So you put your prove it case in session and you run the following
process on him.

     Auditor: "Why do you believe that OT powers do not exist?"

     PC: Prove it!  Move the marble on the table and I will believe you
have OT powers.

     Auditor: Sorry I don't have any OT powers, I will repeat the
auditing question.

     Why do you believe OT powers do not exist?

     PC: Do YOU believe in OT powers?

     Auditor: Sorry, I have no idea one way or the other, I will repeat
the auditing question.

     Why do you believe OT powers do not exist?

     PC: Well that's easy because no one has ever demonstrated that they

     Auditor: OK, thank you I got that.

     (Ok, in the first place the pc doesn't know that no powers have
ever been demonstrated, he has asserted the unassertable.  All he knows
is no one has ever demomstrated OT powers TO HIM.  Such an interpolated
generalization would be considered dharma treason and get him kicked out
of any true scientific debate in history.

     That's like saying in 1770 that flying was impossible because no
one had built an airplane yet.  Just because no one can do OT powers,
doesn't mean they do not exist and aren't there for the taking.

     His assertion is also based on the idea that if scientific proof of
such powers existed, they would immediately be rushed to publication in
Nature, and the whole world would know about it by now.

     That's like saying if there were evidence of aliens coming to
attack us, we would have read it in the newspapers by now.

     Or if the CIA found a reliable way to do remote viewing, the whole
process would be published in the Pentagon Review.

     He will say, "sure but someone would have leaked it by now."

     Maybe, maybe not, but the point is the absence of demonstration
doesn't mean OT powers have not been or are not available.  Maybe no one
has any OT powers in present time.  Maybe they just have not
demonstrated them to HIM or anyone he knows.

     Maybe a lot of things, but in any case it just isn't true that the
reason he believes that OT powers don't exist is because 'no one has
ever demonstrated OT powers.'

     That is not why he doesn't believe.

     So like any good auditing process, you continue with the process
and ask the question again until you get the right answer.)

     Auditor: Why do you believe OT powers do not exist?

     PC: Well because they are impossible!

     (The anatomy of an incredibility is a certainty that something is
true and a certainty that something is impossible.  The mind can not
think beyond an incredibility or a threatened incredibility.

     Thus the mere assertion that OT powers exist throws his entire
reality into an incredibility, and stops him cold in his tracks.

     He's gotta know right now!

     His need to know if they exist, assuming they do, override any need
for secrecy or discretion on the part of the people who have those
powers.  And if given the chance he would sacrifice those very same
people if only he could get them to demonstrate a power that was
convincing enough.  His attitude is to hell with the person who had the
power, now I can get on with my life knowing they exist.

     If we could just get the preclear to not know if OT powers are
POSSIBLE or not, then we could get him to not know if they EXISTED or
not, rather than be adamantly firm that they don't.)

     Auditor: Thank you, why do you believe that OT powers do not exist?

     PC: Well you see it is like this.  There is this great big universe
of space and time and matter and energy out there that existed long
before any human beings came along to have OT powers.  From all those
parts flying around in space, planets were made, and seas were formed,
and amino acids came to be, and then DNA, then cells and finally bodies
with brains except for Churchies who skipped the brain stage.

     Eventually consciousness and self awareness formed as a process in
the brain and we finally have human beings.

     Now the problem is that because consciousness is a process in the
brain, consciousness can only do what the brain can do, because
consciousness IS only some part of the brain in action.

     First since the universe existed prior to the existence of brains,
it must have existed prior to the existence of consciousness too, and
thus any claims that consciousness had anything to do with the creation
of the universe, have cause and effect backwards.

     The universe created brains and consciousness, and therefore it
can't be true that consciousness created the universe and brains.

     Unless of course you have a universe with circular time where
something later can, later on, end up causing something earlier.

     Godel said that General Relativity threw doubts on our sense of
causation, because such universes where time loops back on itself
perfectly, are possible.

     Whatever the nature of cause would be, in a time-looped-back on
itself universe, that same nature would have to be true of our universe,
so he said the ideas of linear time and linear cause are in doubt in all

     Godel also said that if Special Relativity is true, that our
concept of time itself is completely wrong.  It is usually considered
that NOW is all the points in space time that actually exist right now,
and everything else no longer exists because it is in the past or
doesn't exist yet because it is in the future.

     The problem is that moving observers will report different points
in space and time that are in the set of NOW points.  And Godel said it
is no problem if measurements of time are relative, but it wasn't ok if
EXISTENCE was relative.

     Also I know that the quantum boys believe that nothing exists
except as a wave form of probabilties until something or someone
actually observes it, and thus it might take a conscious observer to
make the universe precipitate into existence in the first place, but
they are confused.

     So I know there are problems with our concepts of space and time,
but certain things are inexorable, like the conservation of energy and
the speed of light.

     Take telepathy for example.  Where's the energy wave that carries
thoughts from person to person across space time?  Why can't the
scientists measure that energy transfer from brain to brain?

     Telepathy is also supposed to travel infinitely fast, but that
violates the limitations imposed by the speed of light.

     The speed of light is not just the speed of light it is the speed
of CAUSATION as it moves through the universe.  For example if there is
a war on Earth, those on Alpha Centauri can not possibly know about it
until 4 years later.

     But if someone on earth could relay to his brother on Alpha
Centauri via telepathy when the war was started, his brother could know
ahead of time that the war was on and invest in the market accordingly.

     Now I don't care about that, but it becomes infinitely problematic
when data and thus causation can get from A to B faster than the speed
of light, because according to the equations of time, time could be made
to run backwards, thus messing up the linear straightforward motion of
causation.  People could arrive before they left kind of thing.

     As for telekinesis, again its a matter of energy.  If you are going
to move the marble on the table that would take a very determinable
amount of ergs of energy that would have to emmanate from your brain
processes, go through your forehead and hit the marble.

     But that level of energy would make your brain explode, and anyhow
there is nothing in the brain that could possibly generate that much
energy, so there is no way telekinesis could work.

     As for exteriorization, the brain can't leave the brain, so there
is no way it could possibly leave the body to see the world remotely.
Further the brain needs a lens to focus the image, if something were
outside the body, even if it could pick up photons, it would have to
have a lens to focus the image to see what was emitting the photons.

     Where is the lens?

     As for life after death, the whole thing is an oxymoron, once the
brain dies, all its processes die, you can guarantee that through
cremation, so how could consciousness, which is a process in the brain,
continue on?

     As for past life memories, if the consciousness can't survive brain
death, how could it have lived before to have any memories, it just
doesn't make sense.

     Auditor: OK, thanks for all that, I got it.

     Auditor: Your needle is floating, this is end of session.


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