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>>    The purpose of motherhood is to invent dangerous games for their male
>>children and to teach their daughters how to do the same.

>Name a dangerous game a mother could/should invent for her male child,
>on your view?

     Any game that trains the male child to use his agressive danger
seeking abilities to the fullest without irretrievably harming

>Should the father be inventing or coinventing this same game?

     The father, being in offensive mode, will usually be out on the
peripheries of civilization, the borders, the frontiers, and beyond,
while the communities of mothers will be with their children in the
inner *SAFE* confines of the community.  This is the 'home' and the
     Not the physical dwelling where she lives, but the community.
Basically the mother can not go anywhere where she can not take the

     The children are the mother's protectorate, just as the woman and
child are the protectorate of the father, but the mother is bound to
the physical location of the children in a way that the father is not.
The father is expected to leave the safety of the community to seek
incoming danger.  The mother is expected to stay within the reasonable
confines of the safety of the community where her children are never
far out of sight.
     The father has genes that allow him to think quick in moments of
great danger, since his first impulse is to *SEEK* danger and offend
it before it offends him.  No mother in her right mind with child
would do this, and her genes are designed around enduring the failure
of the male to come back from the hunt, as her first impulse is
defensive in nature.
     The father thus has little time to train the children until they
are ready to sally forth with him to the frontiers and beyond.

     "Why are women not allowed on the hunt?
     Because wolves can smell blood 10 miles away." - Adore


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