You know the truth is Hubbard didn't need OT's, he needed workers
that would obey him in the new world.

      He was making OT's, real OT's in 1952, step 1's would come in to
the org, he would pop them out of their heads with 'be 3 feet of your
head', (that's the definition of a step 1) and start to process mockups
on them until they could mockup anything.

      The result was a 190 mile high powerful being, but it was someone
who wasn't protecting, owning, controlling, punishing or being
responsible for bodies any more, all of which are sub death tones.

      (A sub death tone is below pity when a being has killed a beloved
body accidentally, and now wants to devote himself to the care of
another one to make up for the first.

      If you love a cat to pieces and kill it accidentally you will come
back as a cat.  On a gradient that is how you became a body.

      NO Sympathy -> Sympathy -> Propritiation -> BECOMING -> BEING.)

      So OT's came in to the Church wounded birds, and left free to fly.

      You can't own that kind of OT being because they are making YOU.

      They start putting YOU there.

      The PC is making the session more than the auditor.

      You KNOW when it starts to happen.

      Hubbard realized he had the power to make OT's, but in order to do
so he had to make unaberrated-ish but permanently low level workers that
would stay around and run his OT factory for him, because no OT would
have anything to do with it.  In fact no one above sub death would stay
around for long.

      That may sound bad, but people are held down by the garbage pile of 
postulates that everyone else is making that have buried him, plus his own 
postulate to be so buried.

      If you didn't feel sorry for anyone or anything, what would you do?

      That's a big one, dig it and don't leave it.

      The very best thing for a true OT to do to help others, is to
remove himself and his postulates from the area, and that is one less
being holding everyone else down with their postulate that others need

      Going OT is like steam bubbling off of water.  As the steam leaves,
it leaves room for the next layer of water to turn into steam and leave
too.  Pretty soon there is no more water and everyone has gone OT.  The
OT helped himself, and helped others by removing HIS postulate that
others are in dire need of help.

      Thus if you can get a real OT to help you, you are gonna have to
wonder what he is up to.  Mostly it will be trying to level the playing
field.  But if the good guys are winning and the bad guys are losing,

      Anyhow auditing is a detour to regaining health on your basic
purposes, there are no people whose basic purpose is to audit.  Auditing
at best is a hobby.  It may be fun to fix cars, but to devote a life to
fixing cars when you could be driving them?

      So the Church is full of people who want to drive, but spend all
their time in the Church to only fix.

      Hubbard himself found it immeasurably hard to stay around.

      He was probably doing hard time on Earth mandated by the Galactic
Council for his crimes during the OT III debacle.

      In the end though the goal to make an OT and the goal to survive
and grow as a church came in conflict with each other, until finally the
goal of the Church was merely to grow and grow and grow with no one
leaving and thus no one going OT.

      Every post in the church was a hole needing a live body to fill it.
With the church growing like wildfire, and every new church creating
hundreds of new holes to be filled, they couldn't fill them fast enough.

      "Oh you just attested to OT have you, where here's a hole for you
to fill, plunk, maybe you can fill 2 or 3 at the same time, eh?  Oh and
stop moving pencils around on the table, and start moving bodies into
the shop."

      That was the end of that guy's progress you see?

      Most people don't want to go OT anyhow, not full OT, they just want
to optimize their game some so they can have fun as humans.  Filling
holes in the Church was supposed to be one of those fun games.  But no
where near a basic purpose.  Thus post holes can only ever be filled by
sub death humans striving for above death freedom.

      That was Hubbard's basic problem, how to build a machine that would
free beings, that needed unfree beings to run it.

      The problem is almost unsolvable, so those that like to rag on
Hubbard really need to take a look.

     Run repetitively to win, cognitions and very good indicators, VGIs.

     What freedom/power/ability do you want?
     What would you do with it?
     What would be the consequences?
     How would you FEEL about that?

     What freedom/power/ability do you not want?
     What would you not do with it?
     What would be the consequences?
     How would you FEEL about that?

     E/P Life fun again.


Tue Jul  3 14:35:11 EDT 2018