> Where  did you acquire the data below......IF it just comes to
> YOU>>>>>>>>MAY I ASK ....FROM WHERE?

     I make it up as I go along.

     It is meant for entertainment and diversionary purposes only.

     I mean if I am going to start a new religion for money, power, fame 
and notoriety, I might as well concoct something that people WANT to 
believe rather than FEAR to not believe.

     It's SO much easier getting someone to believe what they want to,
rather than something they detest.

     Asking where data like this comes from is suppressive as it is 
creative, and marks you as a possible prove it case or worse a believe it 
case, so stop it.

     You should take what is written as an indication, and if it doesn't 
indicate, toss it.

     Or give it to a Churchie, perhaps we can sink one of them with it.

     Wrong indications you know will sink everyone.

     The basic message is things are exactly as you want them to be,
but the YOU involved in that desire is part Creator and part Creature,
so you gotta ask which side of you wanted it and why?

     Either side can be operated at any time as long as you as the Creature 
can take responsibility for the Creator.

     Spot NO   Creature
     Spot SOME Creature

     Spot NO   Creator
     Spot SOME Creator

     The job of auditing then is to restore affinity and operational 
facility between the being as Creature and himself as Creator, because 
right now the creature is crucified on a great big ARC break with HIMSELF 
as Creator.  The creature is NOT WILLING to be the Creator, so he can't 

     There is no can't, there is only superior unwillingness.

     The being as Creature is *TERRIFIED* of himself as Creator.

     Look at all the religions in the world that teach fear of God as a 
virtue.  Look at all the people that subscribe to them.

     The Creature's fear of himself as Creator is pure insanity.

     It is however fair chosen by the Creator when he became the Creature, 
and it is necessary to keep the two apart for a while so the game of 
ludicrous demise can continue for a while in ernest.

     No one would play this game if they were friends with themselves,
at least not as it is.

     For your entertainment pleasure only.


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