Let's simplify this.

      Forget dreamball vs meatball.

      We are all bozo's on this bus, OK?

      Forget zero dimensional vs multi dimensional.

      Forget perfect certainty vs false certainty.

      Forget proof vs faith.

      Forget virtual vs actual.

      Forget static vs kinetic.

      I seek understanding how someone could exteriorize and see the
world without eyes, how they could move the marble without physical
means, how they could communicate telepathically, and live before and
after the body dies.

      I find present day physics falls short in even allowing these kinds
of phenomena, let alone providing a prediction on an experimental route
to possibly uncovering them.

      Maybe I am wrong on that matter, but we are going to forget right
vs wrong also.

      So I start off on an intellectual journey to find another
understanding of the cosmic all that not only provides possibility that
these things might exist, but provides a direct experimental route to
uncovering them if they do.

      This isn't about beliefs, this is about science and where to put
the research funds trying to uncover whether the paranormal exists
(which I do not know), and how to get it under our control (which also I
do not know).

      From my 30 years of fruitless study, I have come up with a best bet
for the new understanding, again it is not a matter of belief or faith,
for I work only in perfect certainties of which there are precious few.

      I know I exist, I am not sure anyone else does, but I seem to think
something else must exist to account for everything going on that I can
see myself not creating.

      This journey then is my effort to theorize about the nature of that
something else, be it virtual or actual, physical hard reality or

      I am not married to any particular theory, I am married to
succeeding in my goals which is to discover if the paranormal is actual
and how to control it to the good of all.

      Thus I reject outright any theory that say this can not be done,
and I do not waste time with people who ally themselves with such

      Here is the short form of Adore, a summation of an alternate theory
of existence, unproved, and perhaps unprovable, and which even if true
may never lead to my goals with the paranormal.

      The AllThatIs, outside of which there is nothing, consists entirely
of one thing, that for a better word we shall call Source or God.

      This God is a multi I-AM being, that means it is more than one
single being, an infinite number in fact.

      God is one thing with an infinite number of I-AM's, an infinite
headed hydra if you will.

      We call all these beings, the High-US.

      Each individual I-AM is called a soul and can create a space time
avatar and incarnate into it at will.  In this state the soul usually
has lost sight that the space time avatar is it's creation or it's
choice of donment made by someone else.

      To don means to put on, to adorn one's self with the beingness of
the avatar.

      Thus Souls are God incarnation.

      In fact all of life is God incarnation.

      Thus we call these beings GodSouls, to indicate two functions in
one entity.

      God can neither create nor destroy anything, but it can change the
'polarization' of its own substrate from unconscious to conscious, which
then becomes an individual being, something we call a conscious unit or
will.  That would be a single GodSoul.

      God has two functions, the One and the Many, the Source and the
Sourcer, the Creator and the Creature, the God and the Soul, and the
Author and the Character.

      The God function acts as source of creations, however the Source
function only sources when the Soul casts.  Thus everything is created
via the command intent of a manifesting Soul.

      God does not cause Souls to manifest, Souls come and go in
manifestation under their own nature.  The Source merely ties them all
together and gives them the ability to do this, as Soul and God are one
and the same stuff, one thing, two functions.

      The God function also ties all Souls together into a matrix of
direct communication with each other.  God is like the silicon substrate
in which the souls, the transistors and other components, are eternally

      Notice souls are not created, they just turn on and off.

      Sleep and awake.

      Souls, while manifesting, that is conscious, can cast universes of
space and time into existence, along with objects in those universes,
matter and energy.

      These physical manifestations, every one of them, is an avatar for
some soul that chooses to enter carnation in a universe, from quarks on
up to Galaxies and everything between.  The entire space and time of a
single universe has a soul governing it.  As matter forms and changes
state the Souls inhabiting these forms live and die and go on to live
again in another form, evolving consciousness as they do.

      When the physical avatar dies, be it a molecule or a human being,
the being reverts from the Soul state to the God state.

      It is then free to design or partake in another avatar according to
the rules of the game.  Souls don't have to use their own avatars, they
can and do like to use those created by others.

      There are at least two very different basic tracks of souls
evolving at this time in this universe.  The first are the souls
occupying physical objects from quarks, on up to galaxies including the
human body and all material or biological forms.

      Every layer of functionality born of complexity can be and is taken
on by a conscious unit as its avatar.

      Thus each atomic particle has a soul, and each atom has a soul, and
the molecule the atom is in has a soul, and the cell has a soul, and all
the parts of the cell have souls, and the organ that contains the cell
has a soul, and each eye ball has a soul, and the brain has a soul, two
in fact, one for left and one for right, the whole body has a soul.

      None of which is me and thee.

      These souls tend to be simple in evolution, always conscious, but
rarely self aware.  A soul being a heart would be conscious AS a heart,
but it couldn't think about it, or wish differently.

      That is why we call them elementals, they are happy being what they
are being.

      As the soul of a physical complexity passes through a more complex
organism, some of the more complex soul's abilities are transfered to
the less complex soul, so that in its next life time, it may be better
able to take on a more complex organization.  This is how this kind of
spiritual evolution works.  This has nothing to do with Darwinian
evolution of the physical form but takes place along side it.

      Thus the various souls comprising a dog say, will all evolve just a
little bit upwards as the dog spends it's life in the presence of a
human master.  The upper layer of souls in a dog, cat, dolphin etc, can
actually attain self awareness via such interactions.

      If you have ever called a dog over to you, and it gave you that
'Who me?' look, you know that dog has made it to self awareness.

      There is no sin in the first class of souls.

      The second kind of souls are those that are devolving downwards,
the OT's become humans.  They entered the universe long after it was
created, and have become involved in the already ongoing game of
physical evolution, in which they are losing.

      This is because they have come to confuse themselves with the
physical universe objects they have gotten involved with, to the point
of thinking they are the object.

      They have confused someone else's avatar as their own.

      That is like the cowboy that has ridden a horse for so long, he
thinks he is the horse.  The horse is the horse, it is a huge cluster of
elemental souls of the first kind evolving upwards.

      The cowboy is a soul of the second kind, evolving downwards
thinking it is a horse.

      The cowboy knew at one time it was a soul free of incarnation, then
became a farmer of horses, then an owner of horses, then through
propitiation, sympathy, pity and regret, finally BECAME a horse by
blending in with and thus usurping the controls from the elemental horse
cluster that normally controlled the horse.

      For very complex evolved souls, such as the cowboy or human being,
there is a transition period after death containing both heavens and

      The heavens are universes of ideal well being, and living an ideal
life doing what the soul would have wanted to do the most as he would
have wanted to do them.

      The hells are caused by the being's wishing eternal separation from
one or more others, including self.

      The heavens go on for a while, then they start to turn into hells,
bugs start crawling around his skin, the beautiful waters turn polluted
and have terrible things in them, the exquisite architecture turns to
rubble for as far as the eye can see, mountains turn into endless cubic
miles of vaccuum cleaner dust and enmest, and streets of living social
concourse turn to desolate loneliness.

      The being dives back into the delusion that he is a horse or a body
never fully completing the cycle of the hells burning off.

      Thus beings have many life times of incompleted hells stacked up on
each other, making it harder and harder to run a body.  Eventually they
can't run a body any more, and they start to sink into oblivion.

      Such souls may become infestations in bodies, demons, devils etc,
for a while, and they may fear becoming molecules, but those guys are
all evolving upwards and enjoying it, the soul we are talking about is
sinking fast right on past them on the way to total darkness.

      There is no sin in the first class of souls, there is only sin in
the second class.

      Minus a true confession, ALL of the second class are devolving

      Sin is wallowing in apparent separation of God and Soul, and of souls
from each other.

      Darkness is separation from the light.

      Light is born of unanimous class, pride and majesty.

      Thus beings are sinking under the weight of their most detested
terminals (people), those they have separated from *FOREVER*.

      You can not cast another into the darkness or wish for it, without
trying to create that darkness and casting it on them, thus the soul
sinks under his own created darkness that he could never give away.

      Because the soul is God incarnation, and because nothing gets
created until a soul intends it to be, it is not possible for God to
manifest anything that doesn't come through a Soul.  Thus all the powers
of God exist for and are activated through the Soul.  Thus a Soul can do
anything a God can do by definition.

      Source sources only when will casts.

      Thus prayer for change is not a request to a higher power to do
something for us that we can not do ourselves, but a direct invocation
of eternal God power through the Soul itself.

      But that eternal God power is the power of the High-US, thus the
ENTIRETY of the HIGH-US must be invoked before it can be considered an
invocation of God the everyone.

      When ever you send a prayer up to God, you get back a spam report
saying do it yourself.

      But Souls no longer know how to do it themselves, as they have long
ago fallen into sin, which is believing in separation of God and Soul,
and wishing for separation of (other) souls from God.

      This is a double whammy, they believe they are not God and can not
do what God can do.

      That's sin one.

      And then they want God to separate them from their most detested

      That's sin two.

      Three strikes and you are out.

      They believe that God is something different, higher, apart from
the Soul, and worse the Soul's prayers are now mostly directed at asking
God to destroy or punish something or someone for them FOREVER, or to
protect themselves from their most detested terminals.

      Such prayers of self protection might work if they were of the

      'God, please make Dufus nice and be my friend', but usually they
are of the form 'I hate Dufus, and hope you do too, and here's why, so
please get rid of Dufus for me, I do not want him in my Heaven forever
more and neither should you.'

      You see that is wishing for permanent separation of one Soul,
namely himself, from another most detested Soul.

      And then wishing that God would separate the detested soul from God
into hell or death forever.

      "God if you were righteous, you should hate as I hate."

      That's sin three.

      Universes are created as a unanimous decision amongst all the Souls
in that universe.

      Those coming in later acquiesce to those agreements or else they
can not enter.  Since a universe IS just a constellation of agreements,
to enter into a universe IS to enter into those agreements.  Thus if you
disagree you can't enter.

      Class is an attitude, that all should live forever and be my
friend.  Cool is the ability to maintain class.

      All universes are made of Class (friendship), Pride (craftsmanship)
and Majesty, (the impulse towards majestic practical jokes of

      'Most detested people' break the soul's sense of that original
unanimity, of friendship with everyone involved, no matter how detested
they have become now.

      Either the soul thinks "I didn't ask HIM in," which is denying
outright one's responsibility for condition, or he thinks "Well I regret
inviting him in, it was a mistake, now I want him out for good."

      Again the soul is denying responsibility for failing to see the
consequences of his earlier invite.

      Anyhow trying to kick another out of the game is usually just an
attempt to win a game one feels one is now losing.

      "If it were for him, I would be winning this game, so if I could
just uninvite him out of the game, I would win it!"

      Sounds good, but carried to its logical extreme, the way to
win any game is to uninvite the whole opposing team to take a long
walk off a short pier.

      If you wanted a game you could not lose, you should have created it
that way in the first place.

      It was YOU who wanted a game that was infinite odds against you,
and you were so grumpy the day you realized you couldn't make the odds
infinite, so now you are trying to win by cheating?

      Cheating is basically trying to take back a unanimous invite,
either of the rules of the game, or of the opposing players themselves.

      But here's the joke.

      The way to kick anyone out of a game, is to invite him in!  If one
can operate the power of the original invite, any soul can kick any
other soul out, because that other soul is in the game BECAUSE of the
continuing invite from the first soul.  If the first soul ceases his
unanimity of invite for any other particular soul, he can kick any soul
he wants including himself out of the game.

      Of course the kicked out soul can just invite himself back in
again, if he invites everyone else in at the same time including the guy
who just kicked him out.

      Any soul that can take full causal responsibility for the original
invite to form a connection and relation (a co shared game), can simply
cease that connection and relation any time he withdraws the invite.

      But the original invite was done with affinity, so you can't
uninvite someone you have no affinity for any more, someone you would
never have invited into the game in the first place if you had known

      Of course the other soul wouldn't have invited YOU into the game
either had he known better, so neither of you would ever have been in
the game, and both of you would have been happy without having to invite

      So you see, when the game ends, everyone is friends again.

      "This dream ends forever when the circle of friends are all holding
hands again."

      That doesn't mean any particular soul has to wait until everyone
makes up, all he has to do is make up himself, be that circle of
friends, INVITE THEM ALL IN AGAIN, know it will be in the end as it was
in the beginning, and the soul goes timeless, eternal, and he's out to
do what ever else he wants.

      The best way to remove someone from the game so they aren't
bothering you any more, is to remove yourself from the game!

BEINGS, the one's he doesn't want to be here, because he is trying to
kick them out rather than invite them in!

      The problem is he no longer knows who his most detested beings are,
and he no longer knows who considers him THEIR most detested being.

      Thus he sinks, actually SEEKING permanent oblivion forever.

      Now you understand what Majesty is, Master of JEST.

      Jokes of Eternal Self Treason.

      He wants other people out forever, never to have been in, in the
first place, and so he can't get out, because he can't bring himself to
invite them in again!

      No invite, no exit.


      Practice coming in through invitation puts you out prior to the
game because you have to BE out inorder to issue an invite to come in.

      Trying to come in tends to put you out, and trying to get out tends
to stick you in.  The state with the highest affinity wins.

      So in fact if he did contact the unanimous invite to be in, he
couldn't stay in, because he needs his most detested beings to remain

      He can't stay in any game without being STUCK in the game by trying
to get out due to detesting the game or its players.  This is because
detesting the creation of a state precludes contact with the high
affinity of having created the state in the first place.

      Thus he can no longer contact his own affinity and choice to
create and enter the game and invite everyone else in, and thus can't
withdraw the choice.

      One withdraws a choice by permeating it in its every aspect
including willingness and afinity for what is being chosen.

      Notice this means he has to CHOOSE his most detested termimals,
those he wishes were nver in the game forever for free, in order to
dislike the game just enough to be able to stay in it by being unable to
leave it.

      Thus spotting ones most detested terminals, and one's hight
affinity choice to chose them and assign them as such and put them
there so he can then later hate them, is probably the most powerul
auditing there.

      Recognition of repsonsibility for most detested terminals.

      The instant having a most detested terminal becomes a win of prior
creation of them rather than a failure of present destruction of them,
the connection and relation between the soul and his destested terminal
will vanish.

      One might ask why a being would engaged in the obviously dangerous
gambit of choosing to hate a game enough to get stuck in it so he can't
remember his way out which is to create being in again.

      Sinking into oblivion forever for free is a kind of havingness, it
is a way to stay in a dream after getting quite fed up with waking up
all the time and losing the universe.

      People just simply wake up and go eternal when they contact the
love of the original invite.

      Both of these attitudes in the soul, "I didn't invite you in!" or
"I want you out forever" are denial of full responsibility for who is in
his universe and how they came to be there,

      He is trying to operate responsibility for kicking them out,
without operating responsibility for letting them in, in fact originally
BEGGING that they come play with him.

      Since the way to kick them out, is to invite them in again, and let
go of it, the unwillingness to invite them in, and to have invited them
in, in the first place, leaves him stuck with them and stuck in the
universe himself.

      His unwillingness to ever have had them be in his universe prevents
him from contacting his OWN original unanimity with the others in the
same universe for who or what is in the universe.

      Thus having separated himself off from the God power of unanimity,
the Soul's God power can not flow and prayers (intentions) remain

      The very idea of a prayer to a higher power is assertion of
separation between God and Soul and denial of responsibility for one's
own existence in the AllThatIs.


      If you want something, do it yourself.

      The basic prayer is to have the universe.

      If you think you didn't make it, or are unwilling forever to have
had it made by anyone, you can never vanish it.

      You can only vanish that which is beautiful.

      Thus spot the ugly, until the ugly becomes beautiful because
the ugly allowed you to have the beautiful for a while.

      The ruse always ends, so you needn't worry about it going on

      You don't actualy want it to last forever, so it won't, but
more to the point it can't.  All whiles persist because of this
ruse and it is in the end erasing.

      It might take a while though.

      And you can always give a kick to keep it going.

      "Grrrr!, all that ugly, I do hate it so..."

      Thus if you can't shake hands with all the players after the game
is over, the game ain't over.

      And thus hells consist solely of those wishing others into hell

      For a while is fine, forever, and you end up there yourself.

      You can get the agreement of the High Us to create a hell for a
while for someone, if it benefits the victim and the rest of existence,
but punishment forever benefits no one, and destroys the soul's
sovereign desire that things only exist for a while.

      Thus all hells only last for a while, because eventually the
sinner, wishing death and damnation off on his most detested beings,
sees his error, regrets it and gives it up.

      No hell can out survive a true confession.

      No hell can out survive the cesssation of the invite to create it.

      But he may bounce off the bottom of oblivion a few times before he
sees the light and coughs up his most detested terminals.

      One of which will be himself.

      So Dennis you think I could make any money selling this divine
vision as a religion or sumptin' to the masses?


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