A GodSoul is an instantiation of the Multi I-Am God in a Soul, the
Creator become Creature, the Author become Character, the God become
Soul.  A GodSoul is God in caranation, me and thee and all of life,
existence and everything in it down to the last quark.

      A dreamball is a GodSoul who believes that the world is a dream
projected in the self luminous body of each GodSoul.

      A meatball is a GodSoul who believes that he is made out of meat
rather than eternal conscious spirit.

      Dreamballs know that meatballs exist, but it would seem that
meatballs have no idea that dreamballs are walking among them.

       A dream is when you see something in your consciousness but there
is no external actuality to match it.  Dreams are hallucinations of a
sort, so is imagination except one knows one is doing it, but in both
cases there is a conscious experience with out an external referent.

       So a dreamball believes that the world is a dream now, a co dream
among many dreamers dreaming together about an external space and time
that doesn't actually exist, it just isn't out there.  It never has
been, and never will be, because it CAN'T BE.

       Existence is zero dimensional, not multidimensional, there
just is no room for space and time :)

       Dreams of space and time however do not take up any space or time,
so they can fit.

       Thus when you are 'walking down the street' you aren't actually
going anywhere, you are re rendering the universe around you to make it
look like you are moving and everything is still.

       So when you are asleep at night, and you see an apple, you think ah
there is an apple.  If you are hungry in the dream you eat the apple,
and it tastes and feels just fine, and the hunger goes away.

       But there is no actual apple, only a dream apple and dream hunger.
Why does eating the apple make the hunger go away?  Because the dreamer
has set it up that way, knowingly or unknowingly, he could have just as
easily made the hunger go away without eating anything.

       Ever run out of gas in a dream car and the car won't go?

       Then with a little muster, you make the car go without gas?

       What are you doing moving around in a car, why not just be where
you want to be?

       Here is where the meatball says "Yeah sure, but that is just a

       Well the waking state is just a dream too, except it is a bit more
involved.  In the first place it is usually pretty easy to wake up out
of sleep dream, but have you ever wanted to stay IN a sleep dream but
couldn't, you kept waking up.  Remember how annoying that was?

       So this dream is designed to make sure you can't wake up out of it,
mostly through the mechanism of pain and hunger.

       In this dream you do not have the ability to just make hunger go
away, and you HAVE to eat the apple to do so.

       We can ask why and the meatball will say because the waking state
has actual causation taking place out there where the apple and your
body are.

       The sleep dream doesn't have those causations, because in the sleep
dream there IS no out there, even though it might look like there is.

       Hunger is our greatest evidence that in the waking state, there is
an actual OUT THERE, which has real causation over our consciousness.

       In the sleep dream, our consciousness has causation over the
illusory out there, but in the waking state, the actual out there has
causation over our consciousness.

       This makes the illusion very strong that we ARE our body, and that
our consciousness is a process in the brain.

       Clearly our consciousness can not be a process in anything we are
dreaming, imagining, or hallucinating, because we had to be conscious
FIRST BEFORE we could dream, imagine or hallucinate something.

      But we believe strongly that our body existed before we became
conscious as a child, and we believe that no matter how hard we try, we
can not over come our hunger without eating, and that is 'because' our
body is actual and out there, and so is it's hunger, and so we need
something else that is out there and actual, namely food, to appease
that hunger.

      We have all tried and failed utterly to appease hunger with mere
imaginings, or to appease it directly by simply making the hunger go
away, and having failed, we KNOW there is something bigger than us,
something that is making us, that our very existence AS A CONSCIOUSNESS
depends upon, that is not itself just our consciousness.

      And we assign that something to the body and the out there world
that our consciousness shows us.

      But we haven't done good science in the matter.

      And here is where the vested person becomes a problem to us,
because he demands proof that the world is a dream, but he can't even
prove to himself that other's exist.

      All peers are unpeer reviewed.

      In our experiments to prove that peer reviewers exist, the
existence of all peer reviewers in that experiment are unpeer reviewed.

      Trying to prove hallucination A is real, tt does no good to ask
hallucination B if they can see hallucination A too.

      The vested person's investment in the lie of the meatballs, shows
not only in the virulence with which he attacks dreamballs, but in his
inability to simply admit that the dreamball theory is MORE DESIRABLE
than the meatball theory.

      You would rather be God become Soul, than an incipient carrion
dweller made by an infinitly large absolutely uncaring universe made
dead matter, energy, space and time, would you not?

      The zombie zoner loves the idea that 'life' is made of dead things,
molecules, atoms, that are not concscious, don't feel anything and don't
give a damn.

      They are enamored more of dead force and mass because force and
mass can destroy them utterly, and that is what they want.

      So the vested meatball will not admit that the dreamball theory is
more desirable, and thus you can not get him to make an honest
investigation into the possibility it might be true.

      He will instead grab the first piece of anything that indicates
that the dreamball theory can't be true, and say 'See I told you so, you
dream balls are all delusional, I don't have to bother with you any

      "High Alleluias! I still get to die one day for good!"

      "Whew, Thank God!"

      What a close call it is to think even for a minute that death is
not final.

      Well that is him and his eternal future he isn't bothering with any
more, you see?

      Anyhow it is the meatball who has fallen into delusion about
illusion, he now believes that because he SEES space there must BE
space.  Illusions of space and time and external causation between
external objects have become actual for him.

      This is "Apparencies look like actuality" on the tone scale at

      Above 26.0, the being knows he is dreaming, and that he is making
the dream.

      Below 26.0 he is sure he is not dreaming, and that he is made of
what he sees in his dream, MEST.

      Above 26.0 he knows that SPIRIT is dreaming MEST.

      Below 26.0 he believes that MEST is dreaming SPIRIT.

      So dreamballs need to be alert to this charade and not go PTS to

      PTS means Potential Trouble Source to your self, getting depressed
and despondent because of zombies everywhere.

      The vested meatball SAYS he wants to know the truth, in fact he

      It is a long hard road out of this dream to the next one up, most
people make it only by dying.  This dream was designed this way by
getting yourself and others to mess with your sense of causation until
you believed with all your body, heart, mind and soul, that causation
lies OUT THERE, and IT MADE YOU and IT WILL UNMAKE YOU if you don't eat,
take care of your body or breath.

      Try to not breath for a while, and see how far you get.

      Try to not eat for a while, or not sleep.

      Eating however is special, because breathing and finding shelter is
generally pretty easy, but eating is hard work.  Thus much of the
resentment against life as a meatball is eating or being eaten.

      Thus it is with hunger, rather than sleep, breathing, and shelter,
that the strongest mechanism was laid in that convinced you that you are
a made being.

      Made by something outside of your consciousness, that has more
cause than you do.

      In fact these Lulus will tell you any cause you think you have is
an illusion given to you by your brain which has all the actual cause,
as a state determined machine that, like falling dominoes, can only go
where it can only go.

      This was all designed (by you) so you would give up thinking about
waking up, so you could stay here.  The price tag was mortality.

      And for those who haven't had time enough for love, mortality is a
bottomless sea of endless sorrow.

      Some meatballs have claimed that without mortality there would be
no love.  They have looked upon the face of God and found a blank stare.

      Other meatballs complain bitterly how the term meatball is it self
a term of disrespect.  And so it may be, unless one wishes to respect
the criminal deceivers, cheaters and tellers of lies, who would drag you
down with them.

      Such respect exists, but a meatball will never get it until he can
give it.

      The AUTHOR/CREATOR can respect the worst but don't expect the

      In any case, I have already given a name of deep respect to all
people both adorable and abominable, the GodSoul.

      So if they are going to act instead like an AssSoul, and dramatize
negative mentation on the subject, well let them be called meatballs
then.  Know them for what they are and what they will do and how
they will behave, for those born on death row will have left
the majority of their decency far behind long ago.


      So in the end you paid a pretty penny to be here on the ball floor
of hell with your friends.

      Most religions try to give people some kind of faith, faith in this
sense means an in-between place where a person continues to believe all
the stuff about external cause, so he won't wake up, but nonetheless
believes that when he dies he will continue to exist.

      It just doesn't make any sense that you could BE a brain and
continue to exist after the brain is dust in the wind.

      It also doesn't make any sense that a being's consciousness could
be interfaced with a brain during life, and then become de-interfaced
after death, although a LOT of people believe just this.  Unfortunately
science tends to refute it, so the more educated people become, the less
they can hold onto this idea.

      Thus the person's mind shuts down on the matter, but he manages to
stay in the dream and yet look forward to something after the dream is

      What we are trying to do here, is to get the person to at least
consider that he is dreaming, the first sparks of lucidity that he is
not a brain, that the brain and its shenanigans are just dream stuff, so
that he can understand why and how he will exist after the dream ends.

      That way his mind doesn't need to shut down and he can continue to
be an intelligent being looking forward to a beautiful and desirable
eternity again.

      Eternity is when the dream of time ends.


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