Unfortunately Lamont died a while back, so I can't ask this
question of him, but I would like perhaps others to clarify WITH
EXAMPLES the following words.


     My answer would be that an Item is the most general and can refer
to anything that is the target of a process, that would include all
attitudes, emotions, sensations or pains and everything else ever listed
for, audited or brought up, which read on a meter, or the preclear was
interested in and which was then or could be audited.

     Consider the items PEOPLE, PARENTS, MOTHERS, MY MOTHER, or

     People, parents, and mothers are beingnesses, and my mother and
margaret (same thing) are terminals.

     Margaret's leg is also a sub terminal within the bigger terminal of
her body.

     Thus a terminal has to have mass, meaning and mobility.

     Identity would be the same thing as a beingness, mother, not

     Margaret itself is a mere arbitrary object label, refering to that
package of beingnesses without any descriptiveness of what's in that
package.  Anything could be labeled a margaret, but only some things are

     Thus margaret refers to an object and is thus a terminal, while
mother refers to a class of objects that have motherhood in common,
which is a beingness or identity.

     Adore by the way would call a beingness a becomingness, and
reserves the word beingness for a timeless thing.

     GPM items tend to be beingness that are then represented by
terminals in the preclear's life.

     If mother is a GPM item opposed to child,

     Who or what would represent a mother, would be margaret.

     Who or what would margaret represent, would be a mother.
     Note that margaret could represent many more things than a mother,
for example, woman, parent, people, etc.

     One way this was used in auditing was listing for a present time
terminal, margaret, finding who or what she represented (in this case a
mother) and then finding out who ELSE would represent a mother.  This
gets at the entire class of beings who were mothers in the mind of the
preclear that he has charge on.  Once the final item is found, the whole
package disintegrates and the charge blows.  In other words his present
time mother, is not necessarily the item that is holding it all in
place.  It may not even be HIS mother from a past life, but it will be A
MOTHER from somewhere.
     The word condition would refer to a quality or state of a specific
terminal such as my mother or margaret.  It is unclear if a general
beingness such as mothers or women could have a condition.

     Assigning conditions to whole classes of objects, outside of their
defining common qualities, is a sign of insanity, 'all women are ...',
fill in your favorite piece of wisdom.

     Electra's CENTRAL CONDITION referred to the condition of
nonsurvival created by the survival computation in the service facsimile
incident wherein the child decides the way to survive is to succumb.
     At first the condition is a solution to the child, and then
it becomes a problem seeking further solutions.

     Spot a condition:

     "What has CONDITION been a solution to?"
     "What has been a solution to CONDITION?"
     I found this hard to run except on surface conditions, because the
central condtion doesn't want to give itself up easily and the preclear
has no idea what it is.  You can list until the cows come home for it,
and unless a lot of Grade auditing is done first, it just won't present
itself, even though every pimple on his face is a surface fumarole for

     Comments welcome with examples please.


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> << Could not 'hate' also be an item?
>      So let's broaden the discussion.>>
> Well now, Trusted Homer, you know how I dislike becoming a source of
> technology for a field. I prefer to do that for the PC in front of me. 
> However, I will lightly step into this, and if it tends toward a game
> condition I vanish.
> "Hate" as an operative state of beingness and as that which another uses in
> order to confront his/her universe might be approached as an item, purely
> based upon the charge surrounding this state of beingness. It depends purely
> upon how it manifests in the context of a formal session.
> << Homer: What is the difference between an Item and a Terminal.>>
> "Item" and "Terminal" become synonymous under certain conditions. Typically
> an "Item" is a specific, relative to a group or set, whereas "Terminal" is a
> general form.
> << Homer:  What is the difference between a Terminal and an Identity?>>
> "Identity" refers to a specific beingness, whereas "Terminal" can be anything
> with which the PC/Client/Viewer establishes communication.
> << Homer:  What is the difference between a Terminal and a Condition? >>
> A "Terminal" demonstrates, has, objectifies, is subject to a "Condition",
> whereas a "Condition" is the state in which one might find a "Terminal".
> << Homer:  Can an Identity be an item? >>
> Now we digress into the convolutions of the "mind". Yes, in the sense of
> "deer" and "A Hunter". The "deer", when asked "Who or what is attempting to
> unmock you ?" might have "A Hunter" as THE item in a list of potential
offources of extinction.
> << Homer:  Can a Condition be an item? >>
> Again, the "mind" bares its' teeth. The question "Who or what has caused you
> joy ?" might possibly have "Power" as THE item in a list of potential sources
> of "joy".
> << Homer: Electra spends a lot of time talking about Central Conditions,
> yet I always thought that Hubbard said that conditions were unauditable,
> that one needed to find the terminal that had the condition and
> audit that. >>
> The "Hubbard" viewpoint stems back to Dianetics and valence handling. It is
> NOT the significance, one is after, in order to release charge, it is the
> I am not familiar with Electra and have no idea of what he/she means by
> "Central Condition" - at first glance it appears to be a misunderstood on the
> word "condition". Without the actual material in front of me, I can make no
> adjudication. However, "condition" is "condition". A "Central Condition"
> would have to be a subset of "condition", which would then relegate it to the
> position of a "significance". Wrong target.
> I refer you to Phoenix Lectures relative to the Four Conditions of Existence,
> and the LRH method for approaching/auditing them.
> Represent Lists ("Who or what represents 'Power' ?") will pull out terminals.
> This is a complete technology in itself.
> Trust this gives some insight as to how I consider these things.
> Love, LaMont
>      Homer
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