In public we say love your neighbor as yourself.

     In private we say 'thank you Lord that we are not a them.'

     Is that what we want for an enlightened country where people can
worship freely?  Do we want to provide a world where the vast majority
worships bigotry and hatred for everyone else?

     Do we really want a country or a world comprised of endless groups
of people who think all other groups are damned?

     Does freedom of religion mean freedom to hate and condemn our
brothers and sisters to hell forever or believe in a God less human than

     Yes, we perhaps can not legislate against it, but can there be
world peace in those circumstances?

     Perhaps we can not force truth upon people, freedom to believe in
hatred must be allowed, so others are free to believe in brotherhood,
but we do need to see the problem and keep it in mind at all times and
not fall into playing games of bigotry in the name of high school

     Institutionalized or state sanctioned bigotry must be removed from
our public life.  If we don't like people over there teaching their kids
that America is the Great Satan, we MUST no longer condone teaching our
kids the same thing about those people over there.

     America is great because people risked their lives to come here for
freedom of worship, thus we can not be led into the future by leaders
that wish to make America a Christian country, or a Muslim country, or a
Jewish country, or an atheist country, or who in their heart of hearts
believe that everyone else is going to hell forever except them.

     Private bigotry can not be the engine of political power that moves
us into the future.

     How does "God Bless Whites!" sound to you?

     How does "God Bless America!" sound to the rest of the world?

     It sounds like "God damn everyone else", and that is EXACTLY how
the rest of the world takes it.

     God Bless US One and All is more appropriate to the new age.

     Do we have it to lead the way and leave the 'God Bless America'
behind, and use 'God Bless Us One and All' instead?

     One has to believe it and want it, or the prayer for blessing falls
on deaf ears.

     God is a jealous God.

     Prayer does not work if one only invokes half or part of the Multi
I-AM God.  One has to invoke ALL of Him, thus one has to invoke
everybody, the HIGH US, even one's own most detested enemies, if one
expects one's supplications to matter.

     For by including everyone, we are operating again AS God in
carnation, and the power of the All-That-Is will flow directly through
us, as we ARE the All-That-Is in carnation.

     If there is even one person we disown forever not as our brother,
then we are operating as something other than the One God who is all of
US, and the prayer will fail as the power is not there.

     This includes one's most detested enemies, because they are an
eternal immutable part of the High Us, and they are the one's we all
need most to bring back into the fold of our family heart for our OWN
healing.  Even if they remain rats until the end of time.

     Sending someone to hell forever will not make anyone happy in
heaven no matter how long they have to forget about it.

     It is OK to have a rat in the family as long as he is our brother
and we quarantine him humanely inside OUR heaven.

     It may be hard for the common man to consider someone like Hitler
or Osama a brother lost to the dark side of the force, but you KNOW how
hard it is going to be to unite the world unless EVERYONE is a spiritual

     People seem to need their hatred but it makes them ugly, and worse
it endangers all of life on Earth.  Our enemies are those who are proud
of their hate and who do not accept the High US as their family.

     We need to accept THEM as part of the High US and our family.

     The minute someone disowns someone, the minute someone is not a
brother anymore, all you have is war.

     And there is NOTHING you can do about it.

     You know this, I know you know this.

     So I would hope to see religion and science go hand in hand into a
better more glorious 21st century, not at war with themselves or each
other, but as brothers and sisters who truly know how to operate life
for the benefit of all.

     We can't live by religion alone, and we can't live by science

     I am sorry, some people just need to be called on the carpet for
their bull.

     Such a dream of unification between religion and science has been
attempted in the past, I can only hope to try again, the material
enclosed is brand new and carries astounding ramifications.

     It starts the connecting bridge between science and religion.

     But me of little faith, I can see the eyeballs rolling now...

     That is why I turn to you and others, people of influence, who can
move the world forward, not just towards greater peace and scientific
achievements, but towards a greater unified operating spirituality on
all 4 planes of existence, body, heart, mind and soul.

     I do not ask for any response from you unless you should desire to
communicate your thoughts, and the material is given freely and without
constraint.  You are free to give it to anyone who you deem worthy of
the problem and the information contained herein.

     The only thing more dangerous than unscientific religion, may be
Godless science.

     Einstein's work may be used to destroy the world in an atomic wave
of light and destruction, while the proof can be used to grant spiritual
understanding to those seeking brotherhood with each other and God

     Science and Religion MUST be unified and made to balance or the
power of one will be used to destroy the other and the rest of the world
with it.

     The fractal stuff at the back is for the edification of your
children, please give the postcards, DVD and color sheet to them.  These
will open their minds to a new and infinite world inside of mathematics
that can and will change the course of science if the rest of the world
will let it.

      Yours in good faith,

      Homer Wilson Smith
      Jane Elizabeth Staller

      Obama-lama whama-lama, Barack and Roll is King!

      Sorry, a little jubilance over your election.

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